The Poor Groom's Bride is A…

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Summary: Inuyasha and Kikyo are finally getting married. But what happens when he meets Kagome, the woman performing at his wedding?


"How beautiful," Sango commented as she watched Inuyasha and Kagome talk and laugh together in a corner of the room.

"What is?" Miroku asked her, a handful of food in his hand.

Sango narrowed her eyes and shook her head, but ignored him. "That. Them," she shrugged her shoulders. "It's amazing how one person can help you so much through a tragedy."

Miroku smiled, putting the food down and taking the brunette's hand in his own, "I agree."

"Yeah…well, in any case, someone's gotta drive everyone home…they're all too drunk," she sighed, absentmindedly watching Kagome's grandfather put a plate on his head and prance around the dance floor. "See what I mean?"

"At least you missed Mushin trying to act like a black guy," Miroku said, his arm now draped over her shoulder.

"Ooh…scary thought."

"Yeah. Picture THAT and try to sleep tonight. Well, looks like we're carpooling. Mama Higurashi!" he called.

"Miroku!" she responded back.

"We're headin' out! Do you know anyone that needs a ride home?!" Sango shouted over the music.

"No, I got it! Thank you, though!! Bye, you two!!" she called and managed the wrestle the plate from Gramps' shaky hands.

"I see everyone's starting to leave," Kagome observed. She poked her cheek, and he chuckled at her actions.

"What are you doing?" he laughed.

"My cheeks hurt from smiling so muuuuch…" she mused, soon laughing again, lowering her head to look at the table she had her elbows rested on.

He laughed whole heartedly, seeing his mother-in-law pull his grandfather-in-law out the door by his feet.

"Call me tomorrow, Kagome!! If you can!!" the sweet woman called and let the double doors close loudly behind her as Sota ran after her.

"Don't leave me, Mom!!" he shouted and fled out the door to their car.

Before they left, Sango walked up to a waiter to compliment on the wedding. "It really was a beautiful wedding," she said.

"Yes, well, you get used to it once it's the second time for one guy," he chuckled.

"I'm guessing you're surprised that he got married again?" Miroku asked, surprised.

"Oh, no, no…I'm actually happy for the guy. He deserved better than his first wife. I don't think he knew, but she was never in it for love. It was all about the money for her," he explained.

"We kinda noticed that, too…" the woman said wearily.

"But now, I have a feeling he's gonna be happy," the man said. "At least for once, the poor groom's bride isn't a whore."


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