Ok, so this is my first HP fic, and of course it has my favs, Fred and George. It's just a lil convo that came to mind. The boys giving Harry a lil pep talk before his first match. Well, onto the reading then...

Pep Talk

"Harry, you're the bloody 'boy who lived'! It's just quidditch after all." Fred said, amused at the fear practically sweating from Harry's face.

"Sure, the Slytherins are known to be ruthless," George explained as he sat next to the fretting child. "But you, of all wizards, will be fine!"

"Which for the twins, it means a few broken bones and a concussion." Angelina stated as she walked by. Strangely enough, Harry didn't doubt it.

"Don't be so optimistic." Fred called after her with a smile.

"You mean pessimistic." Hermoine, as usual corrected him who was sitting on Harry's other side, trying in vain to comfort him.

"No, no. I mean optimistic." Fred answered as he winked at Harry. Harry squirmed in his seat, looking hard but uncertainly at the ground.

"I'm going to be sick" he mumbled.

"Don't worry! As soon as we see you falling of your broom, we'll get you to the hospital." George patted Harry's back reassuringly

"After we catch you." Fred added.

"If we catch you."

"But we'll still get you to that hospital."

"Thanks…I think." This wasn't helping Harry at all.

"We got your back Harry."

"Whether it be in the air."

"Or sprawled on the ground in a bloody heap." Oh thank the lords for the imagery… Harry thought miserably.

"We got your back." They ended in unison, both with identical smirks on their faces. They would have done well in Slytherin.

"Are you two scaring my new star Seeker?" A voice demanded.

"Oliver, nice to see you mate" George got up and placed an arm around Oliver's shoulder.

"George and I were just trying to get Harry to relax." Fred explained.

"We tried to offer him some candy that we KNOW would help."

"But Hermoine thinks that's cheating and wouldn't let us." They both glared at Hermoine. She raised an eyebrow at them and crossed her arms.

"Something about drugs and sports and something… something..." Their glare had now melted into confusion. Oliver just laughed, though he still was a little concerned, verging on panic on what it would mean in relation to his chances of winning the Cup.

"It's probably best too. I guess I should thank you Hermoine, who knows what the twins would have done to Harry."

"Nothing we wouldn't have been able to fix." Fred proudly re-assured him.

"Sooner or later." George added They both smiled gallantly as they made to salute their captain before walking away to grab their brooms and head towards the pitch.

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