Chapter 11

"You better be grateful as hell I decided to get an Alarm Clock this time around. You know how much it was a pain trying to wake up this early on my own just to fetch

your behind?" Mitchel grumbled.

"Yeah, but… after about five to six weeks? C'mon, Mitch! Why the hold up?" Karen replied back.

Mitchel sighed.

"Well, at least it's that new Blue Chicken Alarm clock you were rambling on about for awhile! It must've been cool receiving that thing so suddenly! Man, do I wish I was there to see the look on your face! Your mouth was probably gaping open and panting like a dog, huh?"

The nostalgic Chicken Lover thought back at the moment with an awkward look on his face. "Yeah… that sounds about right." He said with a nod.

Karen laughed aloud. "I bet! Anything Chicken-related seems to get you all worked up with a glint in your eye! Who knows? Maybe you'll actually go back to Mineral Town in the future and become a dedicated Chicken Farmer or something!"

Mitchel shrugged. "Maybe… but for the moment, I'd rather raise one as a pet. Or a guard fowl. I hear a Chicken raised for fighting can be totally kickass!"

The curious blonde cocked an eye at her fellow colleague. "Are you serious?!"

Mitchel grinned deviously in response. "Dead Serious. There's this sport that involved battling Roosters once, but they outlawed out in quite a few countries because they considered it Animal Cruelty. It just goes to show you just how hardcore they can be in a fight…"

"Huh… violent chickens. I never knew…" Karen said back in amazement.

A few moments of silence passed before the lively student developed a devious smirk.

"So… speaking about things you really like, how about that Leanne girl?" she announced shamelessly.

Mitchel shot her a violent glare.

"You certainly love bringing her up way too much…" he answered in a low voice.

Karen shrugged. "I dunno… she's certainly become an interesting part of school life for you, hasn't she? But seriously, the weeks have been passing by and you still haven't done anything? And don't give me that "going emo" crap, I haven't seen you done anything remotely close to being "emo-y", and you still tell me how funny you feel around her!" she crowed.

The disgruntled young man was not amused.

"Karen, I don't feel all "lovey-dovey blissful-wistful" or whatever. I'm telling you, this is different." He explained flatly.

Karen's grin grew wider. "But you feel something around her at least, right?" she teased.

"Something, but it's sure not some crazy-ass affection…" he clarified.

Karen's expression changed from teasing and playful to curious and amused.

"Now I'm curious what this "Something" just might become…" she thought to herself.

"Just don't fall back on that "Verge of Emohood" theory again, okay?" Karen said aloud in a chipper voice.

Mitchel sighed long and hard. If there were a suitable material around for him to bash his head upon, he would certainly be tempted to do so at the moment.

Eventually, they reached the school courtyard, only for Karen to feel an overwhelmingly cold presence around her. Both students kept their head straight ahead, but Mitchel surveyed the area with peripheral vision in disgust.

"Yeah… the people are still plenty peeved at you for some reason." The vigilant boy quietly voiced to her friend.

Karen nearly bit her lip as she grit her teeth. "What the heck is wrong with these guys?! Honestly… I'm pretty sure I didn't go out of my way to make this big of an ass of myself to these guys! Hell, even I wouldn't dare go that far to have this kind of cold treatment passed on me! Something's not right!"

"Are you sure you didn't simply forget? There has been a few occasions where a few memories "conveniently" slip from your mind…" Mitchel asked back with a coyish look.

"MITCH!" she cried wildly before attempting to bash her friend into oblivion.

"Yeesh, I was just kidding. I know your limits well enough." Mitchel said with a slight chuckle. "Anyway, we better be on our toes around these ornery folk, or else we could be in for something really bad…"

Karen sighed. "You know, that was just uber-corny. Don't ever say stuff like that unless we find ourselves in a horror movie."

Mitchel sighed back. "Right… but I have a point. Just keep look forward, and don't make eye contact to provoke them."

Karen nodded. "Right"

At that moment, the first bell rang and the duo went their separate ways. The other students became too caught up in making their own classes to stare down a clueless Karen.

Mitchel headed straight for Door B 200. He turned the knob while groaning with disgust at the same time.

"Great, another 1st Period of "Good Old" Advanced Placement Math with Mr. Moriyama the "Chronically-Depressed Salary man". I can hardly contain myself." He said sarcastically before finally pushing the knob and making his way into the classroom…