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A/N: okay, the main idea behind this story is that it's an AU of the Pariah-verse. Everything starts out almost the opposite of how it is in Pariah. It's also dedicated to Chibi Izzum/ Voyeurism.

Black Hole Philosophy

1: Fancy Meeting You Here

Trin sighed, hating that she decided to go to the bank now. It should have been empty, yet it seemed like everyone in the city decided at this very moment they needed to go to the bank. She would walk out of the chilly, stale smelling bank right now if she could. But, she could not, so she folded her arms across her chest and held in a groan as no one in the entire place moved… even the tellers from what she could tell.

She and her evil twin needed money for books and she certainly could not relay on him for such an important task. She could not even relay on him to hold onto a bankcard to avoid things like this. Shin would have made it to the bank and got the money, but by the time he got to the bookstore, he would be penniless and that was if he made it to the bookstore. There was always the chance he would get so distracted by a bright light or a dancing monkey and he might never make it to the whole reason he went to the bank for in the first place. Just thinking about it made Trin sigh again. She massaged her pale forehead.

"If only I could trust the little rodent with the slightest bit of responsibility," Trin muttered, resisting the urge to tap her leather covered foot against the white tile.

She had class in a half-hour, so she would really appreciate the line that she stuck in move sometime that century. It was not looking good, though. In fact, the guy ahead of her might actually be dead on his feet from how long he had been there and the kid with his parents might have been born in the line.

Looking at her, one would not think Trin had class, but then again, one probably would not know what to think looking at her. She wore a blush pink suit with a golden vest and canary yellow tie. She had matching pink low-cut boots. Shin had called the outfit "disturbing and disgusting" as he watched her leave the apartment that morning. He was throwing her words back at her from when she described most of his outfits.

Trin checked her watch, a gold men's watch, just to see how long the line had been at a standstill. It felt like an eternity, but it was not even two minutes. But, two minutes was still way too long for a line to not move, especially with four tellers working at open windows. Did they have cobwebs on them? Maybe they were dead sitting down, which would explain why the line had not moved. It did not explain why the place was so crowded, though.

She could not believe so many people were in here on a weekday morning. She thought she was being slick by coming in mid-morning on a weekday when everyone should be at work, but obviously she was wrong. Even the tellers were not working today. I guess no one works at ten a.m. anymore.

And then, suddenly, something even more annoying happened. A hole was blown in the ceiling from the roof and a woman entered the bank threw the new portal. The woman had a flowing ebony mane and pale green skin. She smirked as she landed and a flame charged out of her hand like fire on a candle. She displayed the power proudly and from the outfit that she had on, Trin could guess what was going to happen. She groaned. Oh, this just gets better and better. Do we really need books?

"No way," the blonde college student muttered, massaging the bridge of her nose. Her luck could not possibly be that bad, she told herself. But, then again, my soul mate is a hopeless idiot who I can't even trust to go to the bank, so yes, my luck has to be that bad.

"Okay, nobody move and I won't have to fry anybody. Just fill this bag with money quickly and everybody can be on their way," the super-powered female announced while throwing duffle bag at the teller behind her.

Trin was actually surprised to see the teller move. She had assumed the woman was mannequin. Damn, maybe I should've just robbed the bank if that's what it takes to get them to move. Of course, it was not too late to do something like that. She would have to do something. There was no way in hell she would be held up and also have to go to another branch of the bank on a day where it seemed like the only people working were criminals.

There was also the fact that she did not want to go through all of the questions from the police after this robbery. She had class, and, yes, being involved in a bank heist was probably one of the better reasons for missing classes, but she hated to miss class. So, it was decided as far as she was concerned. She stepped out of line.


Shego resisted the urge to groan and rub the middle of her forehead. She could not believe what she had been talked into doing by Drakken. Come on, bank robbing? How goddamn cliché was that? But, he required fast money for his latest problems, namely paying his henchmen. She would not have cared, if only she was not included in that lump of people who lacked a paycheck. She might have to start giving Drakken an allowance if he was going to blow check money on his nutty schemes.

But, then again, she would get a bonus for robbing the bank. A bonus would be nice. Of course, she could give herself bonuses if she had to steal any more money. Honestly, this would not be so bad if it was not so boring. It was not like the fat guard would pose much of a challenge should he decide to be a hero. And then, a customer stepped out of line. Apparently, someone other than the fat guard wanted to be the hero.

"Hey, I said don't move," Shego ordered, glaring at the young woman with the hope of scaring her back into line.

"Yeah, I have a listening problem," the college student remarked in an odd monotone.

The blonde, nerdy-looking female down to the spectacles on her face surprised Shego, leaping at her and attacking. The villainess gasped as she dodged a very precise punch. A millisecond late on that move and Shego would have had a broken nose. Shego would have been incredulous to what just happened, if only she had the time.

Shego had to put her forearms up to block a kick from the blonde girl. Trin snorted slightly in disbelief that she could not land a blow. She lost the element of surprise now and she was very aware of that. She put her hands up as a counterattack came, which she was pleased did not include those green flames. She ducked as claw strike shot out at her and she took Shego's legs out from under her.

The emerald-eyed thief grunted as she hit the deck, thigh slapping against the cold tile. She glared at her opponent. "You're about to have more than a listening problem, blondie."

Trin did not respond. Shego rolled out of the way as Trin tried to come down on her with her fists. She flipped up to her feet as Trin stopped just shy of bashing her fist against the floor.

"How about you to hold this for me?" Shego remarked as she flung a plasma sphere at Trin, which the blonde barely dodged.

The plasma impacted a wall behind her and blew a hole in the wall. Trin lost a few strands of golden hairs to the shot, but counted herself lucky. As she avoided the blast, Shego met her at the space she settled in. Trin threw her hands up to block the next assault.

"Hello, there," Shego smirked as she went to work.

The college student found herself being defensive as Shego came at her stronger than before. She dipped and dodged as best she could, feeling a sting from Shego's blows while waiting for the perfect moment to attack. She sought any little space for her to exploit, but Shego was tucked in tight. She might need to take a hit if something did not open up soon.

Trin noticed something she could take advantage of, having to take a little punishment from Shego. This allowed for an opening, which Trin went for it, punching Shego in the right side, her knuckles slamming into Shego's ribs. Shego coughed when the blow landed, more stunned than pained, but now Trin came at her and she did not have time to be too shocked.

"Got a little sting in you, huh, you gay bumble bee," Shego said, but still did not get a response from the blonde. Trin was not there for the sparkling conversation, after all.

Trin continued throwing hard, swift punches, which Shego tried to dodge or block. Shego flared her powers, hoping to get some room to breathe, but that barely backed up the little blonde firecracker. There was no fear in her teal-colored eyes and no hesitation in her moves. Shego was not sure what to make of this and found herself feeling foolish for thinking this would be boring.

And then the sound of sirens going off distracted the green-skinned villainess from this bit of fun. Shego cursed under her breath and then flipped away from Trin as quickly as possible. She returned to the hole that she had blown into the ceiling.

"We'll do this again, geek bait," Shego said to the blonde before disappearing.

Trin sucked her teeth in frustration, having gotten going in the fight and wishing for it to continue. She turned her eyes away from the hole and fixed her clothing. She then noticed she was right in front of a window and turned her attention to a teller. She fixed her glasses as she slid her withdrawal slip to the woman, who was in complete and utter shock as to what just happened between the customer and the would-be bank robber.

"Yes, so if you could just give me my five hundred dollars, I'll be on my way," Trin stated as if nothing happened.

The teller gave her what she assumed was a nod and accepted the slip. As the teller went to get the money for her, the police burst into the bank hollering, "Freeze!" to no one in particular. Trin groaned. Great, she would have to deal with questions from the police.


Tatsu was out of her element in this tiny place. She had come to one of the new coffee shops that opened up on a side of town she hardly visited. To be honest, she rarely left her shabby garage, except for "food" shopping and to see races on occasion to see her work in action. Food shopping for her consisted buying anything she only needed to add water to or could stick in a microwave. Other than that, she did not typically venture outside amongst the throngs of people, hating crowds… and people in general. And, boy, was this stupid, "trendy" spot crowded with people, like an infestation.

She came to the coffee shop because of the few female racecar drivers she knew swore to the high heavens she needed to try the place. She was not a big coffee drinker, but she did not have anything better to do with her time and she had been so bored in her garage with every car she had fixed and ready to run. So, she went to broaden her horizons, things like this were as far as she would ever go in doing something like "broadening her horizons." Her boyfriend was always trying to tell her that she needed to try new things anyway. What does he know, though?

Her boyfriend was the type of guy who would come here and probably inhale, then wax on and on about the coffee smell. He would probably be able to tell how good the coffee was just from the aroma and separate each type, even though he did not really drink coffee either. He just seemed to know a lot of things about a lot of things.

She could care less about how good the coffee was or what kind it was. She struggled not to deck the next person to accidentally bump into her. Sure, the place was tiny and crowded, but did everyone have to lead with their elbows?

She brought a cup, believing the coffee was damned expensive and she probably never return to this wretched place again. As she was leaving, two teens entered the door, speaking to each other. The pair did not seem to be paying attention and that would explain why the girl amongst the two ran right into Tatsu.

"Ah, damn," the ebony-haired mechanic muttered to herself as the cup in her hand was knocked against her chest. She was instantly covered in her drink. Thankfully, she was in her coveralls, not that any of her clothing was so glamorous that she would care if it was stained.

"Oh, my god! I'm so sorry!" Kim screeched as she realized she had just caused the person she ran into to spill her coffee on herself. From the volume that Kim screamed, it was clear she thought the coffee scolding hot, too.

"It's okay," Tatsu murmured, looking down at her now filthy dark blue jumpsuit. This was her last clean jumpsuit, she remembered. Great, now she would have to do laundry, which was almost as annoying as coming to get coffee.

"Are you okay?" Kim begged with wide, pleading green eyes. She held her hands up, as if wanting to do something, but scared to touch Tatsu.

"Fine. It was cold," the mechanic answered. She had gotten an iced coffee, not wanting to wait for it to cool off.

Kim breathed a sigh of relief so deeply that her shoulders slumped. She was glad to know she had not horrible burned someone. But, she now felt guilty. She had caused the woman to spill her coffee, after all. Not just spill it, but get it all over herself.

"Let me buy you a new one," Kim offered with a bright smile.

Ron stood off to the side, watching this whole thing unfold. He was quite busy being scared out of his wits, realizing just who his best friend had spilled the beverage on. He could not even speak, just stare with huge, horrified brown eyes and a gaping mouth.

"That's all right," Tatsu replied in her typical mumbled speech. She waved the whole thing off.

"No, no, no! Let me," Kim insisted.

Tatsu shook her head. "No thanks." She started toward the door, which was barely a foot away, wanting to make a clean escape.

"Please, let me!" the redheaded hero implored her and she grabbed Tatsu by the arm.

Ron gulped as Tatsu turned around slightly, looking at Kim from the corner of her eyes. The look Tatsu gave his best friend was borderline arctic in temperature, which was definitely helped by the color of her eyes. Kim seemed unfazed by the expression in the ice blue eyes.

"K. P, maybe you should let it go," Ron suggested, trying to whisper through gritted teeth. Rufus popped out of his pocket and nodded in agreement.

"No, no, no. I made a mistake and I'd like to make up for it," the adventurer explained.

"It's all right. I didn't want it anyway." Tatsu pulled her limb back to her. What she really wanted was to get out of this den of all that she hated.

Kim seemed rather dejected by that, pouting even, and Tatsu took the brief moment of inaction to walk out of the place. Kim sucked her teeth and frowned. She had really desired to make up for her clumsiness. Ron breathed a sigh of relief and put his hand on his heart.

"Wow, Kim, that was close," Ron commented.

"What was close?" Kim asked with an arched eyebrow, but squinting a little.

"That." He pointed to the door and then to Kim. "Don't you know who that was?" he inquired.

Kim's forehead wrinkled as her eyebrows curled up. "No. Who was that?"

"What the? That was Tatsu," he informed her, but Kim's blank expression let him know that she still had no clue what he was talking about. "Tatsu, the serpent. You know," he said.

"No, I don't know. So, are you going to tell me?" Kim inquired.

Ron threw his hands out with his usual dramatic flare and almost hit someone in the process. It earned him a wicked glare that he did not even notice. "Oh, come on! She's like a gangster or something. She's involved in those street races that you hear so much about. I hear she even kills people."

Kim twisted up her mouth and looked quite skeptical. "Where do you hear these things?" she asked him. He always knew the most bizarre things, in her opinion anyway.

"Around," he answered with a shrug. Sometimes, he did not even know where he got his information. Kim smiled at him and shook her head in an amused way. Tatsu was pretty soft-spoken and understanding for a gangster, but she did not say that to Ron. Why clutter up his mind with the truth, after all?

-*-(New day)-*-

Trin rubbed her eyes as she exited her night class. That bastard Shin had left early without telling her why, but she suspected it had something to do with him wanting a new video game that just came out. She did not see why he did not ditch their morning or afternoon classes, but then again, she did not understand why he felt it necessary to play video games either. She liked to think that at nineteen they had both grown up some, but she was pretty sure everyone who knew them would disagree.

It was dark, but that did not bother Trin. The campus looked bleak with barren trees bent crooked by shadows. It seemed deserted, even with the bright streetlights on, illuminating the narrow sidewalks. A cold breeze blew, pushing around trash and dust on the street, attempting to chill her. She shrugged it off. She started the walk to her car and then stopped along the way as she caught sight of a familiar figure standing under a streetlight, leaning against the post.

"I hope you didn't travel all this way for your ass-kicking to continue," Trin commented. It was Shego underneath the light, looking rather smug in the blonde's opinion. She could not fathom why. It was not like Trin had lost their fight.

"I came all this way to continue your ass-kicking," Shego replied with a smirk firmly in place. There was no way in hell that would allow some prissy-looking bimbo get the better of her in a fight.

"You don't want to fight me," Trin stated. She now supposed it was good thing the cops came when they did and chased the robber off. She could end up in a lot of trouble beating the thief the way she typically did to those who antagonized her and her little sister was not around to stop her.

Shego stood her proper height and locked eyes with Trin. "No, I think I do. So, put the bag down and let's get to it." She made a show of cracking her knuckles.

"You don't want to do this."

"What, you scared?" Shego inquired, smirking again.

The blonde dropped her shoulder bag to the dirt and put her hands up. She knew she should not do it, but ever since the fight at the bank, she had desired to face the thief again. She was no fool. She knew who the woman was, beyond just someone who fought her little sister, and that just made her want to battle with Shego even more.

The green-skinned woman chuckled darkly. She did not know as much about her opponent as Trin knew about her. She just knew a blonde student named Trin Possible had embarrassed her in a bank and delayed her paycheck. She knew she wanted revenge and she was certain she would get just what she wanted.

"You have time to leave, you know," Trin offered, knowing Shego could never, would never accept that.

Shego scoffed. "You still have time to burst into tears and beg my forgiveness."

"I can't even begin to describe to you how unlikely that is."

"Then, I guess it's settled."

Yes, it certainly was. The pair both got into their fighting stances, obviously not caring as to the fact that they were about to battle on a university campus. All they wanted to do was go at each other again and so they did. They fought even harder than when they were at the bank. They both knew what the other was capable and wanted to top the other.

Trin frowned while fighting with Shego. At the bank, it had not registered to her who she dealt with exactly, but now, she knew. She was fighting with a woman who tormented her little sister almost on a weekly basis. The thought of someone hurting her little sister over and over again bothered her, of course. It bothered her a lot and she wanted to punish Shego for this.

The blonde hated seeing people mess with her little sister. Back when they were younger, people used to pick on Kim just for being her sister. People used to torture her sibling just for being related to Trin. Kids used to try to beat her sister up and having endured more than enough beatings in her own childhood, she never wanted her sister to go through the same, so she used to wail on people who touched her sister in harmful manner. She had plans to do that to Shego.

Trin landed the first significant blow, which was Shego's unknown penance for ever touching Kim. A crack echoed through the night as Trin's fist connected with Shego's cheek. Shego almost saw stars and fell back briefly, but bounced back immediately, snarling as she swiped at Trin. This move backed Trin up a little, but Shego was in her face as soon as she steadied her footing.

The green-skinned female was shocked by the power Trin used to came at her. She did not think a girl who looked like Trin, like some preppy, glamour girl that a unicorn threw up on, should pack such a punch. It did not matter, though. She met Trin's force with her own, silently noting something odd about the blonde's style. Trin reminded her of Kim, but more like a demon version of Kim.

The way Trin moved was similar to Kim, Shego thought. Even the combinations she went with seemed like that of the little goody-goody. Since she knew Trin's last name was also Possible, she wondered if there was any relation, even though she could not imagine someone who fought like a devil being related to an angel like Kim.

"Why don't you just give up?" Shego grunted as she slammed her foot against Trin's side.

Trin trapped Shego's leg at her side, but still skidded across the cement walkway. Her shoes were undoubtedly ruined. "Why give up when you've already lost?" Trin shoved Shego away from her.

Shego scoffed. "Not to a little nerd like you!" She flung a plasma ball, just enough to throw her opponent off balance. Trin barely dodged it and Shego was back in her face, knuckles on her cheek. Trin took it and shoved her knee right into Shego's chest.

The pair danced with each other like two fire-breathing dragons, complete with fire on Shego's end. They landed blows that would have knocked out weaker beings easily and yet they kept coming. They were both in disbelief as the fight progressed and neither of them fell to the other quickly, or even slowly. They both fought until they could not fight anymore.

They did not say anything, just backing away from each other as they had enough. Amazing floated through both of their minds as something buzzed in their blood. Still, they never took their eyes off of the other until they were both out of sight.

-*-(New day)-*-

Kim strolled around outside with a pile of books in her hands. She tried to keep a good hold on them, but it was always difficult to do so with a stack that blocked her vision. She had taken them out of the library because she had a huge project that was due and she needed to get to it while she had the time. She turned a corner and felt herself run into something she could not see. The something grunted on impact and the sound of things falling, which were her books and something else, filled the air.

"Sorry," Kim said before she got a good look at whom she hit and then she looked up. "You again," she squeaked as she noticed she had bumped into Tatsu once more. "I am so sorry!" This woman might think Kim was doing this on purpose at this point.

"It's all right," Tatsu mumbled as she looked down at what was going to be her dinner. She had gone out for fast food and brought pizza, just a couple of slices. The slices were on the concrete, as was the soda that she had been drinking. She should have been paying more attention rather than trying to eat and walk. "Sorry about your books," she added when she saw that some of the books had landed in her spilled drink.

"It's cool," Kim answered as she leaned down and started to pick her books up.

Tatsu bent down to help, even though she considered just walking away. It was not her fault the redheaded teen was clumsy, she told herself. But, she did not listen to that voice in her head and she picked up half of the books, holding onto them while Kim had the other books.

"Thanks," Kim said and she waited for Tatsu to pile the other books on her stack.

Tatsu looked around as she secured the books in her arms. "Where you going?"

"Huh?" An orange eyebrow raised.

"I'll carry these," Tatsu stated and she thought that might seem weird, so she guessed she should explain why. "So, you don't hit anyone else."

A broad, bright smile spread across Kim's face. "Oh. Okay, thanks." If Tatsu was a gangster then she was just about the sweetest thug Kim had ever met. "But, if you help me, you have to let me make up for dropping your stuff again."

Tatsu sighed, but she agreed to that. She was still hungry, after all. She just hoped Kim making things up to her did not involve anything over the top, or a lot of mindless small talk. They started walking and that was when Kim thought to introduce herself.

"I'm Kim," the younger female said.

"Tatsu," the mechanic sort of grunted out.

Kim nodded for lack of a better thing to do. They walked to her house, which was a few minutes away. Tatsu did not seem bothered by the stack of books, even after holding them for so long, but was quick to drop them when she could. Kim sighed as she put her books down.

"Okay, so now to the pizza shop," Kim announced. "I'll buy you a makeup slice for the two I dropped, okay?"

Tatsu scratched her head. "One slice or three?" The math of generosity escaped her right now.

Kim grinned. "Three. You seem like you can put away three slices."

Tatsu accepted because she really wanted some pizza. She definitely could eat three and carrying those books had only served to make her hungrier. Kim did not stick around if Tatsu was not going to agree anyway. She was already down the walkway by the time the mechanic realized what was going on and she had to jog to catch up.

They did not really talk through out the walk, which Tatsu was quite thankful for. Kim kept looking at Tatsu rather curiously. It was not something Tatsu was unfamiliar with, but she could tell it was not the same kind of staring she got from so many people who did not know her. Kim was not wary of her or anything. It was kind of nice, she thought and then she shook that notion away.

"Thanks," Tatsu commented once the pizza was purchased. Kim also replaced her soda, but she decided not to drink it until she was home.

"No problem. It's the least I could do," Kim replied with another smile.

"Take care," Tatsu said as a farewell.

"Okay. I hope I see run into you again… well, not literally again," the redhead said with a sheepish smile on her face.

Tatsu shrugged as a response. Maybe they would run into each other again. She did not think she would mind that. Kim seemed like a nice girl and she would not mind being around her for a few minutes, which was more time than she was willing to spend with most people. Hell, she even hated being around her boyfriend after a few minutes.


Next time: Kim and Tatsu become friends while Shin and Trin talk about relationships. Shego and Trin also build up a routine.