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A Thousand Pains

Chapter 1: The Grave Encounter

Edward POV

I went racing through the forest as fast as I could. It had been a years since I last went to talk to her. I missed her so much. My beautiful Bella waited for me as she had for many years. It was agonizing for me to stay away from her for even a few days but to be careful, we had to part for many years. I did not care about my safety but for my family's sake I left. I remembered the first conversation we had about us separating as I ran to her…

"You must go, Edward." Bella whispered.

"I don't want to. I can't leave you Bella. I promised I wouldn't." I hugged her tightly to me. She sadly smiled up at me and shrugged.

"I remember… but I liberate you from that promise. You must leave! The Volturi are after me and they know that where you go; I am… so we must separate. For your family's sake and mine."

"Oh, but..."my voice breaking along with my heart.

"Good-bye, Edward, until we meet again." She whispered in my ear. I raised her lips to mine and gave her all of me in that one-last kiss.

If I had been human, I knew that tears would be running down my cheeks. Tears would only have prevented me from seeing where I was going and made my trip to her longer. I felt a tug in my heart as I thought of Bella and tears. She could never cry again either. She could never breathe. She could never have a heart beat. Thinking about Bella made my heart break yet it would beat at the same time. I hadn't wanted this for her yet I had. It was too late now for any regrets.

"The day is beautiful, isn't it?" Bella asked smiling brightly at me.

"Yes, Bella. Whatever you say." I chocked. Bella laughed.

"Please, don't be sad. I'll be OK."

"I will never see you again." I said. Alice had told me so.

"Yes, you will. I know you will." She whispered very softly and had I not been a vampire I wouldn't have heard her.

"Where you're going… I can never go, Bella" I swallowed my sob.

"Yes, you can. I will be there waiting for you. Always."

"You will wait in vain. How can I join you when I have no…?" I stopped abruptly. I had not meant to say that out loud. My heart broke into a thousand pains and I knew it would never heal. Bella's eyes filled with tears. I had expected that, what I had not expected was her anger. She, suddenly, gasped angrily and glared at me.

"Well, if you don't go. Then I will just have to come get you!"

"Oh, my Bella." I hugged her tight. "Don't worry love. We will always be together. No matter what… we will be."

"Yes… We will…" She sighed.

"I love you."

"I love you," her last breath whispered.

That memory made me stagger as I ran to her. That had been the very last conversation I had had with her after our third separation. It was the last time I had talked to her and held her in my arms. I had seen her a few times before that third time but she hadn't seen me. I had hid from her to keep her safe. I had just wanted to lay my eyes on her and keep her picture alive in my mind.

I was almost there. I was so close to her again. I saw the light shining through the trees and knew that in a few seconds I would be there. I exploded into our meadow and there she was, as she had always been. She was waiting for me in a corner underneath the shadows of the trees. I walked slowly to her and brought out the flowers that she loved. I kneeled before her. My Bella. I felt better now that I was near her again. I gazed at her tombstone and smiled. I put the flowers on her grave and told her all the things I had done for the last thousand years. I did not tell her how each year was a pain just to be alive without her, but just how much I had missed her.