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But yeah. Um. Excuse? I've been doing lots of art.

ALSO SORRY TO FANART WINNERS TO WHOM I'VE NOT DONE ANYTHING FOR YET I'M A TERRIBLE PERSONNNN D: I'll do something in study hall tomorrow. I swear. I promise.

Also everyone, please save yourself the trouble of typing, "I can't remember if I asked you this before…" because guess what? I CAN'T EITHER XD

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Omigosh! xD First of all, hi everyone! Happy New Year and whatnot...holidays...I don't know what you celebrate in Fantasyland...

So...ENVY! I love you. :3 You're my favorite villain/antagonist and I don't understand why people mistake you for a girl. Honestly, you wear shorts or something under the skirt right?! And your hair is gorgeous. How do you get it to stay all spikey-like? And do your feet ever bleed because you don't wear shoes? And can I have a hug? :3

Now for Al...you're adorable! Ed should get off his ass and get you the damn kitten already! Who can resist that face?!

Lastly Ed...I HAS A PLUSHIE OF YOU! -waves it in front of computer screen- I am insane enough to make everyone in my family kiss it once a day. They get pretty pissed about, but my four year old brother doesn't seem to mind. He loves huggling "Eddy doll". x3 -is a creepy fangirl- My 10 year old brother thinks you're cool, he watched a few episodes of FMA... -rambling- I guess I should ask a question now...oh! Do you consider Riza as a mother-like figure? It seemed sorta like it...and if you don't like milk, then does that mean you don't like ice cream? Do you purposely wear those shoes to make you taller? (Not saying you're short, I myself am below average in height)

That's all! Sorry for taking up so much space!

-Jinx Verity

Envy: Oh ho~ Well, I'm glad to hear that. But yes. I AM A MAN. Anyway, they kind of are shorts…kind of. My hair is just naturally this way; pretty cool, huh? And no…I'm a homunculus, I don't need human shoes to protect my feet! And no hug unless you wanna get stabbed.

Al: Aww, thanks! And that's what I think, too…

Ed: WE'RE NOT GETTING A CAT, DAMNIT. Uh…anyway…that means that guys have been kissing my face…indirectly? Thaaaaaat's kinda creepy, not gonna lie. Um…I guess Riza has been kind of motherly at times…Yeah…ICE CREAM IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM MILK, ARE YOU CRAZY!? And uhhh…yeah, I plead the fifth on the shoe question.

To FMA cast: (waves shyly)
Ano...Hi, sorry for the intrusion, I'm Carly Nagisa from Yugioh 5ds... ah...Ookami Bakura is busy with one of her stories, but she gave me questions and other things for you all!

Its weird, I know...someone from a different "anime" asking the other "anime" questions... I have questions! (waves paper) Ookami Bakura is just...kinna busy... does it count if I have questions written by someone who has an accounthere?
ah... anyway... (reads paper)

To Rue Moostangu...no, wait Muutango Ruby! Wait, gnatsuM yoR...oh what the heck! to Colonel-san: "why did you pick fire if its useless in the rain? If you pick fire, anyway... if you were to choose any element besides or instead fire, which element would it be?"
Another question for you, "why'd you become part of the military when you're lazy to do your paper work?"

To Lt Riza-san: "I think you would make a great colonel, better than Roy!" and you're pretty! Especially with your hair down! *_*

To military personnel- "What do you think of a female Fuhrer? Do you think that'll happen in the future?"

To Gluttony- uh... *sees him eyeing her camera* Don't eat my camera!! I need it for a scoop!! Also, I'm...not that tasty...ANYWAY... (reads paper) "If other homunculi were human before they became what they are, were you human before then? Do you remember what or who you were?" Here's some chocolate cake to get your eyes off of me! (gives a 2-ft cake)

To uhh... oh what the heck! Fuhrer-san- "How did you die and become a homunculus?"

Ed and Winry- "When you're OLDER, Ed can propose to marry Winry! (wink)" you two make a very cute couple... :Dwriter's block... I can take it from
To the author- I'm not stalking you... a friend of mine, Maple showed that
video to me weeks ago before she left on her trip. Keep up the good work!! :D

Winry- "What type of alchemist would you be?" ah! You're pretty too! (gives a rose) *_*

Havoc- "I'm sure you'll find your special someone..." Gambatte!! Just stop smoking and you'll have tons of women at your service!

Ookami Bakura- "break time! I'm having

Here's some...advice maybe...?

To FMA cast and maybe author:
Okay, I'm writting a collaboration fic with Maple about an adventure of the Yugioh,Gx,5ds characters and Furuba/Fruits Basket characters here in Hawaii. We've thought of lots of "random" ideas for humor and many activities they can do together (not to mention some Furuba characters are kinna like the Yugioh characters in a way) There are ideas for a hint of romance in the story...
also, action/adventure and other genre are undecided...

We are having fun with this story and at the same time, not getting much reviews. We wanted some opinions/feedback; maybe get some ideas to "improve" the story. This is the first time I made a collab with her, btw... Another friend of mine said something close to do "something different"...but this story is the only idea we came up with.
Any ideas? o0

The story is on her account: zeldafan3. It's called "A Crazy Hawaiian Adventure".

Thanks everyone for answering my questions!

Carly- *bows* Here's some mochi left over from yesterday to celebrate New Years! It's hand made by yours truly, me! (gives a pan of mochi to Fma cast and author) We made a lot, seriously... also some sushi (gives sushi)

Carly and Ookami Bakura- HAPPY NEW YEAR!! hopefully this year will turn out better than 2008... especially the economy...

To FMA cast: Are you gonna fire some fireworks to celebrate the new year? :D

Ja ne!
Ookami Bakura and Carly

Roy: S-SHUT UP. Fire is the coolest element out there (not literally, of course). Otherwise, I guess I'd choose water, since it's similar to fire except it's fire's polar opposite…so all of fire's strengths/weaknesses are reflected in those of water's.

Riza: Thank you for the compliments!

Breda: A Female Fuhrer!

Falman: That would never happen.

Havoc: I know, right?

Riza: (glares)

All: Well…y'know…maybe someday.

Gluttony: Mmmmmm! (too busy eating cake to answer)

Fuhrer: (smirks) Do you reeeeaally want to know?

Ed & Winry: (blush)

Winry: Why thank you! Hm…I guess I'd be…some kind of alchemist similar to Ed, since my main power would be metal like him.


BakaKonekoRKL: Hahaha suuuure ;D Omg, Maple is such a pretty name! :D As for your story, here are some tips:

Riza: One reason why you may not be getting many reviews is because of the fact that you're doing a crossover. Therefore, only people who are familiar with both series would be interested in reading it.

Ed: Another thing that really turns people off is bad grammar, spelling, etc. Not saying you guys are guilty of that, but make sure to spell check your stuff a few times.

Winry: Also, make sure everything flows well. If something doesn't sound quite right, you should probably fix it!

Al: And don't forget to use word variation. Like instead of saying, "He said", "She said" all the time, try, "He sighed" and "She screamed".

Roy: Finally, if you make the chapters shorter and more suspenseful, people will be more willing to read not only that chapter, but also the subsequent ones.

BakaKonekoRKL: Hope that he- OMG FOOD. (om noms) Seriously in the past 9 hours all I've eaten was an orange. ONE ORANGE, YOU HEAR ME? Oh god, sushi…

Ed: Yep, we already did!

To Everyone: Well, the thing is that my dad keeps telling me to not let them get me involved, because both my mom and my brother tend to come to me and use me as their personal venting post, and neither of them listen to me when I try to tell them the point that the other person has. Both my mom and my brother are so friggin' stubborn that it drive me up the bloody wall! And I'm so tired of them complaining to me about what's going on, and then not listening to me when I try to tell them what I think! GOD, it's just frustrating the ever-living heck out of me! I want to be there for my family, and I like the fact that my brother now feels like he can come and talk to me without being an ass, which was how he used to treat me. Seriously, a year ago you wouldn't even be able to get him to admit that he was related to me.Japan!! I can't wait until they get it dubbed so I can see if it's just as good as the first.

But... the thing is too that this girl lives all the way on the other side of the country, and she's his best friend's cousin. And my brother is REALLY into her, as in he wants to marry this girl.

Mustang: Well, he's almost 19 now, and two, almost three years is the difference between a legal adult and a teenage girl. See a bit of a problem with the underage part now, Colonel Meathead?

Hughes: What I meant with that question was what would you do if Elysia was 16 and she had some 19-year old guy taking a romantic interest in her even though they hadn't known each other before he was 19.

Envy: It's very tempting some days. But seriously, what would your reaction be if a 16-year old girl took a romantic interest in you? You're like what, 400 years old or something like that?

Winry: Something like that. More along the lines of Northern (insert name of state here) University, but they do have an engineering program there.

Izumi: At this point, I'm all for that. I haven't been camping in ages, so it's a welcome option.

To the entire FMA cast: Congratulations on the new release of the next part of FMA that they're producing over in

Thank you all so very much for the advice so far.

Wandering Hitokiri

Ed: Well, you could just ignore them until they listen to you. Or if you set up a little "courtroom" kind of thing; set aside some time one evening, and listen to them; if they start pulling any shit, you take control. Why do you think judges have those hammers? To hit people on the head with!

Al: Ah, well. I guess you could always simply refuse to speak about it; like, the second something is brought up involving it, change the subject or something. Or tell them how much it's bothering you; you have to make them listen to you. That's your job.

Ed: Or you could just totally explode on them. That's one way to make them listen to you. Or maybe leave little signs or notes all around the house.

Roy: Hm. No, seems fine to-

Riza: (elbows in the stomach)

Roy: (coughs) I-I mean…that's a terrible…thing!

Hughes: Well of course not! That almost sounds like a stalker!

Envy: I'd kill her.

Ed: Thanks! Anyway…I'll tell you right now, there's a very, very slim chance it'd work out if they got married. Actually, it probably wouldn't at all. So just try to get that into his head, if you can at all.

I'm sure almond paste tastes bad.
Why did you abandon your real name anyways? Was it too painful to be reminded of the past?

Does anyone ever pet you behind the ears? Do you ever sing to annoy someone?

It was Hughes you punched wasn't it?

Have you ever got pushed around into something you didn't want to do? Has anyone called you , , Col Dingbat or any other names?

(Waves) Hello. It does hurt to get pinched on the cheeks.
I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I became 22 in December but I don't feel older.
I promise I will get some questions for you but you get a free hug. (hugs Kain)

Has anyone called you shrimp metal? Do tall people mock you? There's some advantages to not being taller. You can fit into small spaces and hide from people if you don't want them to find you.
Strangest thing you created with your alchemy? Most random thing you done? Ever got Roy back for making references to your size?

Do you think children should be forced to grow up to fast?

To the author
Ever heard the song "Decode" by Paramore? It's a good song.

Most random thing you've done? Have you been called any weird names?

What kind of joke did you take seriously? What was the end result?


Scar: Yeah. Something like that.

Dorochet: No, because that's just plain weird. And I don't sing.

Roy: I neither confirm nor deny. And yes; paperwork. People have probably called me those things…behind my back.

Kain: Hi! Even though you're over the legal age, I think it's good that you don't do any of those things; they can really screw you up.

Ed: No to the first question; yes to the second. The strangest thing I created with Alchemy would be Sloth…unfortunately. I…don't know what random things I've done…and no, but goddamn it, someday I will!

Izumi: Children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood, but at the same time, parents should slowly put adult things into their lives so that by the time they themselves are adults, they don't have everything thrown at them at once, and they've matured very slowly over many years.

BakaKonekoRKL: Nope :O I've heard of that band though. Mental note to check them out…

Al: Um…I don't know! D: Haha, yeah, people call me weird things all the time…People always think I'm the older brother, or Brother's dad, or something.

Riza: It was very long ago; I honestly cannot remember.

-sigh- Well Zilo seems pretty cool so...well done, Zilo. And me too, I guess...thanks for the prize, though! I'll email you.Alchemist podcast the other day (for there are few other things to do on a 12-hour plane ride) and suddenly started to wonder what you characters would think if you listened to it. So, tell me, what would you say if you knew that some random middle-aged guy with too much
time on his hands was making podcasts dissecting the "ideas and themes of the series"? (the podcast is amazing, by the way.)

Anyway, on to the issue.
I recently came out as a lesbian to three of my friends, as well as my mom. I'm starting to think that my evaluation might not be...entirely...correct. But I have no idea what to do. Like, would I just go up to them and say, "Hey, forget what I told you that time"? That does NOT sound like the right thing to do. And with my mom, it's even more complicated, because she spent 7 months
convinced that I was in "turmoil" before finally facing the fact. ("Are you sure? Are you sure you're sure? Are you sure you're sure you're sure?") So admitting this probably means she'll doubt everything from now on, which will be a problem when I figure out the truth.
Oh, and, Certain Friends, if you're reading this, sorry I didn't tell you in person.

So do I have any actual FMA-related questions...let's see...oh yeah. I was listening to the lovely Annotated


BakaKonekoRKL: Aww, don't worry, hun! I'll also send you a message back…eventually…Damnit. Also, is it alright if I answer your first question, since I've been in a very similar situation? Ok well too bad I'm answering it anyway lol. First off, you sort of screwed up when you told these people, because you're still young, still "finding yourself" as my art teacher would say. You can't take any of that back. But you can alter it; the fact that you consider yourself a lesbian suggests that yes, you do find women attractive. But if you're doubting that, if you find yourself looking at guys, too, it's possible that you're bisexual (like me haha). Also, if you let your mom and friends know that you really, truly, honestly thought you were a lesbian but assessed yourself wrong, well, let them know that people do make mistakes, that something like this is difficult to figure out, and it doesn't mean you're going to be wrong all the time. Life is a journey, and as cliché as that sounds, it will take you a long time to discover even the smallest things about yourself- and this is something big. As a side note, as least your mother believes you; my mom's completely dismissed it so I haven't brought it up again -__-;

Ed: I'd say that the guy has way too much goddamn time on his hands.

Al: Well, while I think it's…interesting that he's doing this, I also find it slightly creepy.

Winry: He should seriously be an English teacher.

It's a good thing you're FUN-SIZED; you can fit into SMALL places to get the LITTLE items that are hidden.
When are you going to get together with Winry?

You should make automail that has a cup holder.

How's Black Hayate?



Winry: Ooooh, like a secret compartment? But…that wouldn't make any sense. Theoretically, if you're not holding the cup in one of your hands, both hands would be occupied with doing something, right? So the cup would just fall out.

Riza: Very good.

Thanks for the advice-- formal rehearsals start in a few days, and I'm already feeling more confident. Performing is indeed one of my passions and you're right Al-- I shouldn't let anything stand in my way! You guys really gave me a boost, so thank you!Riza McKirdy, Lupine Alchemist


Al: It's our pleasure! We hope everything goes well!


Heh heh. Moo.
Okay, so I went and saw a couple episodes. Then we lost power T.T But anyway...I'm alone again, and totally reveling in it. (proceeds to revel) So, moving onto my VERY random questions...

To Al: Oh! Yay, I'm not in trouble! For now...(broods grimly) Would you rather...nah, nevermind.

To Rhi: Was it pretty? I might have done something like that, if I had the imagination to think of it. As it was, we just had a good pray over the New Year and proceeded to watch another movie. Haha.

To Roy: You CAN'T plead the 5th because...because...because I wanna know your answer! Excellent reason! But fine (sighs dramatically) then what's the SECOND thing you would do?

To Gluttony: Would you rather have to eat 67 cars or a vat of acid?

To Dante: Hm...you'd have to keep the hair your whole life. And if you ever cut it...something evil would happen to you. Something so horrifying you'd regret it the rest of your life. Don't ask me what, because I don't know what would instill that in you.

To Scar: Would you rather no longer have the ability to kill State Alchemists, or have to kill every single person you ever come across, including, like, innocent kids and stuff?

To Envy: Would you rather be buried underground for the rest of your life without the ability to get out, or...live with Ed and Al for the rest of your life and not be allowed to kill them?

To Rose: Would you rather have to walk everywhere you go, no matter how far, or lose all your limbs (and then get automail XD)?

To Havoc: Would you rather have to keep smoking for the rest of your life, which murders your health, and die painfully and horribly because of it, or never be able to get a date again because Roy steals them all?

I think I'm done. I'm in a random mood today, can't you tell? Anyway, bye!
And don't mix ammonia with cleanser!!

--Zilo Sugarpill

Al: Um…okay? D:

BakaKonekoRKL: UMM THAT'S NO EXCUSE. Haha go watch them now XD Also yes I thought it was nice :D


Gluttony: 67 cars. Mmmmmm.

Dante: …That's an impossible situation.

Scar: The first one. I suppose someone else could kill them…


Rose: Walk everywhere I go. Exercise is fun!

Havoc: Pfft, the first! I mean, I'm gonna die someday anyway, it doesn't matter how.

Hey! I've got couple questions here...let's start with Ed.

Ed- How do you feel about Elricest? I'm personally...a fan. DON'T KILL ME! What about EdXRussel? I'm a fan of this too.

Winry- I don't like you a whole lot, but you're a thousand times better than Rose or Noa!

Roy-...nah, you aren't worth typing something.

Fletcher- You're so cute -huggles- Ok, have you read any of the fics about...well, how do I put this...about you and your brother?

Al- YOU DESERVE AN EFFING CAT GOD DANG IT! Ed you can go to hell! No not really, but you get my drift ^_^ -hands you a kitty-

Envy-...won't you pwease crotchet me a blanket? -puppy dog eyes-

Riza- KISS ROY! You know you wanna!

Havoc- In about...I dunno...five years I'll be eligible to date you -_-' Sorry...

Hughes- I miss you!! :( Shouldn't have let them kill you off.

Alright...that's everything...OH! And Ed, I'm not too tall either...about 5" 1' or 5" 0', actually. So don't feel too bad...but then, I'm 13 and your 15 ^_^ Oh well. Love you anyway -pokes username-

Edward's Eternal

BakaKonekoRKL: I LOVE THEM –drools-

Ed: …You're all psycho, I swear.

Winry: Um…thanks…I think…

Roy: Well too bad, cuz you did.

Fletcher: Aww, thanks! And no, I haven't…what are they about?

Russel: Tell him and I swear you're dead.

Al: Aww, how cute, thanks so…much…

Ed: (glares)

Al: Aw…c'mon, Brother…!

Ed: (continues to glare and taps foot)

Al: …You're so mean, Brother! (drops cat and runs off crying)

Ed: (sighs) It had to be done…

Envy: Not on your life.

Riza: Um. I don't think so.

Havoc: I can wait!!

Hughes: That's what I said! No one ever listens to me…

Ed: How is it that everyone who writes in to here is somehow short? SERIOUSLY. What, do you people all plan this out or something? It's kinda freaky.

Hi, hi! Okay
To Breda: I feel your pain, I'm scared of dogs too. I was attacked by three... Multiple times. What makes you so scared of them?
To Ed: You aren't short. Seriously. You're a giant compared to me (I'm four foot eleven) How do you feel about the stupid fangirls that say 'I'm married to
Edward Elric!' or other stuff along those lines?
To Envy: Ignore the stupid people who bug you about your skort and croptop. I think they're awesome. Can I glomp you? (glomps)
To Winry: Why are you so obsessed with automail? And why do people always think of you and Ed as a couple? I always got more of an 'overprotective big sister' vibe out of you.
To Scar: As far as I know it was never clarified how you got your scar. How'd you get it? And why do you go around trying to kill state alchemists like Ed?

Corn Cob Xov

Breda: (shivers) I-I-I can't even talk about it.

Ed: See? Someone else who happens to be magically shorter than me…Anyway, no offense to the reviewer above you (though she didn't come off as quite as psycho), it's a little unnerving. And weird. And sometimes, creepy as hell.

Envy: I won't kill you for glomping me due to the compliments. Just don't let it happen again.

Winry: Well, my grandma was a famous automail mechanic, and she trained me, so I'd like to follow in her footsteps. I also want to make the best automail possible for Ed! And…er…Um…I guess it's because of the whole "childhood friends" thing, y'know? Eheh heh…

Scar: No, it was clarified. Kimbley attacked my head and gave me an injury which left this scar. He's also the main reason for my trying to kill State Alchemists; for revenge for everything they did to my homeland.

Hi, I'll start by saying that I like this fic, and that an advice column is an interesting idea.Final Fantasy IV recently, and the character Yang looks like you. He has a mustache, doesn't wear a shirt, is blonde, and he is a monk. Also his weapons are claws. Weird...bow and arrows? If you have, were you good with it? I think you're a better boss than Mustang.


Armstrong: I've been playing

Ed: Also in Final Fantasy IV is a character named Edward. He has the same hair and eye color as you too, but that's all you have in common. Since he's a spoony bard, can I call you a spoony alchemist? Why don't you like milk? The taste? Where it comes from? Does it remind you of your mother? Would you drink flavored milk?

Havoc: Have you tried dating someone that smokes?

Riza: Have you ever used a

Breda: I can understand being afraid of dogs, since they're related to wolves, but why are you afraid Black Hayate? Riza wouldn't let him do anything to you. Is shogi difficult? Also, you're my favorite character, and I think you should have more fans.

Anyone: What is a fear of open spaces called?

Bye, Boxdog

BakaKonekoRKL: Thanks :D

Armstrong: They were probably so impressed with ME that they decided to create another character based off of me!! Ah ha ha!

Ed: Well I don't know what the hell that is so no. I don't like milk because it's just disgusting! It tastes terrible, the texture of it is awful…but I hated it even before Mom died. Flavored milk…no.

Havoc: Yes, several girls, in fact! …None of them worked out…

Riza: Not that I can remember, no.

Breda: You never know if it's just gonna snap and go beyond her control! Shogi can be difficult, but fun. You should try it! And thanks!

Falman: That would be Agoraphobia.

Well thanks again for tuning in this time! Remember, Blackle, not Google! And uh…yeah I'll be better updating next time D: