Title: A Threat...
Author: Sheankelor
Theme: Crossovers (Group Project)
Genre: General
Fandoms:Ah! My Goddess, Sailor Moon
Version: Ah! My Goddess Anime (TV); Sailor Moon Anime/Manga
Rating: G
Word Count: 1408

The goddesses and their friends come from the imagination of Kosuke Fujishima, while Sailor Moon and her friends are from Naoko Takeuchi. Alas I can claim neither.

Keiichi was looking forward to the newest assignment from the technology professor. He and his sempais were assigned to work with an engine design team for the Ten-oh Racing Team. As he sped down the road towards one of the homebase for several racing teams, he wished that Tamiya and Aoyama were with him, but they had to stay behind and help Sora repair one of the go-cart engines that was being raced this afternoon. When he pulled into the parking lot of the complex he could hear the engines of the cars running test laps. He parked his motorcycle close to the gate and showed the guard his pass. As soon as he was inside he started looking for the Ten-oh Racing Team's section. Walking towards the track he keep scanning the area to see if there was anyone who was with the team. Soon he spotted a person wearing a Ten-oh hat.

"Umm-m-m, excuse me. Can you tell me where the Ten-oh racing team is?" The tall white hair man looked at him with cool grey eyes."Why?"

Keiichi's eyes widened and he bowed slightly. "Ten-oh-san! I'm Keiichi Morisato from Nekomi Institute of Technology. My sempais and I were assigned to intern with your engine design team."

"I'm please to meet you. We have been waiting on you. Come this way." Haruka gestured for him to follow her.

"Thank you." Keiichi fell in step beside her.

"I was told there would be three of you here today."

"Yes, Toraichi Tamiya and Otaki Aoyama are also interning."

Haruka looked around him. "And where are they?"

Keiichi bowed again and said in a rush. "They send their apologies, but they could not make it here today. They have entrusted me to gather all the information they need, and will be here first thing tomorrow."

Haruka nodded and gestured him through a door. "Gentlemen, this is Keiichi Morisato from Nekomi Institute of Technology. I leave him to your care." As she left she noticed that the boy's eyes were traveling over all the parts lying around. Gone was the nervousness that he had shown her.


Keiichi settled down in an open green area to enjoy his lunch. Nothing could compare to Belldandy's bentos. Settling back on the grass he enjoyed a few moments to himself.'Skuld would love a workshop like they have here. She would be able to come up with so much, and the house wouldn't loose electricity half the time.' He remember all the times he had lost data when the computer crashed due to a power loss.

Haruka and Michiru looked down at him from the stands. "So he's here from NIT?"

Haruka nodded "Yes,and there are two more coming tomorrow."

"Do you know what that energy around him is? It's not him it is just associated with him."

"I was hoping you could tell me."

"I'm not sure. It's not bad, but I don't recognize it."

Haruka eyes narrowed. "I'll keep an eye on him until we figure it out."

Keiichi slowly walked out of the lab. He wasn't ready to leave. There was so much to study and learn. So much to design and tinker with. He felt like he was leaving the funnest amusement park in the world. When he reached his bike all those feeling disappeared. Sitting on the motorcycle was the most wonderful being in the universe.

"Belldandy!!You didn't have to meet me here."

"I wanted to surprise you." Belldandy smiled in reply to Keiichi's.


Haruka looked on quietly from the gate.'So that is where the power is coming from. He is being protected by her.' Looking more closely she felt a frisson of alarm.'She is as powerful as Usagi. I need to call Ami.'


The next day Keiichi came back and he had two other men with him. He spotted Haruka and motioned the other men to follow him.

"Ten-oh san, I'm pleased to introduce my sempais. This is Toraichi Tamiya." The tall black haired one bowed. "And this is Otaki Aoyama." The blond one bowed. "We are pleased to met you. Please accept our apologies for not being here yesterday."

Haruka bowed in return."I'm please to met you as well. Your apologies are accepted. Please excuse me now."

She walked off toward the track pulling on her helmet.


That afternoon Belldandy didn't meet him. Haruka watched him get onto his motorcycle and drive off. Michiru stopped by her. "Ami called, she wants to meet at the shrine."

Haruka turned towards the car. "Lets go."


Everyone was settled around the table. Ami looked to them and then back at her computer. "Haruka called me yesterday about a very powerful person she wanted me to research."

Rei eyes slid towards Haruka briefly. Uranus looked composed, but her eyes showed that she was worried. Haruka is worried. This is serious.

Ami continued. "I looked up Keiichi Morisato first. He is a normal human, but has always seemed to have a bit of bad luck. Little accidents seemed to happen to him. It's his companion that I'm a little worried about. I can find no records for Belldandy except what is in NIT's computer system. Haruka, you said she was extremely powerful?"

"As powerful as Usagi at least."

"What!!" All the others looked at her in surprise.

Ami continued."Michiru, have you discovered anything?"

"All I see is a large complex with a very large computer."

Ami looked at Rei. "All the fire shows is that she is very powerful, like Haruka said. But it does not warn of evil."

"Setsuna, do you know anything you can tell us?"

Setsuna smiled "She is the goddess of the present. She has two sisters, one who watches the past, and the other watches the future. At least that is what the Norse mythology says they do. What their job is now is unknown. I don't know why they are on the Earth, though."

Ami blinked. "I didn't check out mythology. If that is who she is, I doubt she means any harm."

Usagi looked at Haruka and Michiru. "When you see her again, please find out why she is here on Earth. If there is a threat she knows of, we need to know as well."



Over the next two weeks Haruka and Michiru watched for Belldandy, but all they saw were the engineers talking about the three students and their ideas, especially Keiichi. Then one day Keiichi accidentally left his lunch, and Belldandy brought it to him. Michiru and Haruka had just came back from lunch and saw her appear out of a glowing blue light. Jumping out of the car, they transformed and stopped her from going through the gate.

"Excuse us, but we have a few questions for you." Sailor Neptune stepped in front of her.

Belldandy looked startled, then stopped and smiled. "How can I help you?"

Uranus answered her. "Who are you?"

With a slight bow she replied "I am Belldandy, goddess first-class,second catagory, unlimited. And you are?"

"I am Sailor Neptune, and this Sailor Uranus. We would like to know why you are here."

Belldandy studied them quietly for a few moments, and then answered "Keiichi and I have a contract."

Uranus looked surprised "What kind of contract?"

"That we would be together forever." The answer came from behind them. Uranus and Neptune spun apart so they could see both Belldandy and Keiichi.

"Keiichi-san! Here is you lunch." Belldandy walked between the two senshi and handed a large bento to Keiichi. Keiichi looked into Belldandy's eyes and smiled."Thank you."

Neptune looked into her mirror and saw just the ties that held the two together. She could see no ill intent from either of them. With a look at Uranus they leapt away.

Latter that evening they called Ami and told her what they found out.

"A contract between a goddess and a human? So there is no threat. I'll let Usagi and the rest know. Bye."

After they hung up Michiru looked at Haruka. "That is not all that holds her to Earth. Those two are as tightly entwined as Mamuro and Usagi were when we first met them."

Haruka shook her head "I don't know how they are going to work that one out."

"Me neither."