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Decently upset that the night so far was going completely against what he'd planned (though he was pretty glad that Sara wasn't the one that had puked), Grissom silently begged any god, anywhere that the night would only get better from there on.

"Hey." She smiled at him as he took his seat next to her.

"Hey. It didn't start yet, did it?"

"No, it's just previews. What took you so long?"

"Uh…long lines," he lied in a whisper.

"Oh. Okay."

Thankful that Sara bought the line and asked no more of his terribly awkward behavior that night, Grissom smiled at her again, took her hand and turned his attention to the movie screen.

A few minutes after the actual movie started, he heard an eerily familiar laugh from a couple rows behind.

He didn't want to turn around; he didn't need to turn around. Grissom knew who it was. It was the sucker kid and his annoying dad.

Way to be on watch, Greg.

Hoping against hope that Sara was paying more attention to the movie trailers than any normal human attending the movies does, and wasn't noticing the near satanic laughs behind her, Grissom began trying to ignore them himself.

But…when the movie finally started, she leaned over to him and whispered, "Gil, please tell me I'm just imagining that noise."

"You know I don't like lying to you, Sara," he sighed.


"Just ignore it, Sara. Let someone else take care of it."

"Ignore it?! The movie is loud enough for a deaf man to hear, and they're louder than it is!"

Though what she said may have been politically incorrect, Grissom knew it was right in all other ways. Looking around the theater, he noticed several other patrons shooting hateful looks back at the father and son, muttering 'shut up,' and saying things about getting the management.

"Sara, someone else will handle it. You just got your hair back to where you had it before," he warned.

"Don't get me started on my hair, Grissom."

He blushed and tried to reinforce the whole 'let someone else deal with the idiot' thing.

She rolled her eyes and went back to watching the movie, but ten more minutes into it, the man started yelling things at the screen and the boy would yell things simply to encourage his father.

Sara had had enough.

Turning around in her seat, she yelled, "Excuse me, sir!" When the man ignored her, she yelled the same thing, only louder, drawing attention to herself and Grissom from the two she was after, and pretty much everyone else in the room.

"You need something?" the man asked, his tone indicating he was mad about being interrupted.

"Yeah, actually I do," Sara said, her tone matching his. "We all do. We all need you and your kid to shut the hell up for once in your irritating lives!"

While Grissom let out an embarrassed groan and slumped down in his seat, the crowd around them cheered Sara on as the man and his son immediately began yelling back at her.

"You're that lady!" the boy yelled. "The sucker lady!"

"And you're that little devil boy that no one likes!" Sara yelled back.

The man got up from his seat and made his way to her while telling his son to go get the manager. When he got up to where Sara and Grissom were, he told Sara that she needed to shut her fat mouth…and that seriously didn't sit well with Grissom.

With boos from their audience supporting him, Grissom stood and got in the man's face, telling him to back off. The movie stopped, the lights came on, and the manager and boy came running in, just in time to miss seeing the man shove Grissom back into Sara.

"The movies?" the man said, nearly rolling with laughter. "Helluva place to take your gal on Valentine's! Where to next? McDonalds?!"

"Oh, shut up!" Grissom demanded before he turned to the manager and asked if he was going to do anything about the man and his son.

"Sir, you need to calm down before we have to call the police," the manager warned Grissom.

"Why the heck are you telling him that?!" Sara yelled. "That guy's the one being a jerk!" she pointed at the father. "He shoved my boyfriend!"

"Ma'am, I never saw that. Now, please keep your voices down. There are other movies going."

"Yeah, I'll keep my voice down when I stick my foot up-"

"Hey!" The manager yelled. "That'll be enough out of you."

Grissom looked the manager dead in the eye and told him that he'd better not talk to Sara like that again or there'd be problems, big problems.

The man crossed his arms in a challenging way, and seeing this, the father did the same. The boy cheered them on and the crowd around them instantly started chanting 'fight!' like it was suddenly freshman year in high school and not a public setting.

Sara tugged on Grissom's arm, trying to get him to drop the matter and leave, but he wouldn't; he wanted apologies from both of them to her for talking like that.

"Hey, if she can talk like a man, then she can be talked to like a man," the father snapped, only shortening Grissom's fuse with him.

"You two need to leave." The manager pointed at the exit. "Now."

"We'll leave once she gets her apologies, thank you."

The man grabbed Grissom's shirt to escort him out the door and everyone let out their 'ooh!' sounds. Grissom shoved the manager and the father punched him. Grissom punched the father right back, despite the fact that his nose had turned into a bloody fountain.

When the manager started to take off to go call the cops, Sara tripped him and made him land on his face. This caused him to bust his lip, but the guy quickly recovered and ran to make the call.

With Satan senior on the floor in pain and Satan junior tending to him, Sara tried to inspect Grissom's face but couldn't since he had both hands over it, just trying to promote their leaving instead of being worried about too much else.

"Wereallygottago," came Grissom's muffled suggestion to Sara.

She nodded, grabbed their things as quickly as she could, and started to run down the aisle toward the exit with the bleeder before she turned and ran back towards the kid and his father.

Kneeling down by the young kid, she told him, "The Easter Bunny and Santa aren't real!" and got up to run again before she thought of something else. "Oh! And you're adopted!"

With that said, Grissom and Sara ran out past the fat-lipped manager, who was ranting like crazy on the phone, and made it out to the car without problem. Grissom started it, threw it in drive and slammed on the gas pedal, not caring where he was driving, just caring that they were getting away from there.

A few minutes into the drive, Sara burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Grissom asked.

"I'm out with my boyfriend on Valentine's, and we're wanted by the police."

He groaned, "Sara-"

"Wanted by the cops!" Sara continued laughing so hard that she snorted, eliciting a small laugh out of Grissom too. "We haven't quite topped the original date yet, but the effort sure is being made, I can tell you that."

"Well, do you want to stop at the gas station and get a couple of shirts?" he joked as he drove on, not meaning it in the least bit.

"God, no!" she snorted out in another fit of laughter. "I have an odd feeling that if I made you wear that same shirt, you'd make me wear the hat again. And that's not happening!"

"But I loved you in that hat," he said, sticking his bottom lip out.

"Nice try. Just get us some food."


Another forty minutes of driving later (forty because Grissom just so happened to know the route cops didn't really frequent), and he pulled into the lot next to the little stand from their first date.

He couldn't help but roll his eyes when he saw the car across the lot from his own. Glad that Sara didn't see them, he let out a slight laugh when the security lights allowed him to see Catherine smack Greg in the cramped space of the car filled with themselves, Warrick, Nick and Brass.

Walking Sara to the small picnic table, Grissom's nerves were in overdrive because of the question he still had to ask her. Sara started to get a little nervous because she picked up Grissom's nervousness and realized that she still had something to say to him as well.

Taking his seat across from her, he asked what she wanted to eat.

"Same thing I had the last time, minus the tomato," she answered. "My stomach's just been kinda…I don't know. Just no tomato, please."

"Okay." He nodded and went to order.

Standing at the window, which was a safe enough distance away to have a discussion about the ring and all plans surrounding it, the woman that had taken over the shop since the last time just couldn't help but flood Grissom with her excitement over the matter. "I just loves me a weddin'! Oh, but this isn't one of those ''cause we hafta' types-a things, is it?" she asked, her odd Southern drawl adding even more of a quirk to the question for Grissom.

"E-excuse me?"

"I mean did ya knock 'er up?" the woman went on in a near rant. "Oh, honey, I've got seven kids of my own, and they're all boys. I thought my husband had done gone'n drilled it inta their heads to wrap it up right, but no; they'll dip their wick in any trashy whore out there. Well, not that your gal's a whore or anything; she seems like a nice'un. But then I gotta call 'em- the whores, ya know- I gotta call 'em family when they get hitched. The 'ol shotgun weddin'," she sighed. With a wave at him, she went on. "Oh, and I tell ya, them whore's fathers just get downright angry at my boys for doin' what they done with their little girls. Ugh. That's just what they get for not teaching them to have their boyfriends wrap it up."

Having had his mouth open in shock the whole time she was talking about her Jerry Springer-worthy family, he sputtered out "Uh." just to participate in the conversation.

"But ya'll two just don't seem like that kinduva couple, ya know. Ya'll two seem like a classy kinduva couple. Real cute-like, ya know."

"Right." Throwing on his best smile, he told her that he was pretty sure Sara wasn't pregnant. "She hasn't been acting funny or anything. Well, I mean, except for today. And she hasn't told me that she is…even though she's been trying to tell me something all day."

"Holy crap, ya knocked 'er up!" the woman said in a congratulatory tone.

"Holy crap, I knocked her up," he said in a tone not even close to that of hers. Looking over at Sara, she looked back at him, smiled and waved. He gave a fake smile and waved back.

"What's wrong? Don't want kids?" the sandwich lady asked.

"Eventually, yes," he said. "But I wasn't exactly hoping to propose to my pregnant girlfriend." His phone rang and the lady went about making their food while he answered it. "Hello?"

"I know you can't talk with Sara right there, so we'll talk in code."

"Greg, what is your problem?"

"Technically it's Catherine's problem for letting me have the phone," Greg answered. "But since you said my name, I'll assume that you can talk for some reason."

"For the time being, yes."

"Cool," he said. "OW!"

"Greg? Greg?"

"Gil, he's an idiot. Ignore him. You didn't ask her yet, did you? You better not have done it yet," came Catherine's warning tone now.

"No, not until after we eat," he told her, making damn sure to leave his new revelation out of the conversation.

"How long's that supposed to be, Gil? Greg has gas, it's cramped in this car, and we want to watch two of our best friends get engaged. Oh, and Jim wants to know just why it is that your plate number is being repeatedly called out over the scanner."

Ignoring all but one question, he told her they might as well come over now, so long as they all kept quiet. He had to get his proposal out before Sara told him her secret, so that it didn't seem like he was asking her for that reason, and with knowing her secret adding to the nervousness he already had, he didn't need the five coming along and ruining the proposal any more than he was probably going to himself.

Watching his support team of the corner of his eye, he made a mental note to hit Greg the next time the opportunity presented itself. Everyone else just made it a point to stay out of Sara's line of sight, whereas Greg made it a point to revert back to his ring-fetching, ninja self. Wearing a mask, he was ducking behind everyone as they walked across the parking lot, momentarily hiding behind light poles and cars, Greg couldn't help but make an ass out of himself before they reached the side of the stand.

They stayed on the side of the stand so that Sara couldn't see them or hear Greg's pouts when Grissom demanded that he take the mask off.


"What, Catherine?" Grissom sighed.

"When ya doin' it?!"

"I already told you; after we eat."

"Do it now," Brass told him. "We're cold, hungry, tired, tired of Sanders, and I personally have a really bad feeling that something is going to terribly wrong. Otherwise, why would the cops be out for you?"

"No idea what you're talking about, Jim," Grissom said and took the sandwiches and chips the lady set in the window. "But we're hungry, too."

Taking the food over and setting it down on the table, Grissom excused himself to go back for the drinks. Going back, he got them, the ring, and good luck wishes from everyone, including the crazy sandwich lady.

Thanking them, he took a deep breath, stuffed the ring into his pocket and headed back over to the table.

"No comments about sex this time," Sara warned him as she took her drink. "As comfortable as that subject may be now, I'd still rather not risk it."

He laughed and agreed.

After they were both done putting their chips on their sandwiches, Sara noticed that Grissom had completely stopped talking. He'd also stopped looking at her.


Staring at his food, he acknowledged her.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Nothing's wrong," he laughed nervously. "Just eat."

Even though her curiosity wasn't curbed by that pathetic excuse for, well, an excuse, Sara did as he said and went on with eating.

"He's gonna screw up!" Greg whispered.

"He is," Nick agreed. "Look how nervous he is!"

"Is he going to throw up?" Warrick asked.

Catherine told them all to shut up and just watch, while Brass continued his look out for police cars. With Greg still being wanted by the police, and Grissom now supposedly in trouble, there was no telling how the night would go.

Back at the table, Grissom finished his food sooner than he would have liked, and was now waiting on Sara to finish hers.

Sara was eating a little slower than normal, trying to think of ways to tell Grissom what she need to say. She didn't know if he was going to be mad, or if he was actually going to be happy about it.

When she finally did finish eating, the silence stayed between them for a couple of awkward minutes…until it was broken with, "Wally? What're you doin' here?! Oh, who cares!? Where's that Bob at?!" the sandwich lady exclaimed.

Now, individually, both the names Bob and Wally are equally innocent and are perfectly fine to hear a crazy sandwich lady bellow out on a night like Grissom had been having so far…but the names Wally and Bob hollered out together on a night like Grissom had been having could only mean one thing: Grissom was screwed, and not in a good way.

Around the side of the stand, Greg went pale and everyone else went bright pink as they tried to hold back their laughter.

"Get me outta here!" Greg demanded in a harsh whisper. "I'm not going to jail!"

"Hey!" Catherine snapped. "I am not missing this proposal, Sanders!"

With the team keeping Greg under control and trying to watch Grissom propose at the same time, they really couldn't do too much to help Grissom if he needed it when it came to the cops, and he knew this, so he kept his cool when the two uniformed men walked up to the window and started talking to the lady.

Sara couldn't help but laugh because she thought the whole night of travesties was just hilarious, and when Grissom thought about it, well, it was a little funny to him as well.

"What do we do?" she whispered.

"We leave," he told her. "Calmly, we get up and we go."

She nodded through a laugh and grabbed her things.

Grissom quickly threw their trash away before he and Sara began to make their way towards the car. Keeping his face turned away from the officers as they walked past the window, Grissom cringed when the lady turned her attention from her own conversation long enough to tell Sara 'congratulations, honey!'

"Crap, we missed it!" Catherine said and jumped out from her hiding spot. "Congratulations, you two!"

Sara, not having any idea as to what the hell people were congratulating her for, was wearing a look of confusion to go with Grissom's look of frustration.

Everyone else but Greg came out from the side of the building and congratulated her, but she told them she had no idea what they were talking about. Before anyone got the chance to say anything else, Wally turned around and said, "Hey, Bob, ain't that guy kinda lookin' like the movie man to you?"

Bob turned around, looked Grissom up and down, and then said, "By golly, Wally, I think ya might be right!"

Realizing his night was about to take a serious turn towards everything unfunny, Grissom knew he had to propose right then, or Sara would tell him about the baby first and he didn't want that.

"Sara," he said as Wally grabbed his handcuffs and worked them onto his wrists. "I know this is absolutely the worst time to be doing this… ow, Wally… but I've been trying to redo our first date so that I could propose to you… Wally, seriously, that hurts… because I love you… Are you even trying, Wally… I know what you've been trying to tell me, and it's great. I couldn't be happier, but I want you to know… Wally, dammit… that I'm not asking… Wally, I swear to… because of that. I'm asking because I want to."

"Oh," Sara said, because that's all she could say.

As Wally and Bob walked Grissom to the car, he yelled back to her, "Well? Will you marry me?!"

"Yes, but I'm not pregnant!"

Wally, Bob, and Grissom all stopped dead in their tracks. "She sayin' she ain't pregnant, sir."

"Yeah, I caught that, Bob," Grissom snapped. "What do you mean, you aren't pregnant?!" he yelled back to her.

"Well, I thought I was, but I'm not. I've been trying to tell you for the last couple days. You've been acting so weird that I figured you thought I was too."

"You've been acting just as strange as me!"

"Because you and those guys," she pointed at Catherine and crew, "were freaking me out. That and I didn't know what you were going to say. We've never talked about kids."

"Oh. Oh, well…we're still getting married, right?!"

"Yes, now go to jail. I'll come bail you out in a bit," she laughed.

So Bob and Wally stuck him in their car. Grissom and Sara mouthed 'I love you' to each other before they drove off, and Sara burst out in laughter for probably the hundredth time that night.

Greg snuck around the corner, satisfied that he was safe from arrest, and asked why she was laughing.

"All I wanted to do was tell him I wasn't pregnant and all he wanted to do was propose. Two things that should have been simple, but now you're wanted by the cops and he's going to jail. Oh, and we're most likely banned from a theater."

"How do you know about Greg being wanted by the cops?" Nick asked.

"Why else would he have been hiding when he had a perfectly good opportunity to give me a congratulatory hug?" she joked.

"She's smart," Greg said. "Can I still have my hug?"

"No. Look, Griss has the keys to his car, so I need a ride to go get him."

"We're not all going fit in Jim's car," Catherine said. "Greg automatically stays here. Who's joining him?"

"I will," Warrick volunteered. "I'm starving."

Sara gave her thanks and got all of congrats before she went to get in Brass's car. Catherine gave Warrick strict orders to keep an eye on Greg while they were there and the rest of them went off to go spring Grissom.

Thinking of Grissom and Sara's past, and the night they just went through, Catherine muttered to herself, "If that's the proposal, I'd hate to see the wedding."

Haa. You all thought Sara was pregnant. You're funny.

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