Summary: At the start of High School, almost every guy was a homophobic. Now, ever since Mr. Perfect Uchiha Sasuke and his friends transferred, I swear most turned bi! Me? Please, why would I like that bastard?!

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Konoha's School for the Gifted
By: Hiki-chan

At the start of High School, almost every guy was a homophobic.

I wasn't of course! Uzumaki Naruto isn't someone who judges by sexual preferences. Also because, herm, I'm gay as well. Hey don't look at me like that, my two best buds Kiba and Gaara are too! Together, we three are the best of buds. Though, both Kiba and Gaara don't really get along too well. But I think they at least acknowledge each other as friends for my sake. They, Shikamaru, Chouji and Lee are my closest pals. Please exclude Gaara from their list of closest pals, he isn't the most social person. I'm like the only person he trusts.

You see, we're both schizophrenic. Or at least that's a term people can relate to us.

I suppose I should tell you more about myself first before I confuse you too much. I'm Uzumaki Naruto, that you already know. I'm 16 and I just started Konoha's School for the Gifted 8 months ago. From young I was an orphan until I was around 6 years old. Then, I was adopted by Hatake Kakashi. He's a real pervert who wears a mask, but I know he generally cares for me.

Since young, I've been able to hear a voice in my head. A voice that wouldn't go away. Usually, voices in ones head was a sure sign of madness or a demon. At such a tender age of three, I thought it was normal. But as I grew up and the children made fun of me saying I had no gift at all. Everyone has different gifts as you already know. But other than my never-ending energy, they felt I was nothing special. But that's when I realized that the voice in my head was not so normal at all.

I can't call it schizophrenic as the voice wasn't mine.

Growing up, I noticed the voice was generally good and concerned about me. So I started to befriend this mysterious voice and that's when I found my first true friend, Kyuubi.

Kyuubi told me that he was nine-tailed fox demon trapped in my body as punishment for something he had done. I didn't really pay attention to him as I was too busy laughing my head off. Honestly, a Nine-Tailed fox. A Kyuubi no Kitsune. Who would believe him?!

I sure didn't, until I accidentally cut myself and it healed almost instantly and at times when my eyes turned red and I grew claws.

Okay, enough about me.

Kiba is a boy I met when I was bullied in the Orphanage. I was around 5 years old then. He wasn't an Orphan like me but he just happened to pass by and see what was going on. He set his dog on the bullies and saved me. Through him, I met my other friends, Shikarmaru, Chouji and Lee.

At 12, I meet Gaara under very different circumstances. He threatened Kiba and the rest of us. It all changed when I was alone with him and fighting. I didn't realize Kyuubi's power was slowly leaking out and my eyes were turning red. I think I was too busy 'nagging' at him not to hurt my friends and that I would do everything I can to stop him.

The fighting stopped when we were both too tired to continue and he told me we had the same eyes. That was when I found out that Gaara had a demon inside him too. I offered my hand in friendship, which he accepted after some resistance. After some time as best friends we realized that both demons inside us recognized each other.

Alright back to the subject at hand, all my friends aren't homophobic, I guess it's because Kiba, Gaara and me are gay. Though they don't know that Gaara is, shhh, it's a secret. Though now I don't think it's a big deal…

Now, ever since Mr. Perfect Uchiha Sasuke and his friends transferred, I swear most turned bi!

Or at least most of the boys…

The bastard and his two cronies. Shhh… don't tell them I called them that. Anyway, he and his two friends. Aburame Shino and Hyuuga Neji.

Alright, I'll tell you more about everyone now.

I'll start with Gaara and me! We both have our demon to protect us from harm and superb healing powers. Kiba can communicate with all dogs and command them what to do. Shikarmaru is amazingly intelligent and he can manipulate the shadows. He can control your shadow and render you helpless, if you don't know what I mean. Chouji and breath in lots of air and turn into a huge human ball who can thrash everything in sight. Lee is an amazing fighter and has very good reflexes and fights best when asleep or drunk. Trust me when I say you don't want to see him drunk.

Now, to the bastards and his cro- friends…

Neji has this really rare white eyes that allow him to see far and wide in detail.

Shino has this really creepy gift to control bugs.

And the bastard… Other than being perfect in sports, studies and practically everything, all I know is that he's a bastard.

What? Don't judge a book by its cover?

Uzumaki Naruto does no such thing! Only the moment I saw his arrogant face, I knew, I just knew he was a bastard.

Hey, don't sigh on me!

Anyway, the thing was that I didn't get enough time to read his profile. The Principle Tsunande baa-chan caught me snooping in her office and hung me upside-down a tree for 5 hours. Now that woman is scary. Though I still love her anyway.

It's all the bastards fault! I hate him, I hate him, I hate him! Oh Mr. Perfect in every way. Tch, make me puke.

He's the main reason why everyone is turning bi!


I was gay from the start!

Oh, me!?

Please, why would I like that bastard?!

That's just impossible! He just transferred 1 month ago!

And he's already hitting on me…

Eh? No, I didn't say anything! I didn't say anything at all!

You ask too many questions!


Anyway, welcome to Konoha's School for the Gifted. I know you'll enjoy yourself here.

God knows, I have.

To be continued…

Hm, to continue or not to continue, that's the question. xD