A Moment

Author: 7 League Boots

Rating: K+
Category: Missing Scene
Season: Stargate Atlantis, Season Two
Related Atlantis Episode(s): 216 The Long Goodbye
Featured Character(s): Elizabeth Weir, Ronon Dex
Summary: Elizabeth visits Ronon after his surgery. A ficlit: Methinks Elizabeth and Ronon have an interesting chemistry just waiting to be explored; don't know what it is yet, but Stargate is about exploring, right? Not beta'd, just popped into my fron one moment and here it is. First posting on sort of experimenting.

Archived: Gateworld Fanfic Forum (as Traveler Enroute1)

Elizabeth heard that Ronon's emergency surgery was successful. After she was cleared to return to duty, she stopped by while he was in recovery. For once, he was without other visitors. Ronon was still hooked up to various machines while he slept, that worked quietly while recording his vital signs. Elizabeth took a second to study him; his trademark hair splayed in thick tendrils on the pillow. She sat down by the bed.

"Ronon, it's Elizabeth Weir. I wanted to see how you were doing. I hear the surgery went well. I'm so glad it did. Then again, only the best hands were on the job." She watched him breathing evenly, still asleep.

"And to thank you, Ronon. You put yourself, your life, on the line and I want you to know how much you're appreciated. And I don't mean it's because you're a fearsome fighter with a deadly aim."

She paused to look around at the infirmary staff, busy at their tasks.

"But because you've come to trust us. I know you didn't have a lot of choices at first. Being free from the Wraith hunters after seven years, you could have gone anywhere. You chose Atlantis. I like to think we're the better for it, by just one more."

Elizabeth sighed. She never really knew what to say to Ronon when he's awake; now it didn't seem any easier. She took his hand gently, studying the healed scars and scratches.

"I don't know how much you heard, but I'll just say, get better soon. We need you."

The large hand tightened around hers. Elizabeth jerked her head up: his eyes were open and he was looking at her.

"Heard it all," Ronon said hoarsely. He blinked sleepy hazel eyes, and whispered, "Thank you...Elizabeth." Ronon blinked slowly, then finally his eyes closed.

Elizabeth felt herself blush. She smiled at him as she left the infirmary. She reminded herself to try to talk with him more!

Through half closed eyes, Ronon watched the leader of the Atlantis expedition retreat. He drifted back to sleep, but this time it was a quieter darkness. Echoes of her words lulled him, words of friendship and kindness. And belonging.


Thanks for hangin' out! Love to know what you think, please! (BTW, Ronon returns the visit in Another Moment, to be posted.)