I am a Winchester

Summary: When Sam was seven years old, he was taken from his only remaining family. Nine Years later he runs from his home in Cartersville, finding Dean along the way. When will the two realize that they have found each other?

It had been pouring rain for the last three hours, ever since Sam had hitched a ride with a lonely truck driver. The ice cold glass against his forehead fogged slight with each breath, as he numbly looked out the window. Every so often the brief encounter with the lights of a car passing by would awaken Sam slightly from his stupor, but otherwise he remained within a self created world where time stood still.

"There's a bar up a head, we're going to stop at." The truck driver's rough voice interrupted the silence that Sam had been enjoying for the past hundred miles. "Am meeting up with a friend of mine… You can probably get a place here for the night if you got any money." There was a quick glance Sam's way, and a twitch of a frown. Showing that the man was feeling guilt over his quick drop of Sam's presence.

"I'll be fine." Sam's voice was also rough from lack of use. If he couldn't get a room for the night he could probably find an over hang or doorstep to take shelter on for the night. He wasn't picky as long as it was away from Cartersville.

"Alright then…" The man shifted slightly in his seat, as he slowed down and pulled off the road and into the mud trap in front of a single run down building. The truck continued to move for a few more seconds before coming to a jolting halt.

"Thanks for letting me ride with you, sir." Sam spoke as he opened the door and began getting out. The man Sam hadn't bothered to learn the name of, grunted and mumbled something that Sam couldn't distinguish through the rain that was now pouring down on his unprotected head. Quickly he made his way to the bar door, and slipped in relatively quietly. This didn't stop what seemed like the entire bar from looking up in his direction, briefly analyzing his every move, before dismissing him as a threat. Sam felt a heavy wave of nostalgia hit him, before shaking it off, and heading over to the barkeeper whose only gaze hadn't faltered since he entered the building.

"What can I do for you, kid?" Sam blushed slightly at the term, before quickly masking it. "I was told that I might be able to get a room here…" The woman's face was stone cold as she studied him, "Don't know, we are awfully full up tonight… how much do you have?"

Sam paled slightly and felt the very blush that he had suppressed begin to arise a new as he looked down at he hands. "I only have eighteen dollars and thirty five cents."

The barkeeper set down the glass she had been drying, and picked up another. "Well then your in luck. I have a spot where u could stay for that much for maybe two nights… You'd have to help with chores around the place tomorrow though." Two pairs of hazel eyes met briefly, and Sam allowed a flash of relief appear on his face. "Sounds great."

He reached into his pocket to get the remainder of his money before she waved him to stop. "No need to pay until after kid… I'm Ellen by the way."

It was clear that she was fishing for information, "Will Taylor, pleased to meet you." It was one of the names that he had decided on while riding in the truck. Hopefully the continual change would help through Harry of his scent, although Sam was sure wouldn't work for long…

Ellen had set down her most recent glass and reached under the counter to grab a set of keys. She handed them over to Sam as she spoke, "It's the second room down on the right. You can't miss it…" As an after thought she commented, "The rooms are shared by the way… not sure if the guy that gets the other bed is getting here tonight or not though."

Sam nodded, "That's fine… Thanks." Sam walked to where Ellen had briefly pointed, aware that the woman's eyes never left him until he rounded the corner and into the hall. He pulled on his backpack, and glanced back. The tense awareness that had filled the room had reminded him of something from is childhood. It flashed briefly into Sam's mind, before fading back into darkness. He definitely needed some sleep.

The key slipped fine into the door lock, and a swift twist opened the door with no problems. After a few hand swipes along the inside wall, Sam found the light switch and a small room was revealed with two singles along the walls. He shut the door, and leaned against it for a few minutes. A warm bed had been a luxury the past few days that he couldn't afford. He clenched his eyes, and tried to regain control of himself. It was as good of time as any to check his bandages and make sure nothing had gotten infected. He set his backpack down on the cement floor and began shrugging off his wet clothing. Hopefully it would dry come morning.

Ellen stared thoughtfully at the glass that she was drying. The kid that had come in earlier couldn't have been more then seventeen from the looks of him, and had a nasty bruise on his right cheek. It wasn't often that runaways came in, the roadhouse being relatively out of the way. Even then she would usually have the kids move on and find some where else to stay. Hunters had very little patience for whiney brats that couldn't stick it out at home. She sighed and started on another glass, at least the kid was smart enough to not try and fake his age and get a drink.

As she continued to ponder on the newest customer to the roadhouse, the sound of a engine slightly muffled by the heavy rain perked her ears. Dean had finally arrived. A minute or so later and a drenched Winchester walked in, with a grin that was just waiting for a fist to plow right into it. Ellen rolled her eyes, aware that once again Dean would try to get a drink from her. One that he wouldn't get until he had hit his twenty-first birthday.

Without so much as a waver Dean made his way over to Ellen, with only a brief look over to Jo who was being fascinated by a story of a hunt by Harry and Billy. "Has my Dad gotten here yet?"

"Afraid not, Dean. He called a few hours back saying that he wouldn't make it until tomorrow afternoon." A slight frown crossed the young man's face before blooming right back. Ah well, gives me some time to have fun round here… One Beer please."

Ellen's eyes narrowed, "We already talked about this." Dean rolled his eyes, "Its not like I don't drink Ellen… my dad was the one that got me my fake ID in the first place!"

She snorted, "Exactly a fake ID… Your still underage Dean, and until then you won't get one from of alcohol from the roadhouse. Just because your dad's lose with you doesn't mean its right."

The argument continued on for a few more minutes, before dying off into what had been happening recently, and other events. As it was finishing Jo came over and started talking to Dean leaving Ellen to glass drying. Dean continued to socialize with different hunters that he had met over the years for the next hour or so before coming over to get key to his room.

She warned him that the kid was going to be sharing the room with him for the next two nights. Which he shrugged at, and walked away with the threat of going to buy some beer the next day from the gas station a few miles down. She shook her head, Winchesters would never listen.

Dean made his way down to his room, curious about the boy that Ellen had mentioned briefly that would be sharing with him. It wasn't too unusual for Hunters to share rooms, and he had shared once or twice before while at the roadhouse, but never with one of the strangers to the roadhouse that occasionally appeared.

He didn't bother knocking as he entered, assuming that the kid would already be asleep. The light was on though, and as Dean entered he caught a glance at the teen's damaged torso before a white t-shirt slipped on. "Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" His voice was startled and accusing. Amusing Dean to no end. "Course I have… isn't that what you do to stop fate from coming to get you?" His smirk was firmly in place as he walked over. "Name's Dean, your room mate for the next two nights."

"Will." Sam wasn't impressed by Dean in the least, and slipped into his bed aware that Dean was watching him and had taken note that he was pretty scrapped up. Hopefully the guy wouldn't take it into his head to finish what Harry had started.

"Will, uh? Looks like you have a pretty bad gash on your back." Sam glanced over harshly at Dean. "What of it?"

"Well you wrapped it wrong, its going to be leaking onto the sheets in a few hours, and I don't think Ellen would appreciate having to buy new ones for a nose wipe like you."

Sam shifted uncomfortably. "That's fine, I will wake up in three hours and change them."

Dean rolled his eyes, "Yeah right, here turn around, and I'll help rewrap them. I like my sleep and I don't need you waking me up in the middle of the night."

Sam looked slightly disconcerted, but after studying Dean for a second, he sighed and turned while pulling back off his t-shirt. He needed the help.

His head was screaming at him for being so stupid, that he should never turn his back to a stranger let alone one that was clearly stronger then him. At the same time he felt himself relaxing as the man got closer and slightly knelt on the bed. The bandages that Sam had put on earlier came off easily under Dean's gentle touch, and they probably wouldn't have lasted more then half the time that he had thought.

He couldn't see any of Dean's reactions to the different scraps and bruises that had been hidden under the bandage. And formed a rather vicious picture combined with the ones that had been left out. The hands never paused in hesitation though, a little comfort that Sam gladly took.

Just as Dean was about to finish though, the older man finally spoke up, "Your dad do this to you?" Sam's relaxing shoulders instantly returned to their former tightness. "No." His voice came out rough and harsher then he meant, but clearly sent the message that he didn't want to talk about it.

"Fine, fine… Just asking…" A awkward pause filled the room, "Alright all done." Sam turned around just fast enough to catch the sight of Dean retreating to his own bed. A brief sigh escaped his lips and he slipped down under the covers and turned away as Dean got undressed. It had been stupid to let Dean help him, it opened him up to questions just like that one. He curled into himself and tried desperately to not think about the last few weeks. Everything would be fine… he just had to stay smart and it would be alright… The comforting words meant nothing to him though as they echoed through his head. His eyes clenched shut as he slowly but surely fell asleep and eventually relaxed within his cocoon of heavy wool blankets. Maybe morning would be better.

When Dean woke up the next morning, the bed next to his was empty and tidily remade. He stared at it for a second before yawning and stretching his arms. The teen had managed to wake and get ready for the day all without waking Dean. A accomplishment if he ever heard of one. He must have been more tired then he thought.

Even though Ellen had mentioned that Will looked like he had been through a good beating, Dean still hadn't expected the forest of cuts and bruises that populated the kids back and stomach. They had been aging at different rates as well as several scars that left evidence that whatever abuse he had been going through… it had been going on for quite some time. It had made Dean angry enough to try and figure out just who had done it to the kid. Even as he was aware that to try and get information from a person who didn't even give out their real name would be fruitless.

He snorted softly as he thought about the kids short lie. 'Will' of all things, the kid would have had more success with Jared or Hank. There was absolutely no association in his voice when he said it. One of the reasons that it was good to pick a name that you had familiarity with, whether fondness or disgust didn't matter… Although that would project on your self image if you talked to the right people.

Dean finished slipping on his shoes and made his way out of the room and into the bar. It was pretty much deserted other then Ash who had apparently not made it back to his room to sleep that night. He headed through to the kitchen where he found Ellen at the stove making bacon and eggs.

"You know where Will went, by any chance?"

Ellen didn't bother turning her attention away from breakfast, "I have him outside repainting some chairs… He sure is a early bird." Dean vaguely nodded his ascent while trying to get one of the already cooked pieces of bacon. He was met with a hard slap and glare curtsey of Ellen. "While your waiting for breakfast why don't you go out there and help him."

"What…" Another glare sent him out the door though, "Fine whatever…" Muffled curse words came as the door shut behind Dean. Ellen closed her eyes for a second and prayed for whatever patience she could afford while dealing with Winchesters. It had never been her strong suit.

"Hey" Dean's yelled greeting startled Sam, as he looked up to see who it was. The smirking face of his current room mate greeted him and brought a roll of the eyes, that seemed to becoming more and more frequent around the said man. "Whoa… how many of these things did Ellen want you to do… Damn."

"She said all twenty of these… but I am already half way done."

"Huh… Fast worker."

"Not really… I just have been out here for a while." Dean looked at Will doubtfully before smirking and shrugging, "Whatever… guess a girl like you would be good at that type of thing."

That comment earned a heavy glare from Sam, and a slight thrill of fun raced up Dean's spine. Some people were just too fun. "At least I wouldn't look good in drag."

Dean's smirk only widened, "That could be argued I am sure, Willy Boy." While they had been talking Sam had started working progressively faster, amusing Dean even more.

"Oh shut up."

"That all you got?"

"Ah, I wish your charm could be bottled--then a cork could be put on it."

"Oh wow, didn't know you felt like this Willy, why don't we go inside and have a nice chitchat about all your pent up emotions."

Sam snorted, "It must be hard for you to feel so empty.. All that space up in your skull."

"Hey, hey… calm down, if I wanted a battle of wits, I would have gone with little Jo, I never pick on someone who is unarmed." Through this all Sam had slowly but surely began to enjoy himself.

"Yeah I am sure that some people have call you a wit, but sadly their only half right."

Dean opened his mouth widely a feigned a yawn. Sam stared at him expectantly, "Oh sorry continue, I always yawn when I am interested."

There was a pause in the conversation… Before Sam started giggling softly. "Ha… your just…" More laughter that Dean didn't quite get, "Your just so Retarded!" Sam's laughter was surprisingly catching though and soon the young hunter was laughing right along with him. It was then that Ellen opened the door and called for them to come in and have some breakfast.

Sam's laughter broke off fairly quickly at that and he looked at the now closed door solemnly. "Come on kid, Ellen's bacon and eggs are to die for." He held out an outstretched hand to Sam on the ground. And after a sort wait Sam gave him his, and the two headed inside.

Breakfast had gone relatively quickly, and after an hour of getting Dean to help him paint, the chairs had gotten finished. So now the two were up on the roof, slowly but surely patching the parts that been damaged the night before in storm. It was pretty dry, with the sun now shining brightly overhead, with only a few patches, that they had to be especially careful on.

Thankfully they were almost done, come noon, and their hunger. Ellen went out and rang a bell along side the house, that let them know that whatever the woman had cooked up for them was done. Dean had been taking a short break sitting on the ridge, and he deftly made his way down to the latter. "Hey dude, you coming?" Sam looked up from where he had been hammering, "Uh… you know I really can't afford to pay Ellen for both room and board so…"

"Don't be stupid, room always covers board as well… come on already, I don't want to have to wait any longer for lunch then I have to with your slow ass." Dean had somehow become relatively fond of the kid over the short time he had known him. Part of that was probably the kids sharp comebacks… which he enjoyed to no end.

"Hmm… yeah I didn't pay that much, so I don't think I am probably covered…"

"Do you want me to come back up there and get you?" The threat was clear in Dean's joking annoyance though, and Sam began climbing down with only a few more grumbles. About half way down though, he suddenly paused and flinched at something. "Dude, what the hell?" Sam's tight grip on the planks suddenly loosened as he gasped in pain. Within seconds he was tumbling down the roof with nothing to stop him from going over the edge.

It was just pure luck that ended up saving Sam, shirt catching harshly on a nail, holding him their long enough for Dean to grab him before finally letting go of its hold on the wood. The panic that raced through him, had his heart beating much faster then it should have been, and for a moment the two of them remained where they were.

"Will… What the hell just happened."

Sam's now ragged breath slowly let up before he answer, "It hurt…"

"Damn it, there was no way I should have let you up here…" Apparently whatever injuries Will had, they were more extensive then Dean thought… He slowly made their way back towards the latter, with help ever so often on Will's part. The whole time his hold around the younger boy's waste unfaltering. Occasionally Sam would hear a swear word or two about whatever he was thinking about, but mostly Sam concentrated on controlling is pain levels. It hadn't been so bad for the last two hours even though the pills he had taken earlier had worn off. He had gotten reckless though, and moved the wrong way on the way down. He was pretty sure on of his cracked ribs and decided to break all the way.

They got to the latter, and Sam broke away from Dean to climb down by himself, which Dean only grudgingly allowed after a short verbal encounter. Thankfully it went without event, and Dean was soon walking with Sam into the kitchen where Ellen was waited impatiently. As soon as she realized what was going on though she had them move over into the bathroom with the first aid kit, where Dean volunteered to take care of Will. It was clear that the teen would prefer it, so Ellen left him in the older boy's capable hands.

In no time, Sam's three shirts were off and Dean was studying his abdomen to see what had gone wrong. The bandage that had wrapped around Sam's torso hadn't been changed that morning, and had bunched together. Right where, Dean was guessing, a bruised or broken rib was located.

"Damn kid, they really did a number on you didn't they?"

Sam didn't bother meeting Dean's eyes, and kept his head down, gazing at his lap. "Why does everyone around here seem to call me kid anyway?" It was replied with a soft snort from Dean, "You look like a baby goat that's why."

Dean rummaged through the first aid kit, and came up with what he was looking for. "Where you playing on heading?" Sam's head snapped up, "What are you talking about?" Paying no mind, Dean continued concentrating on fixing Sam back up again. "You're a runaway right? Where are you trying to get to?" There was a tense silence for a minute, broken only by a few gasps when the bandage got a little to tight.

"I don't care… as long as its away from here." Sam's voice was rough, and Dean hoped desperately that the kid wouldn't start crying.

"You came from the north or south?"


"I am headed out to Oregon as soon as I meet up with my dad. If you want you could come with."

"You serious?"

Dean rolled his eyes, "Course I am, it's a long drive and if I run out of food… well lets just say I don't have a problem with cannibalism." Sam laughed softly. "Don't worry though, I don't think it will come to that… the last hitch hiker I picked up made it five hundred more miles then that. So it should be good uh?"

There was a soft smile on Sam's face as he watched Dean finish up, and in the brief second that he looked up and they caught each other's gaze a slight shiver of familiarity rushed between them.

"Alright, looks like your set for a while… you should probably be a couch potato for the rest of the day though."

"Eh I can't, I told Ellen that I would help out today."

"Whatever man, I am sure that she will be fine if you took it easy for the rest of the day… Maybe you could keep Jo's attention for a while, and I am sure that will finish up whatever obligation you have to Ellen. That girls a menace… who knows though maybe you two will get it down." A wicked grin filled Dean's face and earned a glare and a sharp poke of the elbow from Sam.

As the younger boy got off the counter where he had been perched the entire time, Dean stopped him and asked, "Dude… is there anything else?" They stared at each other for a minute, before Sam looked down. "There is a cut on my leg, but its ok." Dean snorted, "Yeah, I am sure, when was the last time you changed it?"

"…Last night."

"Ha, that what I thought, come on slip off your pants and let me see."

Sam however would have none of it, "No, its ok… look I can change it myself…"

"Whatever dude come on… you can't be that embarrassed about it," Yet another staring contest was waged, and once again Sam looked down first. This time however he played the role of a kicked puppy… effectively killing Dean's strategy.

He sighed, "Alright, alright… fine bandage it your self. Just don't come whining to me when you accidentally wrapped it around your dick instead."

With Will's muffled protests echoing behind him, he made a quick exit of the bathroom and into the kitchen. The kid certainly was a handful, and he didn't know what he was thinking invite him to road trip with him. Ah well, at least he would have some company, something he had missed ever since he and his dad started traveling separately. Although the freedom definitely overwhelmed that need.

"Is Will alright then?" Ellen spoke up from where she was cleaning off the counter.

"Yeah… I think so, think he finished cracking a rib up on the roof though." Dean grabbed up an apple that was sitting conveniently near him. Taking a bit he continued with his mouth full, "Where is Jo by the way? I told him that he could take it easy by babysitting her instead of manual labor for the rest of the day."

Ellen looked distastefully at Dean, "You know that Jo isn't that young Dean. She is going to get you back one of these days… And she went down to practice shooting with Billy for a bit."

Dean continued to chomp down on the apple before looking at it in surprised disgust. He set it down half eaten on the table as he walked back to wait by the bathroom mumbling about poisonous fruit.

As Ellen shook her head, she gingerly picked up the apple by the stem and through it away. Dean was surprisingly taken with Will… Sadly she wondered if maybe it was because he reminded him of his dead brother. It had been over eight years now and she didn't think either John or Dean had yet gotten over the second loss of their small family.

Sam had finished relatively quick but had remained inside the bathroom for a moment longer to pour some water onto his face. Things seemed to be almost going to well at this point. He liked Dean… he reminded him of what it was like before the nightmare of his life began. Oh well, he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth… even if it was filled with things waiting to destroy him.

He was about to open the door when a knock it against the wood, and the second hit air as Sam was greeted with the scene of Dean staring stupidly. A small snigger escaped. Maybe it was ok to relax for a while.

After they had a late lunch Sam was subjected to a short amount of day time TV, until thankfully Dean got bored, declaring that he was going to hunt the Snuffles Bear down. The older boy then decided that it wouldn't be to stressful on Sam to learn how to play a good game of darts… and then later on pool. Both Sam wasn't horrible at, but was beaten mercilessly by Dean.

It wasn't until Ellen got a phone call that things began to go badly. "Dean, your father's on the line. Wants to talk to you." He went into the other room leaving Sam with Jo who had recently returned and Ellen. The conversation was short and simple, John wouldn't be making it there anytime soon and he wanted Dean to go ahead and head to Oregon come morning. They would meet up some other time. Dean reluctantly agreed, it had been far too long in his opinion since he had seen his father. At the tail end of the conversation though, he mentioned that he would be bring Will along with him. Unfortunately John hadn't liked the idea as much as Dean had.

He went through a full blown lecture before he was able to get a word in, and John hung up with the note that he didn't approve, but Dean could do what he wanted. He roughly knocked his fist against the wall. His dad just didn't understand… Come to think about it Dean didn't either, there was no reason to take along a relatively complete stranger along with him, when there was a good chance he would run into situations that involved hunting. Will was probably better off trying to hitch hike his way through America.

Oh well, even with his father's disapproval… he had already given the option to Will, and he wasn't going to take it back, without a seriously good reason… Like Will no longer wanting to go with him. Damn he was beginning to like the kid a little too much.

He walked back to the front where Sam was, taking note that the kid had a rather disturbed expression on his face. Especially when he caught sight of Dean. What the hell had happened while he was in the other room? "Hey, what's up?" Will however only met his gaze for a second before looking down and away.

"Nothing…" He fondled the cue ball for a second before looking up at Dean with a smile, "You ready for another game?"

The rest of the evening went relatively fine, but every so often Dean would catch Sam looking at him strangely. It also seemed like Will was either a lot quieter or louder… Dean wasn't sure exactly, and at about six as costumers for the roadhouse started filing in Sam decided to head back to his room and catch an early nights sleep.

After he was gone Dean approached Ellen who was cleaning glasses once again, "What the hell… sorry heck, did you guys talk about while I was on the phone?"

"Hmm, nothing much Dean…" At his doubtful look she rolled her eyes, "I just mentioned that your dad was probably not going to meet up with you after all. Then we started talking about the roads and different things… He did ask what John did for a living, but other then that he was pretty much silent.

Dean frowned, why the hell would his dad not being able to come up set Will? He continued to stew upon the mystery that was Will as he played Jo a game of pool. That she lost, only to ask for a rematch. After the second win though, Dean moved on and started to talk to Tom who had arrived towards the end of the game.

They had been talking about what kind of gun was better for shooting down wendingos when a short blonde a little younger then Dean came in. He had sharp ice blue eyes that seem to take everything in so that he could laugh at it later. Dean and several other hunters were immediately on guard. This wasn't the happy go lucky stranger that sometimes appeared in their midst. This was a wolf looking for prey.

The man immediately approached Ellen and flashed a photo at her. He grinned slightly at her while looking slightly worried. She frowned and shook her head for a second, before sighing and saying something while vaguely pointing towards the rooms at the back. Dean tensed even more as the stranger gave a slight smile before going to the back. As he went though as small smirk that put ice in Dean's gut appeared on his face.

Dean pulled himself away from his conversation with Tom quickly, and made his way to Ellen. "Who was that?"

Ellen frowned, "Says he's Will's older brother…" Dean immediately began heading back towards his and Will's room. "Dean, he showed me a picture…" He ignored her though, and tore through the hall only to find both the stranger gone, and the room door locked. Growling, he didn't brother with the key, and brought up his foot, slamming the door open.

The blonde swung around his head wide eyed, even as Dean took in the hands that were pulling Will's hair back sharply and the knife at his throat. Within the same second Dean brought up the small pistol that he kept at the back of his pants, cocked it and was ready to fire at the son of a bitch. "Get the hell away from him, bastard." The knife pulled away from Will's throat, but not without a small trickle of blood.

"Hey hey… no problem… man, I know this looks bad but…"

"Shut up!" Dean took in Sam's position on the bed, before gesturing with his gun over to himself. "Come on Will, get over here."

Will started to get up when the blondes sick hand decided to retake its hold on the kids too long locks. "Why the hell is he calling you Will, Sam?" A slight shake, had Sam grimacing in pain. "Uh? You not going to answer me, bitch?"

Dean almost didn't hear when Sam replied, "I told him that was my name, Harry."

Another rough shake rocked Sam's head back and forth, and Dean winced as he realized that the kid's scalp was going to have several less hairs come morning. "Why the hell would you do that uh, Sam?"

"Hey man, I swear if you don't let go of the kid, I will so blow your knee caps out… one by one."

Harry eyed him for a second, before deciding that the guy probably would do as he said. That was… without more leverage on Harry's side. The knife was brought back to Sam's throat in no time. "Dude… no body tells me when I can and can't touch my brother… but me."

Dean eyed up the situation, he really hated hostage situations. It seemed like there was always a double homicide or some such junk. Harry had mistakenly taken his silence though, as backing down. "Yeah, alright unless you want… your dear Will," He jolted Sam closer to him at the name. "To have his throat sliced, I suggest you let me and him go out the door without complaint."

"Your joking right? You think you can make it through a crowded bar with… Sam in hold." Dean slightly hesitated at the name, still not used to it even though he had known Will wasn't the kids real name.

"Course not…" Harry sneered, "but their must be a back door around here somewhere no? Now… how bought you go ahead and set down the gun nice and slow…" The knife was once again cutting into Sam's skin slightly, and with a slight hesitation Dean began to set the gun down. Somehow he had very little doubt that the evil asshole would do exactly as he threatened if something set him off.

Sam was watching the whole thing with frightened eyes. He couldn't let Harry get hold of the gun, the numbing knowledge of what the said man would do with the tool sent ice down his spine. Just as Harry kneeled to grab hold of the gun, that Dean had slid over to him, Sam brought his knee back hard.

Within seconds his grip had loosened and Sam and grabbed hold of the knife and kicked the gun back over to Dean. "Your so going to die for that Sammy…" His hands cupped his private parts as he breathed in pain. Dean had no pity however, and moved forward swiftly to add a second kick to the already bruised parts. "No one fucks with a Winchester and comes out unharmed bitch.

Within minutes Harry was secured to one of the beds with some rope that Dean had conveniently borrowed from Ellen. Sam had remained mostly in the background, even though Harry's heavy glare rarely left him. "Just wait until I tell mom and dad how you had your little friends kidnap me…" Sam turned away though, and left the room finally leaving Dean with his older brother.

"So your parents were in on it too, uh?"

Harry lazily rolled his head away from the door at Dean. "In on what may I ask?" A dark smirk was playing on his lips, letting Dean know that he knew exactly what the other man was talking about. A quick punch to the cheek put that to a satisfying ending though. "Answer."

Licking the side of his mouth were a drop of blood had escaped, Harry answered coyly, "Ah, well I am sure if my parents weren't such weaklings themselves they would realize how fun it is to Sammy-bait…" A dark smile settled on his face, "But no, they are quite innocent… the poor fools." Dean made a motion towards Harry, causing the other to pull back sharply. "When I am out of this I am turning you in for assault."

Dean darkly laughed, "Not before I tell the cops that you have been torturing you own flesh and blood for who knows how many years."

Harry snorted in reply, "Oh I wouldn't say flesh and blood…" The creep laughed a little at whatever twisted joke had crossed through his head.

There was a knock at the door, and Dean opened without bothering to look who it was. A gruff voice spoke up, "Ellen sent him to watch the brat for a while so you can get some sleep… sounds like the kid is having a rough time of it as well." Dean glanced over at Dave before tucking his gun back in his pants. He walked out the door quickly, not listening as Harry snide comments all the way.

He made his way further down the hall where an open door and light revealed Sam on a slightly larger bed then his previous and Ellen trying unsuccessfully to comfort him. "Hey." Dean smirked lightly announcing his presence, "Can't believe you're already getting Ellen in bed with you… I've been trying that when for years… He received glares all around for his efforts, but the slight twitch from Sam lips made it worth it.

"Alright then, I need to head back to the bar before the boys get out of hand." Ellen stood and slipped past Dean through the door. Sam leaned back against the wall and met eyes with Dean. The two of them not looking away from the other until Dean walked over and threw himself on to the bed. "Oh man, nothing like sleep after a rush of adrenaline uh? Guess the queen room was all that Ellen had left with all those guys over… You don't mind sharing do you? You could sleep on the floor I guess, but that might be a bit uncomfortable. And we do have a big day tomorrow you know." His rambling was cut short though, as Sam spoke up startled, "You mean I can still come with you?"

Dean looked over smirking, "Course! I could always get a dog to come with, but I hear they eat a lot, plus the shots… Talk about expensive. No I think you would be much cheaper." Sam grinned tearfully, and just as Dean thought the kid was going to start pumping out the tears he toppled over onto the bed, lying down next to Dean with his face in the sheets. A shortly mumbled thanks could be vaguely heard, and Dean smiled slightly before lifting his foot to throw the light switch. Things would be alright from now on… he would make sure of it.