For myxbeautifulxlove's challenge - Tree Climbing

This one's kind of weird, maybe, but I liked it. And I successfully kept away from writing angsty Sora. Points for me!

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-- - --

Each new world was just another step closer to her.

This world hopping. This fighting. This risking his life for the sake of the worlds and never getting a full night's sleep anymore. It was just a form of sacrifice, even if he became more uncoordinated (a thing which was for the worse) because three hours of rest was just not normal and he really didn't feel like laughing at the moment, why were they making him? This always watching his back and trying to pretend he wasn't afraid of the dark (when, really, he was petrified, because the dark had taken everything away) was just a necessary mask he kept on his features so people who had lost everything wouldn't worry too much, because he would help them out in the end, he promised.

It was really, really nothing, honest, he could say with a sincerity in his voice that he couldn't have faked if he'd tried. He was okay, because he was doing this for them.

He was doing this for them, and that was all he needed to keep him smiling.

Even now, as his feet scraped at the bark and his knees slammed into the tree trunk, as he grappled at the vines because he was used to short paopu trees and not far-reaching jungle ones that disappeared into the clouds no matter how far he tilted his head back, he wasn't ready to give up, give in, and fall over. He'd never been one to quit anything, he retorted to Donald when the duck ruffled his feathers impatiently and called him lazy, and the duck should really have more faith, because what they stood for needed all of them believing that it would turn out all right in the end.

So he was not discouraged, even as his gloved hands lost their hold for the hundredth-and-some-odd time and he landed in an ungraceful heap on the grassy floor. He just laughed it off a little as he rubbed at his head with one hand and at his leg with the other, because he could do this, he knew he could, he just had to push himself a little bit more.

And, thinking that, he stood.

Grinning widely, he went back to his game, grappling with a thing that would never snap back at him, slash at him, want his heart, or want his death. It just was, aiding him should he take the chance, thwarting his efforts should he get distracted. And he thought, vaguely, that everything in the world should be like that, because what good was the suffering if it was entirely pointless?

Gritting his teeth, he dug his toes into a nook in the tree and then grasped at the vine in a space just a little higher than his head, immediately pulling himself higher and higher once he got his balance. And then he laughed excitedly, leaving the amused Goofy and frustrated Donald gawking at him from below, because he'd just pulled something off with faith alone that he'd get it eventually and they'd both thought he'd give up.

But no, like he said, he never gave up.

Not when there was a war going on and people to save and a friendship he had to salvage. There was so much more at stake, things so much more important, than feelings of failure and desolation, and if he just kept climbing that vine, higher, higher, higher still, he'd reach his goal one day, of that he was certain.

His dreams were waiting for him in the treetops, where the branches were parted and the beacon of sunshine gleamed straight through the gloom. And just further on they were there, Kairi and Riku, grinning and waiting and knowing he'd done his best for them.

They'd know, even if Kairi was missing and Riku was struggling with the darkness.

And that was why he fought a pointless war, and that was why he never gave up.

They were always waiting for him.

-- - --

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