The Japanese Supernatural forces are in a scramble. The Golden Maiden, whose existence was revealed by Demon Eyes Laharl with the help of Keitaro 'K2' Urashima has been amassing an army of militia, disrupting the balance and risking revealing the supernatural world. They have continued kidnapping not only demons, but other 'dark' supernatural creatures and killing them.

The last kidnapped demon is a diplomatic representative of one of the most powerful faction of Hell, and is being tortured to death. The supernatural factions, the Urashima's, Otohime's, Aoyama's, Heaven and Hell are now meeting to rescue the demon representative, and discuss how to counteract the threat of the Golden Maiden…

Keitaro 'K2' Urashima


A View to a Truth

01 - Woman with Blue Hair


O-Faction's HQ

A woman looked towards a large screen in front of her.

"How long will the connection take?" she asked towards the collection of technicians behind her.

"The setting has been accessed. We are now putting firewalls and defensive programs to cover our side," one of the technicians replied. "We expect everything to be up and running by 5 minutes."


U-Agency HQ

Hinata looked towards Haruka, who was speaking towards Su in her phone.

"KU, how long will the preparations be done?" Haruka asked.

"Give me four minutes… I just finished coding our settings and putting some extra precautions. I'm even measuring if we're leaking anything out to be sure."

"There is no hurry, Haruka," Hinata stated, looking towards the large screen in front of her. "The meeting won't be for another 6 or so minutes."

"Even so… we and the Otohime's are hosting the meeting. We have to make sure everything goes well," Haruka looked towards the screen.

"There is no need to worry… the Otohime's got their best working with KU on this," she closed her eyes. "Everything will be as planned."

After a few minutes, the screen sparked to life.

"Pocket Cyberspace is online, safe and operational. I'll be keeping a lookout here just in case we get some hackers trying to be smart."

Haruka nodded. "Copy that, KU," she stated towards her phone. "Over and out."

In the screen, something popped out. It was a large vertical rectangle with the letter O on it. Hinata smiled and greeted the square.

"Greetings, O," she said.

Cyberspace Pocket Channel

"Greetings, O," a rectangular form with the letter U on it glowed as Hinata's voice spoke.

"Hello, G," the rectangular form 'O' greeted back.

"It seems the pocket was well done," Hinata stated.

"Seems to be," 'O' replied. "Thank you for your cooperation on this."

"What are you thanking me for?" Hinata asked. "We're both hosting this meeting."

After a few moments, another rectangle came to view, this time with the letter 'A' on it.

"Good afternoon, Urashima-san, Otohime-san," 'A' greeted.

"Good afternoon, Aoyama-san," both Hinata and 'O' greeted the rectangle.

"Am I late?" 'A' asked.

"Truthfully, you're quite early," Hinata replied. "We're just waiting for our two esteemed celestial beings before the meeting can begin."

Two more rectangles arrived, each one with the names 'HILD' and 'KAMI-SAMA' on them.

"With that, I guess we can begin," Hinata stated. "As one of the hosts of this meeting, I bid all of you a warm welcome."

'O' glowed. "I as well…"

"Forgive me if I skip on the pleasantries, but this is a matter of urgency," Hild's voice stated in a clear, even voice. "My department in Hell has been busy with the paperwork being done with all of our agents being killed. As DL had discovered, this Golden Maiden character is responsible for all of the killings. It started discreetly over the past 2 years, but now it's being blown out of proportion. Everyday, we receive new reports of more and more demon agents missing, or being killed, and now, one of our diplomats, who represent one of my partners in Hell, is missing."

"We know this, Hild," Kami-sama replied in his own even tone. "But we've been pooling our resources in finding this Golden Maiden, and so far, nothing has come up."

"That is because you are looking at the wrong places," Hild stated. "I have already given you my thoughts on this. Someone in your side is providing supplies and aid, without your consent of course, to this Golden Maiden. Even DL agrees with me on this."

"There is no proof that she is involved!" Kami-sama's voice rang angrily through the pocket. "I demand you not bring that up. You and you're DL's theories are nothing more than that! Without any real proof, you are framing one of…"

"May we get back to the task at hand?" Hinata's voice rang clearly. "I apologize for cutting you, Kami-sama, but we cannot afford to bicker among ourselves. We are wasting precious time as we speak."

"You have a point, G of the Urashima faction," Kami-sama replied. "Let us address our problems then."

"Our number one priority should be rescuing Hell's representative," Hild stated. "The Devil he represents isn't really much open to our 'peace' with the gods and humans."

"A warmonger?" 'A' asked.

"You can say that," Hild replied. "If his representative dies, he can use that as a reason to cause chaos as a means to 'hunt' down that is responsible. Human lives are to be taken account. Even the Rebalancers are taking a hard stance on the Golden Maiden."

"What have they got to say about the Golden Maiden?" Hinata asked.

"The Rebalancers sent their own message to this council. It was short and to the point. 'We're getting very annoyed by this so-called Golden Maiden. If you don't take her out, we will. And god help wherever we fight, because we're not going to minimize collateral damage'," Hild stated.

"Heaven received the same message," Kami-sama stated.

"Words done by fools," Hinata stated calmly. "Rebalancers are nothing more than another power… annoying at best. We cannot expect any help from them."

"Hmmm… is there any information to which we can find this demon representative?" 'A' asked.

"Of course," 'O' replied. "We have been following this Golden Maiden's movements since both Hell and Urashima had found out about her existence. Our spies and informants have located the demon representative in one abandoned facility in the Kagawa Prefecture…"

A screen popped up, showing an abandoned-looking building near the sea. Then, more pictures popped up, showing the architectural frame of the building, its surroundings, and finally, a wire frame model of the interior.

"The Golden Maiden?" Hild asked.

"No sign," 'O' stated. "She's not involved in this."

"I guess there we have it," Kami-sama stated. "Give me a few minutes, I can have a few angels and valkyries storm in the building and rescue your representative."

"I disagree with that plan," Hild replied. "The Golden Maiden escaped my custody using a teleporter. Showing up with an army at the enemy's doorstep might risk our hostage takers to teleport away with the representative. We need something discreet and small… a strike force that won't garner attention."

"Discreet isn't really one of our strong points," 'A' stated. "We're samurais. If you want ninjas, you go to the Urashima's."

"We'd be more than glad to take this job," Hinata replied. "We'll have one of our best agents take care of it."

"And to show how much we appreciate how difficult this Golden Maiden is on us, we'll also send a goddess to aid the U-Agent G will be sending," Kami-sama stated.

"I don't think that would be such a good idea," Hinata said.

"Do not worry," Kami-sama replied. "I assure you the one I shall send is competent and will follow your agent's lead."

"Then I have no disagreements with that," Hinata receded.

"Now for another topic," Kami-sama began. "Hild, G, have you any luck contacting Demon Eyes Laharl? I am afraid I need his… 'expertise' rather sooner than expected."

"That goddess who had her angel killed by the U-Agent is still unstable?" Hild asked.

"Unfortunately. There are no suitable candidates for her angel's replacement," Kami-sama replied. "I need him to perform another temporary mental healing to give her more time to find a suitable partner."

"I honestly don't know why we need that… being… helping you, Kami-sama," 'A' growled. "Surely, with your powers, you can fix your problem without that Laharl demon, right?"

"Unfortunately, Aoyama-san, I am too busy with other affairs to help in this case," Kami-sama stated. "I do know it's a bit questionable using a hybrid demon to help a goddess, but he has the ability to do so."

"He deserves to be destroyed," 'A' stated.

"By the gods, Aoyama-san, it's been 20 years already," 'O' began. "Surely your clan may have forgiven Laharl and all his transgressions from the past?"

"Don't bother asking the Aoyamas that," Hinata replied evenly. "They aren't the type to forgive or forget, especially when it concerns about family pride." She paused for a moment, looking if the breach of topic was over before continuing. "And to answer your question, Kami-sama, yes, I have contacted Laharl-san on this. He has agreed to help the goddess again."

"Oh, really? I give you my thanks then," Kami-sama said in a neutral tone.

"No need," Hinata replied. "It was our agent's bumble after all that mentally scarred your goddess. It would only be proper to be of any help to her."

"Tell him then that I shall send you the coordinates of the meeting session," Kami-sama said. "With that, I assume we adjourn the meeting."

"I agree," Hild stated. "G, I am counting on the U-Agency to move in at once. How long can we expect your agent to make it to the target location?"

"If we brief him now, I expect he can make the trip tomorrow, early hours at best, and rescue your representative within the very same day," Hinata replied.

"My goddess that will help your agent will be there to meet him. I shall inform her of our plans," Kami-sama stated. "And I will give you details of her briefing so you can arrange it with your agent."

"Very well…" Hinata said with finality. "By your leave."

One by one, the rectangles slowly faded from view. It started with both HILD and KAMI-SAMA, followed by 'A', then 'O' and finally, 'U'.


Hinata looked towards Haruka with a nod. Walking towards the door, the two women exited the dark room. After bathing in the light for a few moments, the older woman looked at the younger woman with smiling eyes.

"Haruka… where is Keitaro?" she asked.

Haruka closed her eyes and smiled for a moment. "Probably in a hotel near Hinata-sou. Su has taken the point to watch his movements when she has really nothing to do, and informs me of his whereabouts from time to time."

"Su had told you earlier he was in the hotel," Hinata nodded.

"And she hasn't called me on an update yet," Haruka finished. "Do you want me to call her and ask where Keitaro might be?"

"Please do," Hinata replied. "I need to brief him by tonight if possible, and get him ready for a mission."

"Don't worry," Haruka said as she grabbed her phone. "He's K2… And he hasn't brought us down, notwithstanding his first mission."


Keitaro watched from the sky as a big moving truck was slammed on its side by a winged demon, and his younger version of him screaming. After a flash of light, he saw another scene, where his young self embraced the dead body of his beloved pact friend.

For some reason, he couldn't feel much emotion from the scene. It was probably one of his strongest memories… the day she died was the day his life changed forever… yet, he couldn't feel any emotion.

He floated in the sky without care… he couldn't even feel the wind.

He closed his eyes.


He opened his eyes.


He looked towards his side, and spotted a woman with flowing blue hair. Her eyes were hidden in her bangs, and she wore a rather beautiful black battle-dress. She had a smile on her face.

"Who are you?" Keitaro asked.


"Who are you…?"

"Don't you know?"

"I… I don't know…" Keitaro replied. "I… I don't know you."

His reply echoed in the air, and the woman smiled at him sadly as she faded from view. Keitaro briefly wondered for a moment when this dream was going to end.

Keitaro opened his eyes when he felt someone snuggle close to him. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around Kitsune who was sleeping beside him and softly kissed her neck before relaxing back to his place.

He had been having the same dream in random days for the past two weeks, right after rescuing Laharl from the Golden Maiden. He briefly wondered if his mind was trying to tell him something, but so far, he had been drawing blanks and it was making him rather mellow.

Kitsune shifted her body and snuggled closer to him. He looked at her with a slight smile on his face before his cell phone began to ring. Shaking Kitsune gently off his arm, he slid down the bed, still naked, and went towards his pants on top of a chair. He grabbed the phone in its pocket.

"Hello?" Keitaro greeted. "Oh… KU, what's up?"

Kitsune groaned, complaining for being woken up from her slumber. Stretching for a moment, she looked towards Keitaro who was ignoring her for now. She studied him as he silently nodded to himself a few times.

"Tonight?" Keitaro asked towards his phone. "I'll be there then… yes… take care, bye."

Shutting the connection, Keitaro put the phone back to his pocket, and walked towards the bed. Sliding in the blankets, he gave another kiss to Kitsune's cheeks as he found himself mesmerized a bit by her half open eyes, messy hair, and that small pout in her lips. She was adorable, in his opinion.

"Hmmm, we may have to stop doing this, luv," Keitaro teased. "I'm not very good for your health."

"Oh hush," Kitsune mumbled sleepily, wiping her eyes with her hands for a moment. "How long were we sleeping?"

"Probably 2 hours or so," Keitaro replied. "We did have a rather busy morning. We even skipped lunch."

"Hmph, we did have lunch… well, I did," Kitsune's smirk found itself on her face again. "And I'm hungry for another bite."

Keitaro chuckled as Kitsune's hands went towards his thighs, and swiftly grabbed them with his own. He looked right towards her eyes.

"Kitsune… do you want to have an early dinner?" he asked.

"What do you mean, Kei-chan?" Kitsune wondered.

"Haruka just called," Keitaro lied. "I… I may have to leave tonight."

"What!?" Kitsune's eyes opened. "Where?"

"Somewhere," Keitaro smiled a bit at Kitsune's expression. "Family business."

"How long?" she asked.

"Truthfully, I don't know," Keitaro replied honestly. "But if everything goes well… I'll probably be gone for just one day."

"Ah…" Kitsune nodded. "So, you want to dine with me before you leave eh? Aren't you being sweet?"

Her hands softly roamed around Keitaro's neck, and she kissed him softly in his lips. Keitaro kissed back gently, rubbing one of his hands at her back. Stealing a glance at his watch, he then licked her neck. Kitsune moaned.

"Well, there's a good hour and a half before five," Keitaro said as he softly pinned Kitsune down the bed. "We can have a nice productive 'time-spending', or are you too tired to, luv?"

Kitsune smiled, and with a growl, she turned the tables around the young man, and straddled on top of him. She kissed him wildly then bit gently on his lower lips, and slowly removed the blankets covering them.

"I get to be on top this time," Kitsune declared.

"Sounds a bit plain, so let's do a compromise," Keitaro slowly sat up, and kissed Kitsune on her chest. "There we go… you get what you want… I get what I want. Sounds agreeable, doesn't it?"

"Sounds absolutely…" she purred gently on his left ear, "… perfect."

Hinata-sou, KU's Lab

2 hours later…

"Ah, sempai, good evening," Shinobu greeted as she saw Keitaro enter through the elevator.

"Good evening, Shinobu-chan," Keitaro greeted with a smile. "Sorry for missing dinner."

"Its okay, sempai," she replied with her own sweet smile. "It's a good thing you called before I started preparing. Kitsune called, and missed dinner as well. She must really be busy with her work."

"Really? Odd," Keitaro pretended to look intrigued. "Kitsune doesn't strike me as a woman who likes working hard…"

"Oh really, K2s?" Su's voice suddenly cut in the conversation. "I thought you'd have a higher opinion of her, after all the time you spent here."

The two watched the incoming Indian girl in her white lab coat, smiling at Keitaro. The man rolled his eyes at her, and then smiled as well.

"Hey, KU," Keitaro greeted the young teen. "You know what I mean. Kitsune isn't the type to like work too much… she likes pleasure more than business."

"Heehee," Su giggled. "That she does."

Keitaro smiled and then looked towards the other girl. He asked, "By the way, Shinobu-chan, why are you here?"

The girl blushed a moment, not sure how to respond. She mumbled incoherently for a moment before Su dived in for a save.

"She's studying the lab," Su replied. "Getting to know the place so she could lend us her hand, she says."

The shy girl nodded at that. "I want to be a better help," she said.

Keitaro looked at her for a moment. "Shinobu, you know you don't have to," he stated. "Keeping my identity already puts you at some risk. You don't have to trouble yourself further with this."

"I want to do this, sempai," Shinobu said with a strong tone in her voice. "Please… let me help you…"

Keitaro looked towards Su, who just shrugged. "Alright," he nodded. "Anyways, KU… I'm here for the briefing."

"Gotcha," Su replied, and began to lead Keitaro towards the computer room. Before she let him enter though, she looked towards Shinobu who followed them. "Shinomu, sorry… but I can't let you come in with us on this."

"Oh… it's okay," Shinobu replied. "I'll be in the Clinic, then."

Keitaro and Su watched as the shy tenant walked away towards another section of the lab before they entered the computer room. Walking towards the center of the large dark screen, he waited briefly for a moment before it blinked to life, showing Haruka and Hinata's face.

Normally, the one to brief him would be Haruka, unless, of course, Hinata wanted to do it personally. And usually, it takes place at the Tea House, but with Haruka gone for the day, the briefing would be at KU's lab, where part of the Urashima Mainframe Computer (UMC) is located.

"Hello, K2," Hinata greeted.

"Good evening, G, H," Keitaro nodded towards the two.

"Let's get down to business shall we?" Hinata stated. "I assume KU has informed you a part of your mission earlier?"

"She told me that you're sending me away tonight for a hostage search and rescue stealth mission," Keitaro replied truthfully. "Where, who and why, I have no idea."

"Your target is located at an abandoned facility in the Kagawa Prefecture," Hinata stated, and another window popped up from the screen. It showed an enlarged map of the area, and the building.

"Who is my target?" Keitaro asked.

"A demon diplomatic representative," Hinata replied.

Keitaro frowned. His mind once again went towards the details his grandmother had given him, and it sounded awfully familiar. Abandoned facility? Demon hostage?

"Is this 'her' work?" Keitaro asked.

"Yes…" Hinata smiled. Her grandson was very sharp. "It is the work of our infamous Golden Maiden. I guess you finally found your 'why', eh?"

"Is she present with the hostage?" Keitaro asked.

"From what the Otohime's told us, no, she isn't," Hinata replied.

"Disappointing, but probably expected," Keitaro stated. "She'd be stupid if she made herself open like that, and so far she seems to always be one step ahead of us."

"Always, but not forever," Hinata declared. "I shall now fully brief you of your mission."

Keitaro listened as his grandmother explained the situation. About three days ago, a demon representative was due to appear in the Unitary Heaven and Hell Nations (UHHN) to speak in behalf of his boss, an old and very short tempered Devil. When he didn't appear, Hell and Heaven knew something was wrong.

After a day of investigation, the Otohime's, along with Heaven and Hell's search team, found a video showing six armed men in black clothes and masks abducting the unconscious representative, and speeding away in a black van. The van was found later in that day, completely stripped and empty.

The trail went cold.

Otohime's agent, MT, who was in a middle of a case, was temporarily assigned to find the whereabouts of representative. She found a lead after two days by using her connections. She made contact to a female suspect, and after a brilliant deception with some deductive reasoning, which involved her convincing the suspect that she was a double agent sent to help the Golden Maiden, she got the location of the demon repetitive.

"Go, Mu-chan," Keitaro had to comment.

"The mission is fairly simple. At 2100 hours, you are to leave Hinata-sou and reach the U-Rail which will bring you towards Okayama Prefecture, where you'll board a boat which will bring you in the middle of the sea before Kagawa prefecture. You'll then travel under sea, alone, to avoid detection, and enter through an underground tunnel which will bring you directly under the facility," Hinata finished.

The screen showed Keitaro the details of his travel, ending with a glowing dot (representing him) going through an underwater tunnel to infiltrate the building.

"And when I enter, I slowly make my way, guided by KU, I am guessing, and rescue the representative… right?" Keitaro asked.

"Yes," Hinata replied.

"Sounds easy enough," Keitaro stated.

"There is more…" Hinata paused for a moment. "Kami-sama has expressed interest in helping us. He wants to send a goddess…"

"I don't need a celestial slowing me down," Keitaro cut in at once, earning a glare from Haruka, behind Hinata. He ignored her. "With all due respect, G, I can do fine on my own."

"I'm sure you can," Hinata smiled slightly. "But unfortunately, we cannot do anything about it. Don't worry K2, Kami-sama promised the goddess he's sending is competent and battle ready. You'll meet her inside the facility. I'll send you more details on your trip to Okayama. The rescue starts in the early morning, so I suggest you get some sleep on your way there."

"Roger," Keitaro nodded.

Hevean; Yggdrasil Department

A naked goddess smiled as the technician god shivered at her touch.

"B… but…" he moaned as her finger flicked over his inner thigh.

"Please…? Do this for me?" she softly begged. "I have been aching for action for the past month…"

"But… don't you have something to do tomorrow?" the god asked.

"It's okay… I'll tell Kami-sama it was all my idea," the goddess proclaimed. "I… I just want to have some excitement. Please… for me?"

The god swallowed, and nodded. He was given a deep kiss. He quickly typed towards the Yggdrasil console as the goddess slowly moved her tongue towards his lower body.

'Finally…' she thought with a smirk on her face. 'Finally… I shall have my revenge.'

To Be Continued