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Author's Note: And you all wondered where I went, eh? (laughs, and then sighs) Well, you're not really that happy. But, as much as I like the movie and game sequel, I decided to have a go at it - that's right, a Cars fanfic! And albiet, something that I sorta wanted to do a starting chapter with Ramone, you know...(chuckles, then stops) Just enjoy the story.

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In the small, peaceful comunittee known by everyone who travels through Route 66, the Mother Road, is Radiator Springs. But nothing exciting is happening in Radiator Springs...or is there?

"Ramone, you have been in there for HOURS, hon!" Flo shouted, "What's the matter with you?"

Ramone didn't reply.

"Ramone, I KNOW you can hear me!" Flo shouted, a bit angry.

Ramone still didn't reply.

"RAMONE, I'M NOT PLAYING AROUND!" Flo screamed, gasping as Lighting McQueen pulled up next to her.

"Flo, whoa there!" Lighting exclaimed, "You're never going to get Ramone out, unless you do this..." He tapped the door of Ramone's paint shop, and he shouted, "Yo, Ramone! There are some sweet, Motoramas!"

"Sweet Motoramas!?" Shouted Ramone from the inside, zooming out of his shop from the backway Doc installed for him. "Where are the Motoramas at?"

Flo angrilly glared at Lighting. "Way to go, McQueen."

Lighting chuckled nervously. "Ehehehehe...I didn't mean..." He sighed and turned to Ramone. "Sorry, Ramone, but...there aren't any Motoramas."

Ramone moaned. "No Motoramas!? Awwww...what a jib, man." He revealed his new paint color, which was yellow with green lighting bolts. "And I was going to show this off to the girls, too."

"There there, ramone," Flo cooed, comforting Ramone, "I still like you."

Ramone smiled. "Thanks, Flo. I'm kinda parched from all this excitement."

"What excitement?" Lighting said to himself, rolling his eyes.

Ramone glared straight at Lighting McQueen. "Did you just make a wise remark, man?"

Lighting laughed. "Oh ho, no I did not! I was just...erm..." He frowned, as did Ramone and Flo. Lighting sighed. "Look, I'm gonna go find The King. He said he'd meet me here sometime."

Flo smiled. "Well good luck, honey!" She and Ramone went towards Flo's Gas Station.

Lighting chuckled, before he zoomed off towards the Radiator Springs movie theatre, in hopes of seeing The King.

"So you were calling my name all morning long?" Ramone asked Flo, surprised. "Wow, man. That must have been a lot."

"Tell me, honey," Flo said, putting a gas pump into Ramone's gas tank.

"You know, if you actually came through the backdoor," Ramone began, taking up the oil and then continuing, "I coulda shown you the thing that's kept me and my cool paint job inside."

Flo's eyes perked up. "And that is..."

"WEHAHAHAHAHO!" Mater laughed, spinning around the gas station, with a white Nintendo Wii on his hook. "This thing is danggum fun! Yahoohoo!"

"MATER, I TOLD YOU NOT TO PLAY WITH MY WII!" Ramone shouted angrily.

Flo gave Ramone a strange look. "Pardon me, but...did you just say what I think you said?"

Ramone gulped. "No, Flo! It's not what you thi-"

"If you're gonna talk with a motorcycle mouth, then you oughta be a motorcycle!" Flo said, taking the pump out of Ramone and started revving her engine.

Ramone meeped. "Uh oh. I better go..." He started zooming off down the street, with an enraged, screaming Flo following him.

Yoshizilla: Stupid, hilarious, and naughtical, yes? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! (shakes head) Whoops, pardon my brain, it's a bit zoned out. XP Well, that was Ramone's chapter, and now, I'm planning on doing the chapter for one of my favorite animated characters, The King. See ya soon in the next chapter!