Jarod was standing in Miss Parker's garden.

He was watching her.

And he knew that she knew that he was out there.

But he didn't care.

And neither did she.

She read his letter.

But it wasn't one of the letters she normally got from him. It was much longer and it didn't tell her anything about the Centre. It was just about the two of them … About their past. About their present. And hopefully, about their future.

He had written what he felt … 'cause no matter how many different pretends he had done, what he had learned about life or the Centre, one thing had never changed … And that was how he felt about her … And he had decided that he would risk everything …

All I know
Is everything is not as it's sold
But the more I grow the less I know
And I have lived so many lives
Though I'm not old
And the more I see, the less I grow
The fewer the seeds the more I sow

Miss Parker had tears in her eyes when she had finished reading his letter.

She didn't know what to do. Everything felt so easy and difficult at the same time.

He wanted her. She wanted him. But it was still her job to chase him. And she had experienced far too much to be sure that she could ever make him happy … She was known for being the "Ice Queen" … So what was he expecting?

Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try
Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try

How could she tell him how she felt? Nothing had felt right for her for years. Since her mother's death, everything felt like a dream, well, more like a nightmare. She felt like it wasn't her life anymore she was living. A lot of people had been killed in front of her. It just didn't feel real. But it was real.

Maybe it really wasn't her life. She had thought that it would be best for her to become aloof. So no one could hurt her again.

But maybe this wasn't the right way.

Like Jarod had told her, feelings were never wrong as long as they were real.

But how could she know what was real?

I wish I hadn't seen all of the realness
And all the real people are really not real at all
The more I learn, the more I learn
The more I cry, the more I cry
As I say goodbye to the way of life
I thought I had designed for me

He was still outside. And he knew she wouldn't go away until she had made a decision. But what could she do? What if she decided to try to tell him how she felt? What if her feelings weren't true?

Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try
Then I see you standing there
I'm all I'll ever be
But all I can do is try

Jarod knew that it wasn't easy for her to tell him how she felt … although he was pretty sure that he knew what she really wanted. But he also knew how many people had already hurt her.

He remembered their childhood. Despite the fact that he had to grow up in the Centre, he treasured his childhood memories.

They had been able to spend time together. It had been forbidden, but not as much as it was now …

The kiss had been forbidden. But she hadn't cared. So why should she do so now that she was a grown woman?

All of the moments that already passed
We'll try to go back and make them last

She wanted him to be her prince, to rescue her from her life.

He wanted her to rescue herself.

All of the things we want each other to be
We never will be

But he couldn't rescue her.

And she wasn't ready to rescue herself.

And that's you, baby
This is me, baby
And we are, we are, we are, we are
In our love
We are free in our love

But maybe one day they could both escape from their old lives and rescue each other without even knowing about it …


P.S. The song belongs to Nelly Furtado … I love it!!! – And their will be NO sequel. Sorry …