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Office Extracurricular

Chapter 3 : Status Report

Sakura panted heavily around Syaoran's ear as he thrust himself into her one final time. Her hands caressed the soft hair around his neck as she tried to regain her breath. Syaoran took his weight off of her body, his arms wrapped around her shoulders to bring her with him.

"It had been way too long," Sakura breathed, the warm air warming Syaoran's chest.

He smiled after finally recovering the strength to control himself. His body still felt heavy but now relieved and empty of the anxiety that had been completely taking over him the past few days. "It was only a week."

He kissed her forehead, using one of his hands to brush away the hair that was matted to the now perspired skin. Sakura looked to him, her eyes shinning and loving as she pressed her face against his hand. "It felt like an eternity."

She smiled wryly before adding. "I've come accustomed to have you sleeping by my side." It was an admittance that spread joy through Syaoran's thoughts. She had missed him.

A very happy smile spread over his face before he dragged her over his body and pressed a very long and loud kiss on her still parted lips. He pressed her against the bedding, her hands caged in between their bodies as he carefully lay himself atop of her.

There was a difference of many pounds in between them, that Syaoran knew. Still, he would know when it would start to become uncomfortable for her to have his weight on her. He desperately needed the feel of her body like this. And, he was too exhausted after such extraneous activity to move for some time. It didn't matter how strong you were because after making love, everything tried to recuperate the energy just spent on the wonderful activity.

It felt like heaven. Her hands moved from between them as soon as he gave her some breathing room and came to rest around his shoulders. One of them settled over his hair, caressing the strands and scalp as Syaoran's breath fell on Sakura's neck.

They just stood still for quite awhile in that position. Sakura's hands were providing comfort to his upper body while Syaoran inhaled their combined scents in her skin. It came as a show of mischievousness, but he licked a part of her neck. He couldn't help himself when it just looked so delectable.

Sakura jumped slightly over the wet sensation and pushed his face away. Syaoran smirked, moving his body to the side and leaning against the bed with his hands beneath his head, used as a cushion.

"Was this the only reason you missed me?" Syaoran asked tentatively as Sakura's hands had wandered to her own thighs to brush and knead a bit at the muscles that coated them. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"No," Sakura replied quickly, throwing herself over him and snaking her arms around his head. "It's just how it sometimes burns over your skin for a second."

Syaoran embraced her tightly. He placed a small kiss at the top of her head as she laid it down over his chest and into the crook of his neck. "You haven't answered my question."

"What question?" she asked again, her eyes fluttering open from the exhaustion that was trying so hard to claim her. She really didn't remember any other question. All that mattered to her at the moment was that he was in her arms and held her tightly, as if never letting her go.

"You know," Syaoran moved her head over his chest so that she could look at him and he could gauge her expression.

"Oh god, I love you," Sakura burrowed deeper into his neck, loving the warmth that came from his body. "I felt so alone without you here."

Syaoran wondered how she could have grown accustomed to him with her in this apartment since he had just moved in completely two weeks ago. Well, it wasn't like he hadn't been spending most of the nights in this apartment in her bed the months before while they sorted their relationship out.

How could it be possible that he had also grown accustomed to having her beside him while he slept. He had woken many times during the nights of the past few weeks grasping for a figure that wasn't there to share in the warmth of the night.

He had woken up disoriented most of the time, his brain still sluggish with sleep while his body called for Sakura to be neared his own. He was truly too deep in this. He was addicted to her presence while he slept the night hours away and woke with her arm thrown over his stomach or back.

"Sakura," he called to her.

"Huh," was her reply, still laying over him. "I'm listening."

"I think you're falling asleep," Syaoran countered as he could barely hear what she just said. She was breathing slowly and deeply into his neck, tickling the hairs of his nape as she got heavier by the second. It was a sign that she was sleeping.

She had probably worked too much while in his absence. She was still trying to hard to prove herself to the company that she could be a wonderful president. He could barely believe she'd had that much energy a mere hour before when she jumped him as he opened the door to the apartment.

She hadn't looked fatigued and had displayed an unusual amount of energy while in the trek from the doorway of the apartment to their bed. She had been a bundle of energy. Maybe because she used it all while desperately getting their bodies ready for intimacy was she now completely devoid of life as she rested over him.

"I love you too," Syaoran grasped blindly for the covers at one of the sides of the bed and throwing it over themselves. It may be because he didn't want to disturb her, but Syaoran soon started to drift into slumber as well. The long flight had finally caught up to him.

Syaoran woke a few hours later to find Sakura's fingers brushing against his hair over his forehead. She was moving the bangs away while caressing his scalp at the same time.

"Do you feel rested?" she asked as soon as she saw him open his eyes. Syaoran yawned widely into one of his palms before lifting from the bed and warming up his arms from their unmoving positions.

"I should ask you the same thing," Syaoran replied. "You fell asleep immediately."

"I don't know why," Sakura embraced him from behind, her bare breasts pressed hard into his back as she squeezed him as hard as she could.

"You're going to break a rib," Syaoran winced as Sakura chuckled and stood from the bed. His gaze followed her full naked body as she reached for some of the discarded articles of clothing they had left there hours before.

"I guess all of my worries disappeared as soon as you came through the door."

"What have you been worried about?" Syaoran tried to recall if she had mentioned any problems in the company while he was away. Or anything else that Eriol would have told him about while he had been away. Nothing really came to mind.

"I guess I was just anxious to have you back," Sakura put on the white t-shirt Syaoran had taken off, buttoning it from the bottom to her breasts while making her way out of the bedroom.

Sakura startled as his arms came sneaking around her waist and lifted her off her feet. "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like?" Syaoran chuckled almost in a malicious tone. Sakura grinned at his playful attitude. "I'm trapping you in this bed." He threw her onto it, and almost immediately she felt him pressing over her.

"I would have thought that you were still tired after our small play a little time ago," Sakura placed her hand around his neck, pulling him down so that she could kiss him thoroughly. She could never get enough of his lips and the kissed they shared.

"I just want to hold you," he admitted, placing most of his weight on one of his sides as he brought her over to stay in his arms.

"We also need to eat though," Sakura explained, not trying to get out of his embrace. She loved it when he embraced her out of the blue. It felt as if he needed to feel her in his arms and sharing their warmth.

"Eating is overrated," Sakura snickered at his comment. She rolled her eyes while waiting for it. It was surely to happen. She wasn't disappointed.

A low growl came from his stomach. Sakura giggled as she pressed one of her hands to the offending sound and looked derisively at Syaoran. He looked back sternly before letting out a sigh of hunger and letting her go.

"But then, my stomach has a mind of its own," Sakura helped him stand from the bed and lead him toward their bathroom before continuing on her way to her destination.

"I'll get some of the leftovers from last night ready while you take a shower and relax," she disappeared from view. The only sound Syaoran could discern from her was a light humming. She always hummed when in a very good mood. It hadn't taken long to figure that out while living with her 24/7.

Syaoran looked in the mirror of the bathroom, wincing as he saw the stubble that was present over his jaw and cheeks. Sakura was surely going to have red marks over her skin where he had unknowingly brushed against his face.

He opened the mirror to get his toilettes ready. He wanted to be somewhat presentable the next time she saw him again.

"Here we go," Sakura entered the room while Syaoran opened the shower stall to take his shower. "Let's get these washed while we eat."

She threw a kiss at Syaoran before closing the curtain of his shower on his face and opening the warm water on him. Syaoran let out a yelp of surprise as he quickly adjusted the water to a better temperature. Even though she had opened the hot water, it had been very cold as it had fallen overhead.

"One of these days Sakura," he warned through the spray of water while calming down and enjoying the refreshing state.

"You fall for it every time," Sakura said back to him, going through the pockets of the clothing before placing them in the washer. While going through one of them, she found his wallet, and a small box.

Now, Sakura was a very curious person. It looked like the box had been inside of the coat pocket for quite some time by the lint that was on its surface. Well, maybe not too long.

Sakura looked to the shower, making sure that Syaoran was not coming out while she looked inside. She closed the washer, waiting until he was done bathing to turn it on when she opened it. She let out a very audible gasp.

Sakura placed her hand over her mouth immediately. She didn't want any other sound to escape while she just looked at the object in her hands. She wondered since when Syaoran had been lugging the piece of jewelry in his pocket.

It was a ring. A simple gold ring with an array of small diamonds engraved into the band while a larger stone glinted in the middle to the light it received. Syaoran had bought her a ring. Her eyes watered as the surprise subsided a bit, her heart still jumping and running inside of her chest.

She didn't hear the water shut off and the sounds of Syaoran reaching for his towel while opening the shower curtain. She turned around when Syaoran said her name, noticing that she was still in the room.

"How long?" she asked before she turned around. Syaoran didn't comprehend as to what the question was asking for until she turned around and he saw the small, square box in her hands. "How long have you had this?"

Syaoran stood frozen in place, the towel almost falling from his hands as he stared at her hands. She had found the box. He broke out of his stupor long enough to tie the towel around his waist. This wasn't exactly the time or place or circumstance in which he had envisioned her looking at the ring.

"I," he swallowed quite audibly before he could try to get his brain to form intelligible speech that would make any sense. "I've been carrying around for over three weeks."

Sakura gasped at the admission, her whole attention going back from his face to the ring while one of her fingers traced the stone and band. "I've been waiting for the right moment to give it to you."

"Are you going to ask me to marry you?"

Syaoran looked at her a bit confused. "Why else would I give you a ring?" he asked himself, trying to figure out just what could be running on Sakura's mind.

"I don't know," she replied lamely while she continued examining the ring with her eyes.

"Would you say yes?" Syaoran asked awkwardly as a silent atmosphere had rolled on.

"What do you think?" she replied with a question of her own while she just beamed at him when she looked up to his face.

"I think we need to stop answering questions with questions," Syaoran walked up to her and hugged her. "In my greatest fantasies, you would say yes."

"Then let me make one come true," Sakura placed a kiss over his jaw before leaning her forehead against his shoulder. "You just need to ask me."

Syaoran kept his hands over her arms as he pulled away momentarily. "I've made a mess of things, haven't I?"

"No," she said quite happily while Sakura kept the box between them.

Syaoran kissed her abruptly. He stole her breath away, making her knees shake as he stole her sanity for that moment. When she opened her eyes, Sakura found her hands bare and Syaoran a step further back grinning in happiness.

"Sakura," he took her left hand in his, the ring in his own. He brought her hand up to his mouth, where he placed a slight peck over the digit in which the ring would supposedly lay. He winked at her before preparing he ring at the start of her finger.

"Would you do me the honor of being my wife?" he asked while he slid the ring into her finger. It was also a ploy for him. He was sure that if he placed the ring securely in her finger, she would have no choice but to say yes.

"Yes," the heavenly words fell onto his ears as Sakura threw herself into his arms. "I was starting to wonder if Tomoyo's comments were actually grounded in some reality."

"What do you mean?" Syaoran was sure Tomoyo had no idea of what he had been thinking. He hadn't even told Eriol because of his big mouth when it came to things like these, especially with his wife.

"It doesn't matter," Sakura brought his head down to meet her lips as she stole a kiss from him. Her thudding heart had quieted somewhat, a liberating feeling pulling at her senses. "I love you."

"I love you too Sakura," Syaoran rocked them slightly as they stayed in the embrace. "No matter what anyone says about us, don't ever doubt that. I'm marrying you because I love you, and not because you own the company we both work for. Everyone else is going to say I'm marrying you because of the company, but those who know us will never doubt the real reason."

"You know," Sakura moved her head to the side so that her words could be understood and not said against his skin. "No one's going to think you married me for the company. I've been thinking Syaoran and I've decided that I'm going to accept your offer for it because it truly is yours. You're the one that has any right to it since you've put your heart and soul into making it the success it is today. It's your baby and I have no moral right to it."

"Sakura," Syaoran chuckled as he thought over her words. "It's just a business. Don't get so emotional over it."

"Still, I'll make you a deal."

"What kind of deal?" Syaoran asked as he went still.

"I'll sell you the company right before the wedding at the same terms my uncle was going to do before he died."

"You don't need to do that love."

She shook her head before continuing on. "I've got everything I need with you and not the company to keep me happy."

Syaoran chuckled, overcome with mirth as Sakura tried to understand what had brought this on so suddenly. "What if I told you I don't longer need it either?"

"Then I would say we have a problem in our hands."

"I didn't say I didn't want it, just that I could live without it. Although in hindsight, neither of us has to prove that we don't need the company itself. You're not going to sell the company to me."

"I'm not?" Sakura giggled as Syaoran took her into his arms and carried her to the bed where he placed her slowly and deliberately.

"Nope. I'm not a hotshot CEO for nothing, Madam President. I've got a counterproposal."

"I'm listening," Sakura traced the muscles and vertebrae along his back as Syaoran started to unbutton the shirt she had put on earlier.

"We'll split the company fifty-fifty. I'll buy out half of it and you keep the other half. We'll own it jointly." He frowned as he realized that Sakura had put on a pair of panties again while he had been in the shower. "That's my offer and you can take it or leave it. Just don't try to give me the whole company since I intend to share it with you."

Sakura couldn't stop the laughter from escaping since it had started to bubble up inside of her. She was so happy. "Will I still get to be president?"

Syaoran remained pensive for a moment as if deliberating before a grin spread over his features. "You bet. And I'm going to remain CEO. Deal?"

"Deal," Sakura pulled him down and ignited a kiss with a thoroughness that was more binding than any contract. The subject of food was forgotten as they made love with the ring of their commitment shining brightly in between them.

Two months later, Syaoran loped down the stairs from his own floor to the third one and strode to the conference room where Sakura usually spent her afternoon testing their merchandise for herself. He walked through the door and stopped short at the sight of her held high in the arms of a huge blond Adonis.

His muscles were bulging and rippling beneath the bronzed skin. His leather shorts were straining across thighs the size of tree trunks with a sparkling smile and dazzling blue eyes.

Sakura looked very small and fragile as she was cradled into the man's chest. One of her shoes lay on the carpet where it had fallen when she had been captured into the embrace.

"Would you mind putting the president of this company back on her feet?" Syaoran said coldly, feeling a tick building over his left eye.

"Sure," the Adonis blinked and looked immediately alarmed. "Sorry about that," he hastily set her back on the floor. He had promptly recognized the CEO from business magazines he had gone through before applying for the company.

"Hello, Mr. Li," Sakura smiled cheerfully as she struggled to tuck in her blouse and straighten her rumpled jacket.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Li. Who the hell is this man and what does he think he's doing carting you around like a sack of potatoes?" he was still calm and collected in appearance, but the tone of his voice had gone to dangerous levels.

"This is Mark," Sakura said motioning to the person in question with the bright smile still at her face. "He's going to be the model of our new ad campaign. The one aimed at the experienced high-country backpacker and rock climber."

"I trust he's not going to try to pack you into the high country?"

"Heavens no. He was just proving to me that he could lift a hundred and twenty pounds of camping and climbing gear, weren't you Mark?"

"Yes ma'am," Mark flashed another perfect smile his way. Syaoran felt like shoving them down his throat for some reason. He could describe it as inexplicable, but it wasn't right. Syaoran was sure that he would rip apart any man that would try to get in between him and Sakura. Irrational as his mind would be in that mindset.

Sakura smiled reassuringly at the model that had started to look a bit intimidated. Before him was a man that could get him out of his contract before he could blink if he had his mind set on it. And this was a good job to keep.

"Speaking of the new campaign," Syaoran dismissed the man and turned to Sakura. "I have a few things to discuss with you concerning it, Mrs. Li," Syaoran braced one elbow against the door frame and glowered at her. He lowered the file he had been holding in one hand and tapped it against his leg.

"Is there a problem with it?" Sakura asked, a bit confused about the issue. It seemed like Syaoran had completely forgotten his previous prey and had centered on her.

"There is one hell of a problem," Syaoran bit out. "The campaign is apparently nine thousand dollars over budget."

"Oh, that," Sakura's early bright smile returned.

"Yes, that. Would you care to explain where the money is going Madam President?"

Sakura laughed up at him with warm, loving eyes before replying to the question. "Certainly Mr. Li. Do you want to hear the explanation before or after I tell you that I'm pregnant?"

Everything flew out of his mind at that moment. Syaoran just stared at Sakura as she continued beaming at him. He forgot about the little matter of a ninety thousand dollar cost overrun and started to grin like an idiot.

"You're pregnant?" Both of them ignored the embarrassed expression on the face of Mark as he tried desperately to move away from the scene to give them some privacy. "You're going to have our baby?"

"It would appear so," Sakura smiled demurely as she looked down to the carpet at her feet. "What do you say to do, Mr. Li?"

Syaoran soon tossed the file over his left shoulder. The data on the ad budget was sent flying into the air. Syaoran walked over to her and lifted her carefully into his arms, his eyes mystified with the news and moisture. He never thought he could feel so happy again after his wedding with Sakura. She had just proven him wrong.

"I say the hell with the ninety thousand dollars. What's a few bucks between a president and her CEO?"

"I knew you'd be reasonable about it."

He carried her out the door and down the hall. "Let's go back to your office Mrs. Li and discuss something far more important than ad budget overruns."

"Of course Mr. Li," she glowed up at him, her arms resting around his neck. "Let's just remember to lock the door before we start our discussions on the status report we are about to give."

Syaoran's laughter echoed down the halls of the building, catching the attention of the employees before he came to the door and firmly closed it with his feet. Life was very good for them both. It may start a new rumors, but it was worth it to just enjoy this time together with each other and the new life they would be bringing to the world to join them.


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