I Shall Always Be Thine

Though they try so hard

To tear us from each others arms

To fully control who we are

And how I feel for thee

No matter how hard they try

No matter what they may do

They shall not ever pull my heart

Away from thee

For thou art the one I love

The one I seek and long to be with

But time will soon be on our side

And fear shall never be

And if it should come to be

That a force would happen to transcend me

Know this now that I shall wait for thee

For thou cannot ever go farther than my heart will ever go

For I still shall love thee

Through the pain through the sorrow

My heart will forevermore be with thee

In the turmoil that has taken thou from me

This pain and hardship shall not ever endure or move us

For pain makes one stronger

And hardship endure

For if this be our hardest fight

Then thou shall know

My heart is for thee

My love is for thee

I shall always be thine