Hearts and Sparkles

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Meche had never quite got the perlava that surrounded Valentine's Day. The children she'd visited (and some of the doctors, for that matter) had given her roses and cards, which she had found oddly sweet, but it meant nothing to her. Actions meant more than flimsy (if not expensive) pieces of paper.

So, when she walked into her 'office', as such, to find a large banner hung on one of the walls proclaiming in large letters 'We love you, Mr Hurley!' in exactly the same handwriting as Domino used when he printed his name on official reports and invoices, the only word that ran through her head was 'arrogant', as she sat down and began to look through what she had to do that day, in order to keep up to date.

At that point, Domino himself walked through the room, head held high. It was more of a swagger than a walk—an expression of 'oh, look at me, I'm so pleased with myself and I want everyone to know it.' Heading towards his office, he looked up almost in pantomime at the banner above the door, smirked, and closed the door behind him. Meche simply ignored him and continued to type on her typewriter.

However, inside his office, Domino thought there must have been some mistake. Everywhere he'd been that morning; no one had produced a pink card or envelope and presented it to him. Did they know what day it was? He should have a pile of appreciative tokens by now!

Even Meche had forgotten, apparently, which wasn't like her. Or, maybe she was waiting for later, and a more opportune moment. Yes… that was more like it. Not that he'd bothered to get anything for her, of course: why should he, when there were more important people (like him) out there?

Just to make sure that she hadn't completely forgotten, he picked up his CD player, stowed it in his jacket pocket, and walked out of his office, humming to the music as he walked slightly slower than before. Still, he wasn't spared a second glance, as the rhythmic tapping of keys continued.

Feeling slightly cheesed of, at best, Domino stood on the underwater balcony outside, and then returned inside so he could have a cigar. He was starting to think that Meche didn't care about the occasion, which would be a travesty, and a complete waste of a day. For a final check, he walked past her desk at a snails pace, looked pointedly at the sign above his door, and stalked into his office again, feeling slightly insulted that she hadn't even looked at him, let alone given him a card, trinket, or got onto her knees and proclaimed her undying love for him.

Meche was completely clueless as to why he had just walked through the room four times in fifteen minutes, but presumed he was in one of his funny moods again, and decided to ignore him until he returned to normal. However, Domino being normal wasn't something she particularly enjoyed either, but you couldn't have everything. When the skeleton came out of his office again (which made it five times in half an hour, more than he'd leave the room in two days normally), pretending to be overly interested in the contents of the bin, she just tried not to laugh at the twit he was making of himself, and continued to type.

"Meche, what day is it today?" He asked, looking up briefly.

"February the fourteenth, Domino," she replied, not bothering to look up, and instead continuing to fill in the form she had in front of her.

"Just making sure you're aware," he replied, and walked back into his office. The door slammed behind him, and he sat in his executive's chair, feeling he needed another cigar.

He was sure Meche was aware that it was Valentine's Day, and hadn't even bothered to make/ get hold of/ type a card. This was catastrophic. The apocalypse had come. A woman didn't find him, Domino Hurley, sexiest skeleton in the Land of the Dead, let alone the Ninth Underworld, attractive!

Yes, he definitely needed another cigar.


It was the end of the day, and still nothing was forthcoming from his secretary. Well, there went his idea of trying to seduce her for the fun of it. So, as she was getting ready to finish up, he stalked out of his office, and into the corridor where she had set up shop.

"You do know it's Valentine's Day, right?"

"Yes. And?" Pulling a last piece of paper from her typewriter in triumph, she began to stack up that day's work neatly, making sure the edges were square.

"Didn't you get a valentine for anyone?" He asked, looking pointedly at the banner whilst leaning on her desk nonchalantly.

"Well, no. Was I supposed to?" She slid the set of papers over the desk to him. Having realised why Domino had spent most of the morning traipsing past her desk, Meche was rather enjoying this. Not that she would have bothered going to great lengths to get a flimsy paper card for someone she cared nothing for anyway; she had bigger fish to fry.

"Damn straight, you were," the reply bounced back.

"Oh, really? Who?"

Domino, deciding she was a hopeless case, flounced off, obviously not amused in the slightest, and she went to see the angelitos, who'd been neglected in favour of the large stack of work she'd received the night before.

Stepping into their room, she heard a small chorus chant an obviously rehearsed speech.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Meche!"

And, on the floor of the cage that both angelitos inhabited, was a heart made of pieces of coral, finished off by their hammers (obviously having run out of coral near to the end of the process). Meche, personally, found this more personal than all the roses and cards she'd ever been given.