A Double Wedding

Highlights: (you have to read this to know what is going on)

High school years Val and Tyler were dating but separated when they went to

Tyler: Became a big time pediatric surgeon and moved to Washington DC. Never
married and no kids, and still good friends with Hank.

Val: Became a perdition and moved to Tampa Bay FL. Divorced and has a four
year old girl named T.C. And still good friends with Caitie they talked on
the phone everyday.

Caitie: Got pregnant by Jamie and had a miscarriage cause she got drunk and
was in a bad car crash.

Jamie: After serving his time as an EMT decided to leave and not stay as a
EMT and moved with his family to NY and still very mad at Caitie over what
had happened. He is now a Paramedic.

Caitie: Moved to Maine and became a writer, until she heard the news from
Val about how abusive her husband had became to her and there daughter so
she moved down there and they got the ass thrown in jail. They ended up
getting an apartment in Bradon FL. with Val's daughter T.C.

Hank: Became a DR. in the emergency room in a hospital in IA until the
transfer to Washington DC to the same hospital where Tyler was at and they
became best friends again.

Brooke: Still in kingsport and is soon to take over Alex's job. Brooke is
married to Nick and has an new born baby people on the way, a girl which
there thinking of naming, Alex.


T.C.: "Auntie Caitie, Auntie Caitie, it's time to get up or we will be late
for school."

Caitie: Where's Val, I mean your mom?

T.C.: She's already at work, come on, come on....

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