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Welcome to the new chapter of Innocence...A short chapter cause I have writer's block still so if anyone has any suggestions it would be nice. well...enjoy.

"December…December…Wake up…We're back…." Lavi gently shook the sleeping girl. December stirred and mumbled incoherently. Lavi smiled at her, she was so cute when she was asleep. "December, wake up, we're here." He said with another shake.

December blinked and rubbed her eyes. Lavi was smiling down at her, "Good morning." He said.

December blushed lightly, "Good morning…" she replied. She sat up and looked around. The car of the train was empty. Lavi got up, and helped her up, "We're back at the Order." He said as he led her off the train and into the castle.

"December," Mythora shouted and ran over to the younger, smaller girl, "I missed you!" Mythora picked the girl up and squeezed her, "There is so much I need to tell you!" Mythora said as she spun around.

"Myth-or-a….I…can't…breathe…" December gasped out.

"Oh." Mythora set December down and grinned. "So, come with me and we'll get some food, and I'll fill you in on everything."

December smiled back at Lavi, "I'll see you later." She said. Lavi nodded, "Right." Lavi, then left for his room.

Mythora grinned at December, "You like him." She said.

December blushed,"Uhm…so what did you want to tell me?" she said trying to change the subject. Mythora grinned, "Well…You know Komui?" she asked as they entered the cafeteria.

"Yeah," December said with a nod. They walked up to Jerry. Mythora ordered roasted chicken with some spicy vegetables, and December ordered some chicken teriyaki stir-fry. They got their food and sat down.

December wondered what Mythora was going to say, she wasn't saying anything though.

"So…Mythora, what were you going to say about you and Komui?" December asked as she began slowly eating.

Mythora grinned, "Well…we sort of...are…a couple."

"A couple of what?" December asked absently as she picked at her food.

"We're together! Isn't that so exciting?" Mythora squealed.

"Oh! Yes, congrats." December said with a smile.

Mythora stared at her, "You're lovesick." She said.

December blushed, "What?! No!...I am not lovesick…" she looked away.

"You are too. You like Lavi…and the way he looks at you, he likes you too."

"No, it's not like that."

"Sure…if you say so."


"Allen…" Kanda whispered.

"Mmm…?" was Allen's reply.

"I love you."


"I'm not repeating myself."

"But that…you said…"

"If you heard what I said then why did you ask, 'what'?"

"I was…uhm…" Allen was blushing madly in the darkness. This made Kanda smile, for he could feel the heat off of Allen's face.

"Kanda…." Allen said, "I-I love you too… "

Kanda smiled, "Good, cause if you didn't reply properly, I would have had to punish you."

"P-punish me?" Allen stuttered. In his mind he saw images of Kanda running at him with his sword shouting, 'I'll kill you for not loving me!'. Allen shuddered.

"Yes, punish you." Kanda said, "Just…Like…This." He annunciated each word with a kiss down Allen's throat. Then Kanda opened his mouth and bit down on the younger boy's collar bone.

A moan escaped Allen's lips. The sound drove Kanda wild.


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