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Dragging On

The time is 10:15. The seconds hand is on the four.

Diana shakes her head at Batman's suggestion.

"You can't just-"

Wally sighs.

He understand where she's coming from. He also understands where Batman is coming from.

Diana doesn't want the already shaky relations between the two warring factions to get any worse. That's Diana. Always thinking about the bigger picture. It was something that Wally admired, and at the same time, despised.

The bigger picture always got in the way of helping people. The bigger picture stopped J'onn from helping Mr Miracle and Big Barda. The bigger picture gave the League their fusion generator cannon. The bigger picture turned the League into a bureaucratic mess.

It was simple. Help people, and hang the consequences.

But then again…

Diana's point is still valid. Wally remembers Superman ready to go on a rampage against Cadmus, so focused on the smaller picture that he would instigate a war between the super powered and the non-super powered.

Diana just goes about it in a very provocative way. Her way or the highway.

Just like Shayera.

He still didn't understand why they didn't get along. Yeah, Shayera betrayed the League, but if freaking John could forgive her, Wally didn't see why Diana couldn't. Maybe it was a woman thing.

Wally sometimes wonders if any of the men sat the table knew anything about women.

Clark is pining after a woman in one identity while having to keep his passion for her under wraps in another.

Bruce… well, he's Bruce.

J'onn is happily married. Actually, there isn't anything wrong with that one. Wally wonders how long J'onn has left to live. Not in a morbid way, he just wonders how long J'onn has before he will have to say goodbye to his newfound love.

Wait, that is pretty morbid.

And John is with a woman that he didn't really want to be with, and Wally didn't know why he still was. Maybe John did want to be with Vixen. It occurs to Wally that perhaps he just wants his two friends to be together. He can see why they're perfect for each other, why can't they?

Maybe that was just him being the immature kid of the group.

It still makes him gnash his teeth when they give him that look. The slightly amused, slightly condescending 'Oh, it's just Flash' look before they got on with the real business.

It stopped for awhile after the Luthor/Brainiac incident, but the memories faded, and the old opinions returned.

Most of the time, Wally could block it out. But it's because of that look that he doesn't speak up in these meeting very often, unless he's really thought about what he's going to say. And even then, it comes out wrong.

What ticks him off most is that if Green Arrow was in the room and said the same thing as Wally, they would listen.

Wally thinks about the possibility that his team-mates perception of him is his own fault. He acted like an immature kid when they first met, and he hasn't done much to change that. Every time he thought about acting like mature superhero 'The Flash', he found himself enjoying it too much, and out would come twelve year old Wally West.

He never wants to be the kind of guy who blames all his problems on his parents.

But it is kind of their fault. They weren't bad people, per se; they just didn't have any business being parents. Although they never said it out loud, it was fairly obvious from their indifferent view of him that he was an accident. A product of too much alcohol and not enough care, he didn't know. But it was obvious. His childhood wasn't a particularly happy one, and that was why he was so happy today.

Every day, Wally thanks God for absent minded police scientists leaving experimental chemicals next to windows on stormy nights.

Wally has never been very religious. After the Speed Force, he doesn't know what to think. Maybe that's where God is. He doesn't know. He doesn't like to think about it.

He changes the subject.

"-go about saving people just because-"

The time is 10:15. The seconds hand is just below the four.

Wally sighs again, which he realises must look strange to the others since he sighed two seconds ago.

John is in the process of giving him a curious look as the seconds hand reaches the five.

The Lantern's green eyes get Wally thinking; why don't the other Green Lanterns have green eyes?

Maybe it's something to do with John being a human.

But Kyle Rayner doesn't have green eyes. But he is wearing a domino mask, so it's hard to tell.

Wally wonders if he should get rid of the white pupils on his mask. It can make him look a little bit Batman-ish.

Maybe Wally would find that his eyes were red if he did. He decides he wouldn't like red eyes. It would make him look like a demon.

Etrigan was a demon. Wally didn't want to look like him. Not that he didn't like Etrigan.

Well, actually, no, he didn't. But he didn't mind Jason Blood. He was a bit boring, though.

Wally thinks that a lot of older people are boring. He remembers how he thought John was boring when he first met him.

Oh! Look at that. John's cocking an eyebrow.

The time is 10:15. The seconds hand is halfway between 5 and 6.

Wally wonders what John's going to do. Will he say something and interrupt Diana in mid rant? Will he just give Wally a 'What are you doing, moron?' look?

Find out next time, same Flash place, same Flash channel.

He smiles at his lame joke.

John doesn't say anything as the seconds hand reaches 6.

Diana continues on.

So does Wally's head.


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