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Office Extracurricular

Part 1 : Oral Report


Sakura couldn't believe her ears. They were talking about them. They all knew.

Sakura could feel her cheeks heating as the two coworkers entered the women's bathroom. She'd heard them mutter her name as she had walked to it, realizing the topic; she'd made a mad dash to one of the stalls.

That was her current refuge.

One of them giggled as they walked to the sinks, supposedly to touch up their make up. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah," the other immediately dished out the office gossip. "Beth says that she's seen them come together to the office every morning for this month."

Sakura barely sustained herself as she sank silently to the floor of the stall. From the small opening, she could see that one of the workers was wearing red heels. Why that came to her mind at the moment she had no idea.

"They both enter the first floor at the same time from the same direction," the worker continued as a faucet was opened. "They walk down Second Street from the same direction."

"They could just meet somewhere along the way," the other reasoned as she tried to understand what was going on.

"No," the other shook her head as she leaned against one of the doors. "We know that Mr. Li's apartment complex is actually on the other side of the city. He'd have to take a completely different route to get here if he didn't want to waste his time."

"Karen did say that the new president's apartment building is on Second," Sakura tried to drown out the squeal that was trying to escape from her throat. "I bet they are sleeping together then."

"You wouldn't have thought it," they walked to the automatic hand drier as it kicked on. "She's a librarian for God's sake. Who would have believed it? She certainly doesn't look like his type, does she?"

"I know," they pictured their stoic and businesslike CEO. "You'd think he'd go for the killer type."

"Well," the one in the red heels muttered as they walked to the door. "She's certainly not lacking in the looks department is she? More than half of the male staff sighs every time she leaves the room."

They giggled at the comment, pausing at the door. "I wouldn't have thought that Li would have gotten involved with an employee. He doesn't seem the type."

"I know for a fact that there are more than a couple of women in this building that wouldn't have minded taking a shot at him. I know that a couple of them tried."

"He always turned them down, making sure that everyone understood he wasn't interested in an office affair." The other said to her friend as they opened the door. "But then, she's not exactly just another employee, is she?"

"No, she's not," the red shoe woman giggled as they started walking away from the bathroom. "Who would have thought that our President and our CEO would be having an affair?"

"That's how Mr. Li's going to keep control of the company," their voices dissipated as the door closed. Sakura was leaning forward, panic building inside her stomach and bursting through all of the cells in her body.

They were all talking about them.

"This is a disaster," she muttered to herself as she shoot out of the bathroom stall and cautiously opened the door of the restroom. She looked to either side, making sure that no one was watching her.

She made a mad dash toward the stairs, not wanting to face those she might encounter in the elevator. Her face was so red that they might ask her if she was ill. Their eyes would be talking as they observed her. They'd be wondering about her intimacies with Syaoran.

She was panting heavily for breath when she opened the door to her destination. She'd just run through flour floors of stairs, her body crying aguishly to the punishment it had just received. Sakura froze on her tracks as Beth looked at her from her wait at the elevator.

She realized she must look mad. Her hair fell all over her face, in total disarray as her breathing tried to slow down. She waited there impatiently until the very curious employee left the floor.

Sakura looked from side to side before leaving the sanctuary of the stairs. Thankfully, Syaoran's secretary wasn't at her desk. That harridan usually tried to stop her each time she wanted into his office. It wasn't like she didn't own this company.

She in fact did. It would give her a devious sense of satisfaction to fire the woman. But then, that wouldn't be entirely professional.

Sakura knocked on the door, turning the knob, silently preying for it to be unlocked. It had never been locked before, but you never knew what was going on when you needed something desperately.

Without waiting for a reply or acknowledgement, Sakura entered. She closed the door, leaning against it. Syaoran looked up from the papers he was currently perusing with a frown. He watched her as she sagged against the door.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Are you alright?" He asked as he took in her appearance and sharp breathing.

"No," Sakura gasped. "Something terrible has happened."

Syaoran started to show genuine concern as he stood from seat. He walked around his desk to her side, pulling her into his arms. "What is it?"

"They all know Syaoran," she murmured into his shirt as she pressed her face against his chest. Just being inside the comfort of his arms was enough to assuage her nerves. She was letting the temporary hysteria drain from herself.

"The whole staff knows Syaoran. I just heard it in the restroom."

"Well," he reasoned as he lightly pressed his fingers against her scalp. He ran his fingers through her hair, soothing her bit by bit. "That's probably the best place to get up-to-date information about this place," he observed. "What exactly did you hear?"

"They've all guessed about us," she let out in dismay as he pulled away to hear her clearly. "The secretaries are talking about us in the restroom for God's sake."

"Oh," he reached for the report he had left laying over the desk and sat over a corner. "I told you we wouldn't be able to keep it a secret for long." He started scanning the pages as she just watched him with her mouth open.

Sakura broke out of her surprise for his comment completely incensed. He was treating this as if it was no big deal. She stared at his bent head, her eyes burning as she eyed the pages with hate. She felt like reaching for them, wrangling her hands through them with the satisfaction of hearing the papers crinkle and burning them. Then he might actually pay attention to the problem.

"Syaoran, for heaven's sake, this is not a joke," she could hear it, she was actually shrieking. She'd never done that in her entire life. She hurried over to his desk, placing her hand on his shoulder to gain his attention. Syaoran let out a breath as he laid the papers at the desk once again. He knew that if he didn't actually pay attention to this, he wouldn't get any work done.

"Listen to me. This is a moment of humiliation and deep embarrassment for me."

Syaoran's eyes narrowed at her statement. There was a part of him that felt just a bit rejected by that comment. He was sure that she hadn't meant it the way it sounded, but still, it all felt like a rejection all the same.

The words came out before he could stop them. There was a part of him that couldn't help opening himself for rejection. "Are you saying that you're ashamed of sleeping with me?"

Sakura looked at him once again with surprise written all over her features. She knew that they had started this relationship because she'd felt attracted to him ever since their eyes had meet at her Grandfather's funeral.

She'd felt an electrifying sensation when he'd introduced himself as the current CEO of the company while they mingled with the other attendees at the funeral. She had seen his eyes come alive as her name came from his lips.

But, she was very much afraid that she was in love with the man.

He could seem inconsiderate to some things, while truly not agreeing to some of the things they discussed, but he always listened to her. He was always there to offer a smile when she entered his vicinity. He was always there to tell her she was beautiful, no matter where she was or how she actually looked.

Her heart constricted as she saw his stoic face. "Don't be ridiculous," she shrieked once again. This time she felt that she was justified. "I'm embarrassed by the fact that all of our employees are talking about our relationship."

"And just what is this relationship Sakura?" he asked as he turned from the desk and sat in his chair.

"What do you mean?" she could feel her heart pick up it's pace as their gazes caught.

"You were pretty clear from the start that you wanted a relief," Syaoran elaborated as he crossed his hands and placed them over his desk. "That you weren't looking for anything beyond the day."

"Syaoran," Sakura could only say his name as he closed his eyes. Her eyes could finally see the constraining lines that were around his eyes and face. The bags bellow his eyes were darker than usual. How had it been that she hadn't noticed that?

"Do you think I'm in this affair with you because I want to keep this company within my grasp?" he let out his deepest fear. He had tried desperately to separate his need for Sakura and their professional stakes. He did want the company, but he'd never stoop into sleeping with the president of it to continue having control of it. He hoped that Sakura had realized that as they had gotten to know one another.

Sakura smiled as she walked to his side. She opened her arms, set herself over his lap and wrapped them around her waist. "I know you wouldn't do that."

"Why are you sleeping with me Sakura?" He asked as he nuzzled her neck. He wanted an answer. He'd probably have to coax it out of her lips, but he was up to the task.

"Isn't it obvious?" she answered with a question of her own. She closed her eyes as she sunk to his touch. His lips were currently ravishing her collarbone, one of his hands slowly caressing her right leg.

"I hope it's because you feel something akin to an emotion for me," he said as he laid his head in the crook of her neck. His warm breath traveled in between the valley of her breasts as he waited for some response.

Sakura took in a deep breath from his locks. He had this distinct fragrance that screamed of him. She had to have courage. She needed to get things out in the open if she wanted to grasp what her heart had started to reach toward.

"I love you silly," she said as she let her fingers rummage through his hair. They tangled themselves together, as an invisible web was tied around them.

"I was hoping you would say that sometime," Syaoran said before placing a sweet kiss upon her lips. He started to feel the usual sensation that coursed through his veins before the pull of their attraction gave in.

Sakura pulled away, her hand in between as she rested against the edge of the desk. "I think you're supposed to say something as well." She crossed her arms, the tips of her fingers hammering against her elbow as her eyes narrowed.

Syaoran burst into laughter as elation came through him. "I already told you how I feel," he pulled her to his embrace, letting her rest against his figure as time slipped by. They breathed each other's scents and took in the different nuances of their bodies.

"I didn't need you to tell me that you desire me desperately," she pouted as she recalled the conversation that had taken place some days before. "I know by your reaction to my body."

"You know I love you," Syaoran turned her face with his finger to his own. He set himself to devour her. His teeth nibbled her lips as she complacently melted into him. Their hoarse breaths commingled as she threw her arms around his neck for support and their foreheads touched.

Sakura couldn't help but smile as he stared at her unabashed. His eyes shone in brilliant hues, incarcerating hers.

"So, what were we talking about?" Sakura asked as she tried to remember what had brought her to her CEO's office.

"You were embarrassed and humiliated?" Syaoran supplied. Sakura went as stiff as a board as her eyes widened. The conversation she'd heard came to her ears once again. The disaster.

"How could this have happened?" She asked as she stood from his embrace. Sakura felt like pacing. She needed to work off some of that energy that seemed to be bursting within her body.

She narrowed her eyes as she saw him suppress his laughter. "We don't do things like these were I come from," she informed him. "If we do, we do them discreetly."

"We've been discreet, Ms. Kinomoto," he informed her as he smiled faintly. He grasped her wrist and pulled her. Sakura squealed as she was set hard over his knee. It was such an abrupt action, that it took her some time to realize that his hand was pulled her white business shirt from the seam of her skirt.

"Look on the bright side," he informed her as he as his hands escaped her own swatting motions. "Now we don't have to be so damn discreet anymore."

"I don't think you realize the gravity of the situation Syaoran," Sakura pulled away from his kissing lips. She didn't know if he was trying to distract her on purpose, but she couldn't think when his lips where on her body. "There's a question of office morale and policies here."

"Morale, huh?" He pushed her between her shoulder blades, bringing her throat to his lips once again.

"Yes. This sort of romantic liaison is frowned upon."

"By whom?" He asked as his hand started traveling from her knee to her thigh. His fingers traced the skin beneath her skirt. "I sure don't have a problem with it.

"Syaoran, stop that," she chided as her hands batted inefficiently at his roaming ones. "I'm trying to have a serious conversation here."

"Keep talking," his hand returned to the hem of her skirt, his fingers expertly roaming the skin to her inner thighs. His mouth was warm and wet against her throat at the curve of her neck. He'd been sucking in that particular place for the past few seconds, eliciting the most wonderful shivers of anticipation Sakura had experienced.

It was always like this between them. Every time he touched her, Sakura felt the pull of her body to his ministrations. She'd never reacted this way to another man's touch. "This is another management crisis Syaoran; we have to find out how to deal with it."

"You don't like the way I'm handling it?" his fingers reached the outline of her panties. They began moving in lazy patterns over the material. "I'm sorry to hear that madam president. As your chief executive officer, I know it's my duty to handle these upper management problems for you, and I certainly want you to be satisfied with my performance."

"You're impossible," Sakura could feel herself growing damp at his touch. Her eyes were fluttering as she parted her legs a little.

"You should have a little faith in me," he whispered as his fingers deftly moved beneath the material and entered her.

"Oh God," she groaned as she writhed against his touch.

"My thoughts exactly. You feel so good, honey," he nuzzled her ear. "I'm so hard right now that I'm seriously contemplating taking you here on my desk."

"Syaoran," Sakura squeaked out his name as she processed his words. She was currently pressed against his very aroused member, proving the truth in his words. A rush of excitement coursed through her body. It was a powerful feeling to know that she was the cause of such a reaction in him.

"In fact, I think that as your CEO it is my duty to recommend that course of action." His hands left her, coming around her legs to lift her. His body started to rise from the chair as Sakura regained some of her posture.

A scene flickered through her mind. It was something that she had wondered about herself as she'd come accustomed to Syaoran. It was an image that had haunted her through many months after she had found her louse of an ex-boyfriend in his office with one of his students.

"Wait," she said as she pressed a hand against his chest. She pushed him to the chair; Syaoran's face a combination of laughter and passion.

"Loosing your nerve?" He taunted. "Pity. I just hope we can pick up from where we left off tonight."

"No, I'm not loosing my nerve," she licked her lips as she glanced at the closed door. "I just have a more interesting idea."

Syaoran's eyes narrowed speculatively. "What would that be?" His voice had lowered to that pitch of desire and longing she'd come to recognize.

"It's something I've wanted to try lately," Sakura started forward again.

"You've been reading articles again, haven't you?" Sakura's eyes lit in defiance as she let the mocking statement pass.

"Not exactly," she muttered as their eyes crossed paths again. Sakura could feel the heat spreading over her face as she imagined what was to be. She looked away from his discerning eyes.

She knelt before him, her hands going to his pants. Syaoran held his breath as her hands started to fumble against his buckle. "Damn." He looked down at the top of her head as she unzipped his pants.

She touched the bulge experimentally, just as she had done the first time she'd seen him up close. She heard him suck in his breath as her hands shifted through the opening of his briefs.

"Do you like it like this?" She asked tentatively. She'd never done anything like this in her life.

"To be perfectly honest with you Sakura," his voice was growing husky as he uttered each word. "I've never done anything like this in here before."

She didn't know why, but she was somewhat elated over the confirmation. Still, she felt as if she would burst into nervous giggles at any moment. She was cradling him on her palm, her fingers filled of his aroused penis.

She felt him shift backwards. He was leaning his chair a bit so that his posture would be in a better position to enjoy her touch. He couldn't' suppress the groans that left his lips at her touch.

Feeling bolder by his response, Sakura leaned forward, on her knees, as she pressed her lips to the tip of his erection. "You're beautiful," she whispered as her eyes took in his arousal. It would never cease to amaze her. Maybe it was the fact that it was something that she herself didn't possess, but she couldn't help but marvel at how he seemed to grow with each touch.

She took him into her mouth, taking in the texture of it with her tongue and lips. She let her tongue circle the tip, making sure her teeth would only graze him.

Syaoran pressed his hands against her head. His fingers grasped parts of her hair, sinking into the texture of her while his brain exploded with sensation.

She wanted to make him feel what he did each time he touched her. She wanted to be the one to afford him the pleasure of her mouth and body. She wanted him to be hers alone.

"Sakura," he growled as she moved faster against him. She took him in as far as her mouth could take him, while her hand traced the outer ridges of his testicles. Her fingers traced the patch of hair that covered his genitals, the muscles in his lower abdomen quivering as her touch grew perfect and surreal.

He let out a sound of dismay as she took him out of her mouth. His eyes crossed with pleasure as she rang her tongue over the length of him. There wasn't a part of his erection that her tongue hadn't lavished, that her lips hadn't kissed, that her eyes hadn't observed.

"Oh god," he murmured as she moved the tip of her tongue in a circular motion at the tip. Small spasms were building within, a light fluid coating the tip and mixing with her kiss. Sakura's eyebrows furrowed at the different taste that appeared over her lips.

She ran her tongue over it, letting her mouth absorb it. It was unlike anything she had ever tasted before in her life.

She wanted him to go over the edge. With a new resolve, she took him into her mouth again. She felt him spasm under her touch, his fingers tightening against her tresses as he came undone. Sakura had never felt so powerful before in her life.

A low roar of satisfaction filled the room, the door opening and footsteps approaching the desk. Sakura froze as she remained still in her position. She knew that she was completely visible for the person that approached with just a few steps into the office.

"There you are Syaoran," Eriol bustled into the office, a couple of papers in his hands. Relief filled his countenance; he had found the person he'd been looking for. "Your secretary isn't at her desk so I thought I should just pop in and hand you these figures."

There was a brief, shocked pause as Eriol's mouth hanged open at the picture his cousin and friend was making with the President of the company.

"Oh my God!!" he sounded as if he was strangled. He looked lost, his face contorted in many unbelievable characteristics. He turned from the picture, a hand at his forehead rubbing his temples. He'd never thought he'd see this in his life. He was sure he'd never forget this as long as he lived. This was going to remain engraved in his memory for all eternity.

He heard the fumbles and a light laugh. He was sure that it had come from Syaoran. Sakura would be mortified enough to seek recluse from his company for the next 40 years if he knew her well enough to gauge what her reaction would be.

"Eriol," his cousin's tone reflected the annoyance that he too would be sporting if he'd been interrupted in such a scene. A small chuckle erupted from him as he felt the croaking of the chair.

He turned his head a bit, making sure that everything was decent enough to watch. He came to see Syaoran pull a very shocked Sakura from her position, murmuring something that clearly snapped her out of her trance.

She buried her face against his cousin's shirt, burrowing deep as if to disappear into him and from this place. Syaoran did nothing more than pat her lightly over her shoulder as Eriol grinned and placed the papers over Syaoran's desk.

He walked to the door, reading his cousin's glance for a bit of discretion on what had just occurred. He mouthed his apologies as he opened the door.

"Make sure that the door is locked next time," he couldn't help but say it. He burst into loud laughter as he heard Sakura squeal and saw the murderous glare that his cousin threw him.

"I'll never live this down," Sakura said into the fabric of his shirt, a sob escaping her throat.

"Don't cry," Syaoran said desperately. He'd never been able to handle a woman's tears before in his life. "Eriol will keep his mouth shut. He'll never say a word about this. He knows what will happen if he opens his big mouth."

He pulled away from the embrace, tipping her face upwards to him. He found himself entranced by her smiling and grimacing face. A hiccup appeared as light moisture coated her eyes.

"I can't believe he saw us," Sakura's words were absorbed by Syaoran's lips as he kissed her. Their mouths took and gave, returning the atmosphere in the room the comfortable space it was meant to be.

They stood there, just looking into each other's eyes as he traced her face with his rough fingertips. He pulled away when she regained enough of her composure to walk to the door. She was still flushed and disheveled. She was beautiful.

He took a seat once again as she let her hand hover over the doorknob. His eyes lighted with pleasure and mischief. "You should lock the door next time."

Sakura stiffened for a second, a murderous squeak leaving her stiff frame as she opened the door and forcibly closed it. The secretary turned her head, her disapproval present in her face as she watched Sakura walk away.

Syaoran's raucous laughter could be heard all the way to the elevator.


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