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A Double Wedding Chapter Nine: Surprises

Two hours later Tyler woke up and realized it was three more hours until they all had to start waking up. He carried TC back into her bed and than Val into hers. After 20 minutes of trying to go back to sleep, he realized that he couldn't. He got up and walked into the kitchen and started making a pot of coffee.

As he was pouring his cup he heard someone walking in, "Hey same some for me." He looked over and saw Caitie.

"Here." Tyler handed her his cup and got a new one for him, "Have you heard from Jamie?" He asked her hoping she wouldn't get mad.

"No. I thought I saw him the other day though." Caitie told him the story, "Have you talked to him?"

"Yeah I saw him about three weeks ago."

"How is he? What is he doing? Is he married? Any kids? Girlfriend? Anything?"

"Wow! Slow down. No he's not married. No girlfriend, no kids, nothing, but his job. He said that after you and him...he never really dated. He still misses you..."

Just than his cell phone rang. He looked at his caller ID.


"Hey Tyler, did you go to the reunion?"

Tyler got up and started walking around. "Yeah man for awhile anyways. Met up with Val and Caitie and we left and went back to their hotel." Tyler told him the story of being kicked out and going to his hotel, he didn't mention TC though.

"Oh. How is Caitie doing?"

"Good. Pretty much anyway...She misses you."

"Oh, well I miss her too. Hey listen...I was talking to Brooke the other day...And she said Val had a daughter. Is that right?"

"Yeah. She's turning 5 today and were all going to Disney World."

"Even Caitie?"


"What time you going?"

"As soon as they open. Were leaving here in about an hour or so."

"Oh Sweet! I'm right by there. I will have to swing by and surprise her. Get it? Surprise?"

"Yeah, man I got it. Where you at now?"

" Tampa Bay. Why you are you guys at?"

" Tampa Bay. Did you happen to have a car accident the other day?"

"Yeah and that lady I...looked familiar."

"Yeah. I knew it. It was Caitie." Tyler started to laugh.

"Oh man, I knew it. I'm dead."

"Well, I gotta run and start getting ready. We'll see you there. Bye man."

"Ok bye. Thanks." Jamie was smiling. He would finale be able to see his true love again.

Tyler hung up and walked back into the kitchen and sat down across from Caitie again.

"So what you and Val going to do after you leave?"

"Don't tell her, but I think I'm going to put in for a transfer."

"That's great." Caitie rolled her eyes.

"Caitie...why do you hate me so much?"

"I don't!"

"You're not acting like you don't."

"Sorry, I don't know. I really don't hate you though."

"Oh Ok. So about Val's ex...Did you ever see anything?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah. I got here and was upstairs...Wait, you got to promise you won't tell Val that I'm telling you this..."

"Ok. I promise"

"Good. Anyways, her ex didn't know I was going to be here. Val had made dinner for him and had it all ready for when he got here. Because if it wasn't, she would get it. Anyways, she made Tacos and the works. TC had just gotten back from school, Daycare whatever you want to call it. As soon as he walked in the door you could smell beer. TC had a picture she had drawn for him at daycare and ran up to give it to him. He pushed her down onto the floor and ended up breaking her arm. Val started yelling at him and trying to get to TC and he wouldn't let her. He kept hitting her for crying and told her to go upstairs that he would deal with her later. She did and she came up to me. We called the police right than. Well, TC was in the room and I seen everything he did to her before the cops got there, and let's just say...it wasn't pretty."

"What happened?" Tyler asked.

"Well, he grabbed her and pushed her onto the steps. She landed like on the 7th step and he went up to it and kicked her down. And than stated yelling about the food and everything being cold and he threw her up against the wall. She fell on the ground and he started kicking her and everything. He went to get a beer and came back and just kept it up. Finale the cops showed up and seen him kicking her and arrested him and called the ambulance to take Val and TC. Val was uncurious and died once and was in the hospital for a month."

"Wow. I had no idea."

"Yeah now many people now do. That's why we moved down here. No one knows. TC doesn't talk about him and got real upset one time when she had a friend over and she had asked where her daddy was. TC just said that he died. That's what she tells everyone."

"Dang. How long is he in for?"

"They gave him three years. Ugg it makes me so mad. He should have gotten more. So he can get out in 1 more year.

Tyler looked down at his watch, "Well, I guess it's time to get them up."

"Yeah, just don't forget. Not a word!"

"Ok." Tyler got up and walked into Val's room. He walked over to the bed. He couldn't believe anyone would want to hurt her. He made a silent vow to protect her the rest of his life, "Hey Val..Time to get up!" Tyler shooke her a little.

"HUH?" Val rolled over and opened her eyes and seen Tyler and smiled.

"It's time to get up and get ready." Tyler told her.

They got up and everything into the car and Tyler drove first with Val in the front sleeping, Caitie behind her working on a story and TC next to her sleeping. She never woke up.

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