Sonic the Hedgehog: Future of Flames

By Master hunter

Welcome to another adaptation by yours truly. Like many of you I have played the new Sonic to death, got all the achievements and really want to see if I can do to this game what I did to Shadow the Hedgehog (which I reckon came out pretty well for a disjointed story).

A little disappointed and I feel a little cheated by the game. The Knights of Kronos Achievement says you get a special ending. You don't. Which is why I didn't write this one straightaway.

Kinda doing this one as I go along. I have no idea how it will turn out.

Everything here is copyright Sonic team of course. I don't feel the need to bring that up every chapter it should be obvious.

So here we go enjoy.


Sonic the Hedgehog: Future of Flames

By Master hunter

Living beings always strive to better themselves

We always try to break the boundaries of our current limits

To achieve things we're not expected to achieve

And from that evolve

But there is one constant we have yet to overcome

The constant of time

The Mistakes of our past can never be rectified

But that doesn't prevent us from trying

Like a flame an idea starts off small

But quickly grows the more fuel to add to it

One mistake can lead to many

Many mistakes can lead to disasters

Disasters lead to suffering

Suffering leads to determination

Determination to beat the constant of time

And ultimately rectify the mistakes of the past

Isn't it odd how something so small

A spark, a flame, an idea

Can result in so much trouble for us all

When you are not careful enough

No matter how careful you are…

Dark grey clouds lay above the Royal Graveyard. In front of a few rows of soldiers, maids and other servants of the royal family stood a silver haired man and a little red haired girl. The girl held the man's hand tightly and she stood next to him facing a coffin falling into an empty grave.

A single tear ran down the cheek of the little girl while the man showed no signs of emotion. The people behind them, the Royal servants and general citizens of the Kingdom wept far more. Their cries could be heard throughout the Nation of Soleanna.

They had all lost their Queen today, yet her husband and child remained strong for their people. After all the death of the Queen did not stop them being the King and Princess.

The coffin was now hidden behind a cloth and the last words said. The child couldn't take anymore and ran into the castle crying. She could no longer bear the sight of her mother's funeral. She ran into the throne room and tripped.

The man took a deep breath and followed her. He picked her up and sat on his throne.

"I know how hard this is for you Elise. I wish I could just let it all out like you", said the man.

The girl kept crying holding onto her fathers shoulder.

"But we are the Royal Family of Soleanna. We must be strong for the people", said the man.

The girls tears began to dry up a little as the man began stroking her soft red hair.

"The people depend on a Queen to be strong. Be a Strong queen Elise. Don't Cry for you must show you can overcome any challenge that comes your way"

"I…I…MISS MOMMA!" cried Elise.

"I know. I do too. I know it doesn't seem like it but I just want to cry like you are now, but I can't. Come now Elise we must go out there and assure the people of Soleanna that the Royal Bloodline is as strong as ever, and that your mothers death will not weaken our powerful nation but will make it stronger", said the man

Elise stopped crying and smiled. She understood that her father, the King of Soleanna was just as upset as she was but they both had to share the burden, as it was just as hard on him as it was on her.

Elise continued to hold her fathers hand as they walked back out into the graveyard to greet the people of Soleanna and assure them that everything was going to be OK.

As the King began his speech Elise looked out into the Castle town port, the residence of Soleanna's strongest followers. Suddenly the sky became black and in the middle grew a large flame. A monstrous beast seemed to appear out of nowhere consumed by flames.

The flames then spread consuming all of Soleanna.

Elise cried out a terrible scream before waking up in a cold sweat. It had all been a nightmare as usual. She fell back onto her mattress and stared at the ceiling.

"Miss Elise are you OK?" said a familiar voice.

"Yes just another bad dream", said Elise

"Was this one about the evil looking Silver Hedgehog pulling you out of the lab or the one where Soleanna is burnt to a crisp by a massive fire beast?" asked one of the servants

"The massive fire beast but I fear if I fall asleep again it'll be the Silver Hedgehog one", said Elise full of grief

"They're becoming more frequent aren't they?" asked the servant

"Yes. The visions too. I just wish they would stop", moaned Elise

"Do you think they could be linked to the festival? Maybe you should postpone it until you're feeling bet…" suggested the servant.

"No. The people of Soleanna depend on me to be strong. I will never let them down", interrupted Elise angrily.

There was an awkward silence.

"I'm sorry…I just…" said the servant

"It's alright. I know you're just looking after my well being. I'll be fine tomorrow, providing I can get some rest", said Elise

"Ok I'll leave you be. Anything you want before I go?" asked the servant.

"No thanks. You best rest up too. You're dancing on the boat last I heard", said Elise smiling.

"Good night Miss Elise", said the servant smiling before leaving.

Elise took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Nothing was going to stop her fulfilling her duties for the festival. She was much older now and understood exactly what her father was trying to tell her all those years ago. As she fell asleep she remembered the advice her father gave her, the words ran through her head in his voice.

No matter what happens Elise you mustn't Cry. Be a Strong Queen and Don't Cry.