Me and my friend Mimi, (IndianFromSpace) are making a story. This story. It all started when Mimi wrote on this poster on my locker 'Jolly Owen Randomness-es'. And then I thought of an idea. We would make a bunch of Tortall stories, and they all end with Owen saying 'jolly'. This is gunna be great.

So me and Mimi are both writing these stories, but it will be posted under my name. There will be another story posted under her name called HP Total Randomness, which I am helping to write. So yeah. Read on!

We don't own Tortall! Get over it!

Kel and Neal were jousting. Kel was winning, obviously, and Neal was getting bruise upon bruise upon bruise…

I could go on for a while.

So finally, Kel got really fed up, and yelled, "You're nowhere near as good as Raoul!"

So Neal was really pissed by now, and said, "Of COURSE I'm not as good as Raoul! I'm not seven feet tall!" (A/N- Yes, boys and girls, Raoul GREW)

Kel looked at him thoughtfully. "You're actually pretty close…"

"Alright, miss, I've had enough of you for now! Let's take this to the practice courts!"

Kel nodded and followed him out, knowing that he'd never beat her at this, when Yuki came running and said, "Neal, you are such a hotness!" and then proceeded to make out with him. Owen came around the corner, innocent eyes widening when he saw the amazing snog-out that was taking place. "Woah, that's jolly!"

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