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It was strange how this whole thing got started. How this whole thing ended up here. How somehow, on that fateful day, a group of friends fell in love, blindly. None of them knowing what they were getting themselves into, or what they had to begin with. Was it fate? Or was it just coincidence? No one really knows, and no one really cares to find out. What ever happened happened. And this is how it all started.


A distant scream was heard, and then hysterical laughter followed. Another scream, then more laughter. It was a repeating cycle that lasted about five minutes.

Allen looked over to the team he was traveling with, Kanda, and Ravi. And in turn they were looking at him as well. Kanda's face was set into a permanent glare, "It's not our mission, Bean Sprout."

"But what if it's an Akuma attack?" Allen protested.

"Bean Sprout is right, Yu." The older red-head chimed in.

Kanda shifted his glare to Ravi, "Don't call me by my first name." he commanded icily.

Another scream pierced the air, followed by more laughter, and more screaming. Whatever was over there, sounded like it was having fun torturing a young woman.

Kanda sighed, annoyed, "Fine, you two go check that out, I'm going to find the Innocence." His eyes lingered on Allen a moment before he walked off with the finder.

Ravi shrugged, "C'mon Bean Sprout, let's go check out what is causing those screams." He set his hammer down, "Grab on."

Allen grabbed onto the handle, and braced himself.


"No! Stop it!" a young girl shouted. She had silky hair that fell just passed her shoulders, and was several different shades, ranging from platinum blond, to a soft chocolate brown. She lay curled up in the snow, tears in her eyes.

"But why?" a tall, cloaked gypsy asked. A strand of silver hair stuck out of her dark hood, "It's so fun!"

"Some friends you are." The girl in the snow muttered, "All of you are so mean to me." She whined. Before she could say anymore, she was jabbed in the back and sides by a young man. He had golden brown hair. He laughed then ran off, "Shhh…people are coming." He said to all but the girl sitting in the snow. All ran to hide and see who was coming, while the girl stayed where she was.

December stood and dusted the snow off her traveling cloak. She stood about 5'4" and was slender. Her hair matched her eyes, which were, at the moment, variegated with green, grey, and blue. Her figure was about average, nothing too full, but it was still nice. She wore many different rings on her fingers, each with a different purpose.

"All of you are so mean to me." She muttered rubbing her sides gently, hoping to ease the soreness in them from being tickled. Then she wiped her eyes of the tears she got for laughing so hard.

Her eyes quickly shot to the sky as she heard shouting (more like screaming) coming from above. The girl's eyes widened as she realized that someone was falling from the sky. She went to dive out of the way, but it was too late. There was a horrible crash, and a small explosion of snow, this covered the huddled girl.

The white haired boy looked shaken as he dusted himself off. He looked around, but saw nothing but trees and snow. He rubbed his head, "I know I heard the screaming was coming from this area…"

The red-headed boy slung the large hammer over his shoulder then looked around, "Nope, I don't see anything…But people were recently here." He gestured to the imprints in the snow.

Allen looked at the imprints, "There were about 3 of them." He said as he looked over to the older boy only to notice he wasn't paying attention.

Ravi towered over a large, shivering mound of snow. He blinked, curious, and gently nudged it with his foot. He was surprised to find that it screamed and flailed about.

Now standing before Ravi, was the young woman with multi-colored hair, who was now covered with snow.

Ravi stared at her, confused as she dusted herself off, "Miss, are you okay?" the older red-head asked.

She looked up at him and smiled, "Yes, I'm fine, thank you." She replied politely. She then bent over and vigorously shook the snow out of her hair.

"We heard screaming coming from this area. Do you know anything about it?" Allen asked walking up beside the red-head.

The girl nodded after she stood back you, "Yes, my friends and I were just messing around." She replied, "Oh, by the way, my name is December." She smiled cutely.

Ravi smiled, "Nice to meet you December, I am Ravi, and this is my partner, Bean Sprout."

"My name is Allen." The white haired boy said quickly.

December giggled, "Bean Sprout is so cute though….and partner? Are you two…together?" she asked intrigued, and a little jealous.

Allen looked down, "It's pointless…wait! What?! No, we aren't partners like that…" He said blushing and waving his hands in front of him, "We work together." He explained.

Ravi laughed, "Bean Sprout is right, we're not 'that' kind of 'partners'" He rubbed the back of his head nervously.

December nodded, "Okay." She said then looked to Ravi smiling broadly, "Ravi is cute too…" she giggled and blushed slightly. The read head lifted and eyebrow and smiled. With a soft laugh he said, "Thank you…"

"Don't hog all the attention, De-cem-ber." A seductive voice said from behind the young girl. A gypsy woman came up and stood beside December.

The gypsy was a good 5 inches taller than December, and much curvier. She had a nice hour-glass figure. At the moment, she wore a black cloak, covering her sensual body, and revealing clothing.

The woman pushed back the hood on her cloak, revealing two silvery streaks of hair in the front, then dark black hair for the rest. Her almond eyes were golden brown, and cat-like. She had high cheek-bones, and full, red lips. "December who are your friends?" she asked.

December flinched; afraid she was going to get poked again. But soon relaxed, when the gypsy made no such move, she smiled again, "This is Allen, and Ravi." She said gesturing to each in turn.

The older woman ran over to Allen and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a massive hug. Allen's eyes widened as he was crushed against Mythora's cleavage.

"Allen is so Cute!" she squealed. Allen gasped for air after he was freed from the gypsy's grasp. Ravi laughed, but was cut off by a crushing hug.

Mythora released him and went back to December's side grinning.

December giggled, "I think we should be going now. You nearly killed these two, Mythora." December grinned.

Mythora straightened up, "I'm sorry if you thought that anything…bad was happening. We were just messing around."

More like torturing me…." December muttered.

Suddenly, before anyone could say anything more, the golden haired boy ran up, "Mythora, December, who are your new friends?! Do they want to hear a story?"

December sighed, "Huik, I don't think they want to hear a story. Let's just go, I have a bad feeling."

The gypsy looked at her, "well if that's the case, then let's go." She agreed, "Good evening, gentlemen." Mythora said sweetly before she sauntered off; her full hips swayed mesmerizingly as she left.

Huik pouted, "But, I want—"

"Wait until we are in town, Huik." December said cutting him off.

Huik pouted more, then scurried off behind Mythora.

December looked at the two, confused exorcists, "I'm sorry about them." She said quietly, "And be careful. I sense bad things in the new future." She said rather seriously.

Ravi smiled, "We'll be on out guard." He said with a smile. Allen nodded in agreement, "Yeah, thanks."

December nodded, then turned and ran off to catch up to the others.

The older exorcist watched December leave, "There is something strange about them." He stated, "well, no Akuma, so let's go find Yu."

Allen nodded, "Yeah…"

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