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Summery: Dean, Sam and Lindsey head to a small town in Connecticut, where there seems to be vampires. What happens when Sam has a vision about Lindsey? He and Dean try to stop it, but what if preventing it is worse?

Chapter 1:

Dean, Sam, and Lindsey have been on the road for a couple of days now, heading to a small town in Connecticut.

"Dean, are we almost there?" Lindsey asked getting restless.

Dean looked at her through the rear view mirror. "You forgot about being on the road?"

"Yea. Forgot it was so boring." She said looking out the side window.

"We'll be there in a day or two." He said looking back to the road.


They were finally at their destination. Dean and Lindsey were getting a room at the motel while Sam started unpacking.

"Would you mind sharing a bed?" Dean asked reaching for door handle.

"Not really." She said walking through the door. "Thanks."

There was a teenage boy behind the motel's front desk. His focus turned from his magazine to Lindsey.

"Hi there." He said sweetly, his smile matching. Lindsey gave him a quick smile and nothing too friendly.

"We need I room, two queen sized beds." Dean said in his brotherly voice. The boy ignored Dean, still smiling at Lindsey. He grabbed a set of keys.

"Room 10."

Lindsey reached for the keys and the boy caught her wrist. "You got a name and number?"

"Yea, and I bet you'd like to know wouldn't you?" the boy nodded enthusiastically. "Sorry but I can't tell you. It's secret." She pulled her wrist out of his reach and walked toward the door. Dean shortly followed after giving the boy a deathly glare.

Lindsey walked to where Sam was waiting. She grabbed her bags and walked toward their room. Lindsey got to the room and unlocked the door. Dean and Lindsey put their bags on the same bed closes to the door while Sam put his on the other one.

The motel room had the two beds a small TV with cable, a table, and the bathroom door was straight ahead from the main door. The room's color was a light tan that had water damage at the tops by the ceiling, more on the corners then anything. The carpet color was a dark brown that did not at all match the bright red comforters of the bed.

After Dean put down his bag he looked up to Lindsey, who was on the other side of the bed.

"Where the hell did you learn to flirt like that?" Dean nearly yelled.

"Uhh…Dean I just got out of high school I can flirt." Lindsey said in a duh voice.

"Oh really. Well I don't want you flirting anymore. Got it?"

"Dean, she is an adult." Sam put in, defending Lindsey.

"Thank you Sammy."

"I don't care. No flirting."

"Fine if it will make you happy." Lindsey signed.

"Thank you."


"You ready to go Sammy?" Dean asked Sam as he grabbed his car keys of the table.

"Where you going?" Lindsey asked.

"Bar." Sam responded.

"Can I go? Please?"

"You're not old enough."

"I won't drink. You use to come home from bars, drunk, at 16." Lindsey pointed out.

"Fine." Dean signed.


Sam and Dean were asking the bartender questions while Lindsey stood by them scanning the bar and not paying attention.

Lindsey's eyes stopped on a lonely, blacked haired pretty girl. She was by herself and just watching people, one in particular. A guy playing pool with his buddies.

"Thanks." Sam said turning away from the bartender, leading Lindsey to an unoccupied table. They sat down and Lindsey noticed Dean gone. She looked to the bar and saw him flirting with some chick.

"He can flirt but I can't?" Lindsey muttered. Sam just chuckled, taking a swig of his beer. "How often does he hook up?"

"Every couple of hunts." Sam answered before taking another swig of beer.

"Man whore." Lindsey muttered. Sam started laughing, almost spitting up his beer.

"Yea, I agree." He said still smiling.

"Is he going to take her to our room?"

"Not usually. But…" he said before taking another swig of beer.

Lindsey was still watching the blacked haired girl. She was still watching the same guy, playing pool.

"Hey Sammy. You see that girl sitting by herself?"

"Yea." Sam said looking at in the direction that Lindsey pointed.

"Does she look suspicious to you?"

Sam took a better look at her and after awhile said, "No. Why?"

"She was looking around the bar earlier, like she was picking a target. She picked that guy playing pool."

"Now that you mention it..." Sam said watching her more closely.

She walked up the guy and started talking to him. After a while she and the guy left the bar together.

A couple minutes after the girl left Dean walked toward Sam. He handed him his car keys.

"I'll be back tomorrow morning." He said before leaving with the girl from the bar.

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