Sorry this took so long to get out. Mimi wrote this one in her notebook and I kept on forgetting to get it from her, finally copying it down. Then I needed time to type it up and-

Readers: GET ON WITH IT!!!

Okay, okay, geeā€¦ So here it is: Jolly Owen Randomfulness!

Mimi and I are poor. Don't sue us! We don't own anything!

Owen was depressed. It's an odd state, it is, he mused. I could jump off a building, he thought. This smart idea ended his depression and he was his old jolly self again. He left to find Happy. "Oh, Happy," he told his horse, "isn't life jolly?"

Yeah yeah, I know that was short, but it was cute! You have to admit. Ok, next chappie coming up when we can think of something to write!