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Chapter 1: Topaz Eyes

(Edward POV)

She is just so fragile! Just her sitting here on my lap looking up at me with no fear in her whatsoever. She would fear me if she had any common sense, but she dosen't. She is just killing herself quicker by sitting here with me. If I would just bite her all of this would be over and Bella and I wouldn't have to suffer like this anymore. I wouldn't have to restrain myself from springing on her and killing her every time she moves. NO! I won't think of condemning her to this life! I refuse to think of it! Snap out of it, Edward! She is staring at you like she can see right through you!

I had been wrestling with my common sense and my heart all day and I had made my decision, despite what my family (even Rosalie) is going to think of it. I will not damn her to this life, even though Carlisle says that it would be best for both of us. I am doing what is best for her, even if it kills me in the process.

(Bella POV)

Something has been bothering Edward ever since graduation. I think it is because he knows that he should change me soon because of the Volturi. I can't quite put my finger on it though.

"Edward, honey, what's wrong? I know something is bothering you so why don't you tell me?"

"Nothing is bothering me, love." To assure me he pressed his cold lips to mine, sending chills down my spine. That did not assure me in the least bit, however because it seemed pained and way too familiar.

"Edward, now I know something is wrong and you're starting to scare me!" His eyes lit up at this. "No, I didn't mean you were scaring me that way. I still have absolutely no common sense." He chuckled at this, but he wasn't going to fool me this time. Even the way his eyes were dark and hard was oddly familiar. "Now will you please tell your future wife what is bothering you?"

Yes, I said future wife. THAT IS SO COOL! It is going to take a while to get used to it. Mrs. Isabella Marie Swan Masen Cullen. I had finally given in to Edward and accepted his proposal so that he would change me and we could be together forever. Forever. I hope I can wait long enough for forever to begin.

"Now Bella, there is nothing wrong with me. Go to sleep. You seem really tired. You will feel better in the morning."

I have to agree with him, after all he is my super strong campire boyfriend. So, I climb under the covers and fall asleep with cold arms wrapped aroung me and my lullaby being hummed in my ear.

(Alice POV)

Edward is lying beside Bella while she is sleeping. All of a sudden, Edward gets up, kisses her forehead, and looks around the room one more time, a tear sliding down his cheek, and exits through her bedroon window.

I gasped. Wait, Edward was CRYING? How could he cry? Why would he cry? I gasped again, but louder and collapsed to the floor.

"Alice? Alice!" I heard Jasper calling from somewhere in the distance but it didn't register im my mind.

"Carlisle! Esme!" I heard Jasper say again.

Then, I left the floor and was set on the couch. I felt the soft material under me and it sunk in in one spot where I figured Jasper was sitting. The next thing I knew, I was drinking some kind of animal blood out of a cup that was being held to my mouth. The sweet liquid sliding down my throat snapped me out of my fog.

"Alice! Are you okay? I was so worried!" I nodded to this as Jasper kept quizzing me.

"Jasper, I think she's okay but I can't say the same for whoever she saw in her vision. Now if you please sit quietly while Alice tells me what she saw." Carlisle stated.

All three of them then looked at me expectingly. I didn't know where to start so I stated the obvious.

"We have to get to Bella's! NOW!" I screamed, waiting for the urgency of the situation to sink into my audience.

"Okay, Alice come with me. Everyone else stay here in case anything happens." Carlisle ordered.

Before I knew it, I was speeding down the road in the passenger seat of my newly acquired yellow Porsche (this was Edward's way of thanking me and I didn't mind one bit because I had fallen in love with that car on our last trip to Italy) towards Bella's house. By the time we got to her window however, Edward had been gone for about ten minutes. We didn't even try to go after him because there is no catching Edward when he runs.

We jumped into her bedroom and made sure she would be sleeping for a while before going outside again.

Carlisle stopped me before I could start the car and head home, though.

"Alice, what did you see?" He asked calmly. Only a father could ask like that, with love and calmness in every word he breathed.

"Well, you know that when Edward came back from Italy, he promised Bella that he would never leave again, right?" Carlisle nodded at this so I continued. "Well, he just broke his promise."

"EDWARD! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, YOU HAD BETTER GET YOUR ASS BACK HER RIGHT NOW!" Carlisle exploded and screamed louder than I had ever heard before. Even though Edward could be in Seattle right now, I was pretty sure he could hear Carlisle. I would need to nurse my eardrums back to health when I got home I reminded myself.

"Carlisle, I saw him in Bella's room. He kissed her on the forehead, but when he turned around, I saw him crying."

"A tear? Alice, are you sure that's what you saw? You know vampires can't cry."

"Well Carlisle, those topaz eyes can."

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