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We can see the outskirts of Radiator Springs in the background, with two, small yet visible, objects seen on the ground. Later, it is revaled that there are a red object and a blue object. It's revealed to be Lighting McQueen and The King.

"McQueen, long time, long see," The King said, wearing a McDOnald's employee outfit.

Lighting smiled. "Gee, thanks King! I really-" He stopped smiling when he noticed the McDonald's employee outfit. "Uhhhh...King, what are you WEARING?"

The King laughed. "Oh, didn't I tell you? I work at McDonald's now. I wanted a break from racing, so I could resort to serving the customers!"

Lighting gasped. "But King! Is this how you're going to leave your glory, racing days of Dinoco in the past? Is it really?"

The King frowned. "Well...I was going to work at Burger King or Wendy's instead, but a couple of friends of mine said that they pay less than McDonald's." He whispered into Lighting's rear-view mirror (think of this as his 'ear'). "Plus, the food at Burger King and Wendy's suck."

Lighting nodded in agreement. "Good point, King." He backed up, facing The King directly. "So, how about havin' a little race?"

The King shook his head. "I can't, McQueen - I have to pick up some of Fillmore's organic fuel for my wife."

Lighting started begging. "But come on, King! This could be a great warm-up for me before the next season starts! And point taken, you could use a bit of more excitement in your life." He grinned.

The King sighed, shaking his head. "Sorry, McQueen, but I no longer have any interests in racing, anymore." He headed off to Radiator Springs.

Lighting sighed. "Well, I guess this could be for the better." The red hot-rod racer said to himself, as he started back towards Radiator Springs. "I hope..."

Bugle calls are heard, followed by electric guitar.

A gruff, military voice (Sarge) is heard. "Will you turn that disrespectful junk off!"

A slightly calmer voice (Fillmore) replies, "Respect the classics, man! It's Hendrix!"

Lizzie sighed, watching Sarge and Fillmore fight as usual. "It's times like these that I wish Stanley were here. We use to always fight with each other," She said to herself.

"For the last time, I will not tolerate the American Pledge interrupted by your crazy music!" Sarge shouted back at Fillmore.

"Bro, there's nothing wrong with us hippies. Make love and peace, not war." Fillmore replied to Sarge.

It is at this time that The King drives up to Fillmore. "Excuse me, sir, but do you have any organic fuel?"

Both Fillmore and Sarge looked strangely at The King.

"What kind of prancy, worn-down outfit is that?" Sarge pointed at The King's McDonald's employee outfit.

The King sighed. "Look, I work at McDonald's now. I'm no longer into racing. But now-" He turned to Fillmore. "-About that organic fuel..."

Fillmore backed away. "Whoooa, dude. I don't give my special organic fuel to anyone, you know. Especially to cars who wear those terrible outfits..."

The King rolled his eyes. "I'm suppose to work in this outfit, it's not like I wanted to wear thi-"

"My, oh my!" Lizzie exclaimed, looking at The King from the front and back. "You, young man, would be a great mayor for Radiator Springs?"

The King, Fillmore, and even Sarge dropped their jaws in disbelief. "Mayor!?" The three different cars exclaimed in unison.

Lizzie looked at the ground. "Well, there's nothing wrong with having a guy who can help our town a bit more, is there?"

Sarge nodded. "No, there isn't!" He drove up next to The King. "Let's make this punk mayor!"

Fillmore also drove up, next to The King on the other side. "Bro, you'd make the perfect leader over our bustling town!"

The King moaned. "But I just want organic fuel for my wife!" He shouted, but apparantely, the other cars couldn't understand him, and they were now throwing confetti and celebrating with their new 'mayor'.

Yoshizilla: Pretty hectic, no? Well, possibly yes, with The King unquestionably becoming mayor. And working at McDonald's? Yeah, that's a shocker, huh? Now that I leave you with a good cliffhanger, I shall think up another good idea on what characters I should do next. Thanks for reading, neighborinos!