Sam tried the strength of the bars again, as he'd done countless times the last three days. Nothing changed, why did he even bother? A steel rod slammed across the bars, he cringed away, barely avoided his fingers being smashed.

"Don't worry, boy, your turn is coming." The man, older, scarred face, wild eyes snarled at him. It was evident he enjoyed Sam's fear, the fear of the others who'd been there with Sam, gone now, dead. Sam watched them die, screaming at their captor to stop, unable to offer help.

The man took another of his steel rods, wrapped it in cloth soaked in kerosene. Sam watched, he knew what was coming. Pressing as far back in the small cage as he could, trying to watch the man without being obvious. The creep had discovered, almost immediately, Sam's intense fear of fire. It was almost as if he got off on seeing Sam's fear. Sitting in the far corner, the cage was maybe three by three foot square, knees pulled up, arms wrapped around his legs Sam tried making himself the smallest target possible.

It didn't work.

Flames darted at him, the man laughed. Sam could see him through the fire, just as the creep could see Sam. He could see Sam pull farther away, shoving against the bars at his back, fighting off threatening tears. Could see how the muscles of Sam's jaw jumped, then clenched tight as he refused to make a sound. The torch was pushed so close the heat from it caused Sam's eyes to shut tight, turning his head away, involuntarily throwing one arm over his face.

When the man withdrew a few steps, taking his torch with him, Sam watched him warily, trembling, trying to gain control over his ragged breathing. The guy cracked a grin. Throwing the torch on the ground, stomping it out the man turned without a word, flicking the light switch off as he left the room, locking the door.

The worst part was the last time he'd spoken with Dean, been with his brother they'd fought so horribly, been so angry with each other. In truth Sam had started it, been the one refusing to let the anger die, forget the argument. Yet, Sam knew, Dean would look for him, would never stop till he found Sam, or Sam's body. Sam clung to that thought, to the knowledge Dean would not let him down.

Alone in the dark Sam couldn't hold back any longer. Letting his head dip down until his face pushed against his forearm Sam let the tears loose, let the sobs come.