It was a peaceful, clear, sunny morning in the suburbs of Chickadee City. Most people were out and about doing their own little business, as most of the children had already departed for school.

Among the children were a preteen a boy and girl, leisurely taking their time on their travel.

One was a spirited young lass with long, flowing dirty blonde hair with a pair of bangs, and bright jade eyes. She wore a loose-fitting wine colored t-shirt and dark violet bell bottom pants, along with a pair of spiked black bracelets. She was carrying a backpack that was also colored wine.

The other was a not-so-enthusiastic young man with short, raven black hair and dulled sapphire eyes. He wore a crimson cowboy shirt, and some dark blue jeans. He was carrying a navy blue backpack.

"Awww, man! Junior High at last! You know what this means, Mitch? We're no longer dealing with the kiddie parade! It's practically a new start for us! We have been the odd-ball outcasts in the pasts, but now with this clean slate of ours, we can finally make a name for ourselves!" The girl cheered.

The boy called Mitch took nonchalant glance at his companion and nodded to himself.

"YOU probably could. You've definitely grown in a few places over the summer, Karen. And I see you've finally got rid of those pigtails you've usually worn since we first met at that farm. It seems I was right after all. It's quite the improvement." he answered coolly.

"Bah… It was a hassle getting rid of the pigtails, but at least you noticed some finer points." Karen grinned. "But why are YOU glum, out of all these possible times? I'm pretty sure you'd be psyched for this Junior High thing!"

Mitch groaned. "Karen. Let's think about this for a minute:

We're entering a new school, dealing with this baggage science has deemed


You're a girl. A lively one. Back in elementary, it was odd for a partying tomboy like you not to like dolls and stuff. But now that we're in a higher level of education with a more "mature" crowd, people will begin to appreciate your kind of attitude. Especially those perverted idiots seeking a fun time.

I'm a boy. The only things I've had going for me is being weird and "Cute" to the older people. Being the sheer weirdo hasn't helped me much thus far, and I doubt that being a "cute little boy" will hold its appeal with these people. You know what this means? I'm STILL screwed!" he pointed out.

"Oh, come on! You said it yourself! You're dealing with a more "mature" crew now! I'm sure they'll be more understanding to your quirkiness! And, you know… maybe you don't have to worry about being picked on so much! Of course, even if you do, we've been going at it with those self-defense drills since Fourth Grade, so you'll be able to save face and kick some ass when that situation arises!" Karen suggested in encouragement.

Mitch let out a nervous laughter. "Okay, yeah, sure…"

"No! I mean it!" Karen cried. "Even if you haven't been the most liked guy around, you still have that "sincere nice guy" thing going on, so as long as you don't abandon that quality, somebody's bound to notice you!"

Mitch sighed. " "Nice guys" are nothing more than frikin' cannon fodder in this world. And the "unusual" tend to be looked down upon as freaks. After everything I've been through, being a "freaky nobody" doesn't sound so appealing to me." He confessed.

A split second later, Karen grabbed the pessimistic boy by the collar with an angry face. "Oh, COME ON! Don't give me that crap! Doesn't it matter that you still have ME around?!" she shouted.

Despite the storm of anger before him, Mitch gave a chuckle. "That's true isn't it? Out of all my fleeting friends these past few years, you're still palling around with me. I must admit… that's definitely meaningful."

Karen looked relieved to see her friend's good spirits. "There, you see, Mitch? It's not all that bad! All you have to do is look at it in a better way and---"

"Yup. It feels pretty good to have it like this. You're practically my only friend, so that almost makes me a loner living by his own rules. I kinda like it." Mitch interrupted.

"Uh… Mitch?"

"Come on, Karen! You know I don't really like talking to people that much, anyway! You know what? Screw Social Circles! From now on, Mitchel Blaze lives for his own sake and nobody else! Okay, maybe I'll do you a few favors since you're a friend, Karen, but I'm not going to be some pathetic appeaser of the masses any longer! YOU GOT THAT, MONTE CRISCO JUNIOR HIGH! YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!!" he shouted at the top of his lungs before proceeding to laugh in some bizarre maniacal triumph.

And so, the determined preteen continued to laugh, until a sudden thought struck him.

"Oh, crud. Karen, do you know what time it is?" Mitchel asked while pointing out the fact that he has no watch him.

Karen checked a black watch on her right wrist and nodded.

"Crap! I think we better run, Mitch! It's already 7:30!" Karen cried in a panic!

With that, Mitchel and Karen took off in a dash, while the former screamed at the top of his lungs.


Meanwhile, at the multi-building Monte Crisco Junior High, everyone was in a rush to get to a classroom on time. Apparently, in the midst of the rush, Karen's superior speed got her in first, leaving poor Mitchel in the dust. She quickly checked her class schedule to find the appropriate room and headed off on a hunch.

"Sorry, Mitch… I really didn't mean to abandon you like that…"

A few moments later, an out-of-breath Mitchel made it to the campus, with the concern of reaching the proper classroom still weighing on his mind.

"Darn it, Karen! You know… I'm… one of the slowest runners…in existence…" he complained while still catching his breath. He then looked up towards a nearby brick clock tower.

"AAGH! ONE MINUTE LEFT?!" he shouted.

Mitchel quickly whipped out his class schedule while running around the campus in a panic.

"Curses! Why didn't I listen to Mom and "take a tour" around the school beforehand? Now I'm screwed for sure!" Mitchel grumbled to himself.

The desperate boy was hopelessly lost, and the class numbers provided to him were of little help. He continued scanning about, looking for the elusive Class Number "B 200", but to no avail. It seemed he was fated to run around like a lunatic until---



Mitchel bumped into another "Conveniently" lost student, but the two of them were thankfully unharmed.

The whimpering student's voice spoke up. "Eh…uh... I-I'm sorry! I was just trying to make it to my first class on time, so I wasn't really paying attention, and---"

"N-no. It's okay. Really. I'm fine." Mitchel assured the stranger.

He then looked right at his new acquaintance. The girl right in front of him had neck-length crimson hair that curled outwards on the side, and big deep-blue eyes. She wore a loose, chocolate brown peasant shirt and a short cobalt dress.

The pair exchanged awkward glances.

The mysterious girl blushed out of nervousness and fear, while Mitchel's faced reacted the same way, but for different reasons.

"Okay. I'm having that same funny feeling I did like when I met that one perky cute girl some time ago, except less blissful and dreamy and more anxious and hopeful." He thought to himself.

Suddenly, the young pre-teen felt his heart pounding as he remained frozen and speechless on the spot.

"… Oh crap. I'm becoming emo, aren't I?"

Author's Notes: Sorry for not writing for awhile, but I've been a little busy of late, and in a sense, I'm still am. I was going to do a one-shot, but I decided the beginning of this would be much better, considering the lack of friendship fleshed out between Karen and Mitch in the last one. But, well, this is going to be a considerably short story… done whenever I feel like it… and will probably be finished sometime after getting more of "Cinder Gina" out of the way. (Hopefully, I'll actually finish it.) Yes, that means "Guns and Dolls" fans will have to wait THAT much longer… and I apologize. Anyway, Farmer Mitchel is finally back in his own fanfic, so be thankful for the return of this random nut and his peculiar outlook!