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The music was loud, her friends all laughed with her. She was happier than she had ever been in her fifteen years of life. She had won, she had defeated the Goblin King and his minions. Toby was free and she had seen her faults, she knew who she was, she knew what she was and she was no longer alone.

Later as she cleaned up the mess that her friends had left her with, she looked out of her bedroom window. The owl was there, watching and waiting, it took only a seconds thought before she pulled it open and took a reluctant step back to grant him access. It was the last thing that she had ever wanted to do but she did not want to seem like a poor winner, and after all he had taken the time to come and see her, the last thing that he would want to do would be to gloat at her obvious loss. True enough, when he materialised in his Fae form before her, he did not gloat, and his eyes were filled with a kind of deep sorrow.

"Sarah," the longing in his voice was noticeable and for just a second, she harbored the thought that his words had been true. "Congratulations." The word seemed to come from between clenched teeth, maybe he was being a poor loser.

"Why are you here?" She kept her voice quiet, not wishing to make anymore noise and run the further risk of waking up her father and Karen. Explaining her friends would have been hard enough, explaining the presence of the Goblin King and his disturbingly tight trousers would have been another problem entirely.

"I am come to bestow upon you a gift." His wrist twisted and a crystal appeared there.

"My dreams?" She mocked and saw his face twist in anger, it was not a pleasant look, even on the highly attractive Jareth.

"For defeating me. I am sworn to come whenever you should call upon me, to bow down to your petty whims and wishes." He held the crystal to her as he spoke, his tone full of rage and self mockery. She took the crystal, sensing that not to would be to offer some serious insult to the already angry king. In a flash of lightning and a role of thunder he was gone.

"Show off," she muttered as she shoved the orb into a draw. "Believe me, I'm as likely to call on you as you are to want me to."

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