Authors Note: Ok folks, since a couple of people have been asking for a sign that I'm alive… I just got back from being a ski bum for two weeks. Didn't have a computer or anything like that. I'll have a proper chapter up in a few days. However, since it's against the rules to have a chapter entirely devoted to an author's note, here's a sneak preview…

Alana's eyes opened and blinked. Once. Twice. God, she was tired.

Watchtower. Weathertop. Bush. Tree. Footprints. Sunshine. No coffee.

As her mind slowly adjusted to her surroundings, she began to realise that something was wrong. She frowned slightly, sitting up to rub her eyes vigorously. It was hot, and she pushed her blanket off of her.

Sunshine? Wait…

"Shit, we overslept!"

More coming up in the near future!