The Truth

A/N: I wanted to write this story for months. It was an idea I just couldn't get out of my head. I think it shows a lot of things …

Miss Parker thought it was time to find out the truth.

She had been searching for the truth now for years. Far too long.

But was she really ready to find out if it was true what she had been suspecting since her childhood?

She wasn't sure anymore.

Well, she had been sure when she had driven to the airport. She had been sure when she had taken the flight to Dallas. She had been sure when she had entered the hotel.

But then, she had become insecure.

So she had taken a drink. Just one to become sure again.

But it hadn't helped.

So another. Only one more couldn't harm ...

After a few more, she had felt much braver. Just a little bit tipsy. But she had had her gun with her, so she was in no danger. Or at least, that's what she had told herself.

So she had started to observe him.

And when he had entered the gym, she had followed him.

After all except Jarod had left, she had stepped in.

"Good evening, Jarod."

He couldn't believe that she had found him and that she pointed her gun at him.

"Miss Parker ..."

She motioned to the wall bars. That's where she put the handcuffs around his wrists so that he couldn't run away.

She took a few steps back.

Nothing happened for a few minutes.

"Miss Parker, why don't you call your sweepers? Isn't that your job?"

She shook her head no.

He gave her a questioning look.

She took a few steps in his direction.

"Jarod, you once said that we were friends. Do you still think that we are friends?"

Jarod hesitated. He had no idea what she was up to.

"I think we are still friends, Miss Parker."

She looked at him in disbelief.

Then she came nearer and nearer.

He could smell the Bourbon she had drunken a few hours ago.

His influence seemed to lessen.

It was really time for her to find out the truth.

So she put her gun in its holster, pressed her body against his and kissed him.

He was very surprised about her action, but soon relaxed and even deepened the kiss.

After a few minutes, she felt something hard press against her stomach.

She took a few steps back and looked him in the eyes.

He saw disappointment in hers.

"Liar." was all she said before she left the gym.


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