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Earth's moon began to illuminate the clouded sky, before masking itself behind the slow clouds. If it hadn't been for the current precipitation, the night would have seemed hassle-less as strong winds pressed the multiple raindrops onto her face.

Her hovercraft had broken down, due to a small malfunction which she couldn't pinpoint. She wasn't a mechanic, just a woman stuck on the curb of the street waiting for some help to arrive, if someone was kind enough to actually lend their hand to her.

'I wish I had brought a coat with a hood…'

Then again, the weather wasn't supposed to be rainy. So she wasn't probably the only one getting her feet soaked. Pulling the collar of her brown leather over her head and revealing her long dark brown with white stripes Capri border pants and the bottom of her white blouse, she tried her best to block the rain from her eyes and face while trying to stay warm too. It was quite a mystery on why for a warm day it would become so cold, but who really knows? She couldn't see the future.

She watched as vehicle after vehicle passed by, no one coming to her aid. And it really didn't help that the temperature seemed to drop by the minute and that her legs began to grow weary from standing up for too long.

Suddenly, she watched from a distance as a purple hovercraft began to slow down a few meters away from her.

'Finally…about time…"

Waving her left hand, trying to see if it was actually coming for her, she felt relief replace the stress of the hard day she had gone through. Finally, the hovercraft pulled to a halt in front of her, suspended in mid-air, slightly tilting to each side. The door slid open, revealing an old man, dressed in a red and white checkered shirt and faded jeans with a few holes here and there.

"It's almost 12:00 ma'am. What are you doing out so late?"

The woman stepped onto the carpeted interior of the hovercraft's surface, trying not to scratch the border of the doorway with the narrow heel of her white ankle boots. "Paperwork, nothing more." The woman gently sat herself on the tattered passenger seat of the truck-like vehicle. The door immediately began to slide back into place as she saw the small cracks in the window and a small dent right below the handle.

Overall, the driver wasn't very tidy, as she was able to point out a lot of crumpled paper, a windshield and a box of who-knows-how-old pizza, but he was kind enough to give her a ride, so she couldn't be picky.

After she strapped herself in, the man gave her a small grin, barely visible under his thick graying mustache as he pulled the lever before setting his hands onto the wheel and pulling off. And by the grace of God, the rain began to lighten up a few seconds after they turned the first corner off of Jessie Boulevard.

"Where to?" The man asked, not once letting his eyes leave the front window of the anti-gravity vehicle. The woman only looked at the purse she had been groping in her hand. "2376 McHathen Park Drive please." She reached her hand into the overstuffed bag as she sifted her hand through to search for a certain item.

"Ah, not too far from here, only a ten minute drive. By the way ma'am, what's your name?"

She stopped moving her hand around and quickly pulled out a metallic wristband with a small black screen. "Carol. Carol White. And you?"

"Just Joshua. But just call me Jo'."


"Yes. Just Jo'. I'm not a fan of being called Josh. It's too common, and won't it sound kind of weird to you for an old driver like me to be called Josh?"

Carol let out a small chuckle. "Yes, I guess it would. But I've heard much more quizzical names of the sort."

The old timer smiled a bit. "Heh, you have a nice vocabulary built into that tongue little lady. Forget the formalities Miss Carol. Or is it Misses?" The man asked the young woman, just out of curiosity. However, the woman didn't take the comment all too well.

"No sir. I'm not married and don't you think you're a bit…"

"Oh no ma'am! That's not what I meant. I just thought that you would prefer me to call you by y-"

"That's alright sir. It was my fault really. I have the habit to jump to conclusions. Please forgive me." She quickly apologized as the man only gave a wily laugh which almost deafened her ears. "Not to worry, ma'am. You didn't offend me. I understand. Anyway, here's your stop."

Carol looked out of the window and saw her two story home set behind a 10-meter-long driveway.

She stepped out of the hovercraft, making sure her feet touched the ground, almost stumbled as she did so. Luckily, the man didn't notice it and gave her a small wave with his large meaty arm. "Well, good night Miss White. And-"

A loud beeping sound erupted from the wristband as small sparks appeared on the screen. She quickly hid it and began to make a sprint from the front door. "Goodbye Jo'! I'm sorry, but I need to get into my home!" And with that, the she stepped onto her front porch as she quickly jammed in the key and twisted it before prying open the door. The old man watched as she turned on the light and disappeared from the door, leaving it completely open. "…How odd." The man said to no one in particular and pulled off onto the corner not too far off.

Carol quickly got up from the floor, breathing heavily as she shakily to her feet. She grabbed a dish rag from the drawer next to the sink and quickly whipped the side of her mouth with it, but stopped as she started to cough quite violently again before she had collapsed to the green and white tiled floor. She swallowed, and took an abnormally deep breath as she sat down onto a chair which was tucked underneath the table until her casual experience.

The dark brown German shepherd, sporting a blue cape watched as his master held her temples with one hand before placing his two front paws unto her lap. She finished her hyperventilating just in time to see her dog lick her on the nose.

"Thanks Reno. I'm fine now, as always. This was the third time today," she assured the canine, who acted as though he could understand every word she said. She gave him a small smile before patting him on the head. "I'm sorry I couldn't bring you in today. I know it was supposed to be required, but they don't even allow service dogs. How unreasonable is that?"

The dog wagged his tail before leaping off and trotting his way to the food dish. The brunette stood up and grabbed a mop, wiping the floor of the red liquid before putting the mop into a yellow bucket. She walked over to the askew door, closing and locking it with the four digit code.

She looked back at the ravenous canine who munched onto the brown kibble in the blue bowl. She couldn't help but chuckle. "Lucky bastard. Gets whatever he wants…" she replied before turning off the hallway light and walking to her bedroom.

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