Tag for 'Born Under a Bad Sign.' How Sam feels as Meg takes over and uses his body and thoughts against him and those he loves.

Don't own Supernatural, and the lyrics are from, 'Red Sam' by Flyleaf.


'Here I stand
Empty hands'


Sam can feel Meg enter his mind. He can feel the burn of the hot iron on his arm as she binds herself to him. He can feel her link, even as he fades away into the waiting darkness.


When Sam wakes he can't control anything in himself, it's like there's something else controlling him.

'Oh wait, there is…'

He watches as his hand jabs a screwdriver into the power box. He watches as his hands beat the other hunter, and then slit his throat, though he knows its not really him, Sam can't help but wonder if this is what he is going to become eventually.

'A killer…'

'A murderer…'

'A betrayer…'

Once again the darkness calls for him, as he feels Meg fighting for control. He struggles against her, but in the end the darkness swallows him.


When Sam wakes again, Meg is caught off guard. He pushes her down, and despite her valiant struggles, Sam holds her back, he gains control of himself, long enough to call Dean and tell him where he is, with panic lining his tone. He feels Meg fighting him for control, and he can feel himself slipping again.

He can hear her convince Dean that 'he' can't remember anything, and that 'he' doesn't know why he's here. But he can't warn Dean, he can't tell him to stay away, and as the darkness takes him once again, Sam feels the guilt weigh on him.

'I'm so sorry Dean…'


Sam watches what Meg does to Joe, and idly wonders if she swings that way for a second, before he is once again in the darkness.


Sam's struggles increase in strength as he watches Meg shoot his brother. He watches as Dean looks up at him, surprise and pain marring his features, and there is nothing he can do except watch, and fight the Bitch holding his body hostage.


As Dean falls…

And Falls…

And Falls


He watches as Bobby hands him the beer, and knows by the small smirk Bobby has on his face that there is something in the beer, but he knows that Meg doesn't see the smirk, because she drinks anyway. When Meg screams he knows about the holy water, and congratulates Bobby for stopping him.

'Good job old man.'

When Bobby punches him, he wonders lightly if it will leave a bruise. Then it's dark again.


Sam watches as Meg beats Dean, watches as she presses his thumb into the bullet wound in Dean's shoulder. Just as he starts to give up, he feels the burn of the poker on his arm again, and suddenly Meg is being torn from his body.

He falls to the floor, and he can't really remember anything for a few dazed moments. But when he does, he looks to Dean making sure his brother is okay. When he asks what he missed, Dean punches him and his head snaps to the side, because damn that hurt!

'I love you too big brother, and thanks for everything.'


You are the truth (you are the truth)
Outscreaming these lies
You are the truth (you are the truth)
Saving my life


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