Part Five

"The little pink card, you know, the one where you said 'Just know that you would always be mine,'" Clark answered.

Lois's jaw dropped. "I thought you wrote that for me"

Lois hadn't written those words for him. He felt a moment's panic before he realized that she had still said that she loved him. He had to be certain: "I thought you left that for me on my desk chair"

"No. It must have fallen out when I pulled out the file from your desk. Not that I wouldn't have written you something like that . . . if I had thought of it." Lois was flustered again. Was there anything that she knew to be truth? Maybe she should just give up the whole reporter thing entirely.

"Go on." Clark was in full reporter mode now. He sat up straight and didn't protest when Lois rose from her seated position on the floor to sit on the couch. He took his glasses where Lois had left them on the table and put them back on. He rose to his feet with a grace that belied his size and joined her on the couch.

"I thought you had written it and had never had the courage to give it to me. I found it in your file drawer, in the folder marked Lois Lane," she explained.

"You went into my locked desk? Without my permission?" Clark was more amused than angry, but he wasn't averse to giving Lois a hard time about her relaxed attitude toward breaking and entry.

"Well, why did you have a folder with my name on it anyway?" Lois asked defensively. "Because I wanted to keep a copy of your articles." Clark shifted uncomfortably. "I was proud of you"

"Really?" Lois asked in an almost little girl voice.

"Yeah, really." Lois beamed at him and then adopted a more serious look. Clark grinned. He always loved when Lois got that determined look in her eye.

"So, you didn't write that for me," she said dejectedly.

"Believe me, Lois, if I had any idea that writing you a love letter would result in us being together, I would have given you one the first day I met you." There was no debating the earnestness in his bearing.

"I'm kind of glad that you didn't write it"

Seeing Clark's questioning look, Lois continued, "I like this much better." She wrapped her arms around him and they hugged.

"If you didn't write that card, and I didn't write that card, then who . . . ?" Lois' voice trailed off.

"Why were you in my desk"

"I only went into your desk because Perry was hounding me to find that file on the slave smuggling scandal. Oh no, I never did give him that file"

"He didn't ask me about it when I saw him," Clark said with a speculative look.

They shared a moment of complete clarity. "Perry!" They exclaimed in unison. "I can't believe he would do that to us! What is this, fool Lois Lane week?" She threw her hands up in exasperation. "What do you think he was trying to do"

"I think Perry White was successful in his goal. He was trying to get us together . . . playing matchmaker." "Ooooohh. I could strangle him," Lois said.

Clark laughed.

"Don't you dare laugh! First, I think you're a secret agent, and then I find out you're Superman, and now Perry writes love letters for us to find so that we naturally come to the conclusion that we are in love with each other," Lois ranted.

"I think his heart was in the right place. We are? Aren't we"

"What?" Lois looked up at him, her hair falling across her face. She reached up and tucked it behind her ear. Clark's breath caught in his throat.

"In love with each other"

A shy grin spread across her face and she said, "Yeah. I guess we are." "Do you think we would have known that today if he hadn't left that card for us to find?" Clark asked.

"Probably not. But I still say that he has a lot to answer for. I don't like being manipulated or being misled. What do you think we should do about it?" Lois asked.

Clark's voice dropped an octave. "I wouldn't mind kissing you again." "I mean after that!" Lois said. Her gaze had dropped to his lips, mesmerized. Clark felt a coil of tension tighten within him. All he could think of was the beautiful woman beside him. He still couldn't get over the fact that she knew his secret and that she loved him. Life was looking good right about now. The minor fact that Perry had meddled in their lives didn't bother him as much as it irked Lois.

"As long as we got that straight," Clark grinned. "Let's figure it out later. Right now I can't concentrate on anything but you"
Lois barely had time to nod in agreement before Clark bent down to claim her lips in a kiss. She opened her mouth to him, and he did not hesitate to deepen the contact. Lois was assaulted by sensation. Their tongues dueled as their lips slid against each other in a silken glide.

She could happily stay like this forever. Lois' bones had gone soft, leaving only nerves sending definite impulses that left her aching to get even closer.

Clark felt as if his veins were filled with lava and that there was not nearly enough oxygen in the room. He doubted that he could remain rational for long. He broke away reluctantly. "That was beyond amazing," he finally managed.

Lois swallowed hard, unable to stop looking at the curve of his lips. "Umm. Yeah. What you just said." She smiled at him, her eyes twinkling with a joyful humor.

" you feel as if that cleared your head?" Lois murmured.

Clark groaned. "Lois, I don't think I could tell you my middle name right now"

"I don't think I care about that at this exact moment, Clark Jerome Kent"

"What about Perry"

"Don't know his middle name and don't want to do to him the things I'm thinking about doing to you right now," Lois said.
He was definitely going to lose control. "Let's slow this down a bit. I would like to be able to date before . . . well . . . " Lois flushed because she knew he was right, but tell that to her hormones.

Something about Lois' last comment seemed to distract Clark and he finally focused enough to see what they should do. "I have an idea."

Clark spun into his Superman outfit, smiled slightly at Lois' amazement. Then he pulled her in close to him. They moved at super-speed across the city. They were at the Daily Planet in moments. With Clark's x-ray vision, it took them very little time to find the pink stationary in Perry's office. They smiled conspiratorially and went to work.

The next morning at the Daily Planet they were greeted by their Editor in Chief. The moment he saw them arrive in the newsroom, he bellowed, "Lois, Clark, in my office now." He disappeared inside.

Lois gave Clark a worried look. He shrugged and tried to give her an encouraging smile.

They tentatively entered the office. Perry closed the office door behind them and gave them a stern look. But he couldn't maintain it; his face quickly broke out into a wide grin. "Come here, you two!" He held his arms out and hugged them both simultaneously. They hardly had a moment to react before Perry was pulling away. "I should have known better than to try to pull one over on the two best investigative reporters in the business"

Lois busied herself with straightening her shirt and smoothing out the slight creases in her skirt. "What gave me away?" Perry asked them.

Clark shot Lois a questioning look. Lois opened her mouth to speak and no sound came out.

"Well . .uh . . " Clark started and then stopped when he realized that he was just as unprepared to answer as Lois.

"A good reporter never reveals her sources," Lois said without much confidence.

"Well, I have to say that Alice was thrilled with the flowers and particularly touched by the love letter you two wrote"

"We just adapted your own words, Chief," Lois protested.

His expression seemed to say "Ah Ha!" but he remained silent, his broad grin straining his cheeks. Then he sobered and gave them a concerned almost paternal look.

"What about . . . . I mean . . . you two . . . are you two getting along okay? I mean, I just thought that . . . well you know . . . you just..." Perry coughed, his face flushing in embarrassment.

Lois linked her arm through Clark's and said, "We didn't figure it out right away"

Clark grinned down at her. She gave him a pointed look and he saw that she wanted him to elaborate. Instead of replying, he bent down to give her a kiss. She melted in his arms. The kiss became more passionate and Perry began to chuckle. "All right, you two. You made your point. This is a newsroom, not the back of a '57 Chevy"

Lois and Clark broke apart and smiled somewhat self consciously. "Thanks, Perry," Clark said.

"Yes, thanks, and if you ever do anything like that again I'll . . ." Lois started.

"Now, now. I promise my matchmaking days are over. Although have you seen the way Jimmy has been mooning over that new copy repair girl? I swear, if he jams that machine one more time, I'm going to have to have a word with that boy"

"I have faith you'll do the right thing, Perry." Lois said, patting his arm. Then she left the office, pulling Clark behind her.

"There's never a dull moment around here, is there?" Clark asked.

Lois smiled devilishly at her partner. "That's just what I was counting on"

The End