They've been engage for almost a year but Wolfram had never, ever felt like his fiance loved him. Yuuri never showed any sign of affection towards the blonde. And this is excactly why he was taken aback when Yuuri approached him that night in "thier" bedroom where Wolfram was standing in the balcony he handed him a piece of paper. "What are you doing wimp?" Wolfram asked in confussion. "Read it." the demon king simply replied, Wolfram did what he war toldand slowly read the words on the paper.

If your essence has been broken,

If you're trapped

In the depths of your despair.

If you feel lost and alone,

Call my name and

I'll be there.

If the world will stop turning,

That won't change how I feel

If the river would stop flowing,

My love would still stay real.

I'll include you in my prayers,

I'll keep you in my heart.

If the sun would ever seize to shine,

I'll hold you in the dark.

"What is this?" he asked ignoring the fact that his cheeks felt warm. "Wolfram, how long have we've been engaged?" Yuuri asked, "12 months." Wolfram replied. Yuuri gave a sad smile "I haven't been treating you like a fiance haven't I?" he said, waiting for the demon to reply. "It doesn't matter because it wasn't even a real proposal." Wolfram whispered mostly to himself, "I know.." Yuuri answered getting down on one knee, "that's why I'm doing this.", Wolfram stared at him not knowing what Yuuri was doing. "In our world, when we want to propose to someone we don't slap them!" Yuuri began "We promise them the things we're willing to do after we're married, just like I did with the poem." Wolfram stared at him ,still not knowing what to say, "and we get down on one knee, like what I'm doing right now." he grabbed something from his pocket, it was a small box "and then we ask them." he opened the box and revealed a diamond ring inside. "Wolfram, I just want to make it official, will you marry me?" Yuuri asked, his black eyeas staring at Wolfram's blue ones. "Yes." Wolfram whispered, "Yes." he said a little louder. Yuuri stood up with relief on his face. "Thank goodness." the raven haired exclaimed, "I thought you were gonna turn me down, and call me corny or something!" Yuuri placed the ring in his fiance's finger. "So" Wolfram began what do you do in your world after you propose?" Yuuri gave him a wicked smile, "We kiss" he simply answered before pressin his lips against Wolframs. He pulled back, "I love you Wolfram." Wolfram smiled, "I love you too...Wimp." Yuuri glared at him then Wolfram pulled him for another kiss.

The end (That was so random!!!)

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