Something There—Chapter One

by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for het, some yaoi and yuri, crossbreeding, and a bit of language

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon… But I do own Abika, Luna, Murasaki, and a few others.

Author's notes: This is the last chapter of time jumps and back-story. For the most part, the romance and whatnot will start in the next chapter. Well, not quite romance yet… But you'll see. Our heroine has some issues to work out as you'll see shortly. I have major spoilers for the end of Project G here, so beware that… I had to though, so everyone would know what's going on. Lastly, the pokédex info I have in here is copied right from Bulbapedia, so I'm not making it up. DP spoilers ahoy!

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"Muuma, Impressive Dance!" The small pokémon gracefully pulled off the move, making the opposing Asanan flinch. "Quick, Psychic Beam!" The beam of energy hit Asanan just in time for the buzzer to sound. She quickly looked up to the scoreboard, and…

"And the winners are Abika and Muuma!" The pictures of the young blonde woman, Muuma, and Raichu came up on the screen. She rushed over to Muuma and caught him in a hug, not believing her good luck. She'd just won her second ribbon in only two tries! With Upaa and Muuma, she'd won the contest after she'd left her friends, and now with Raichu's dazzling appeal and Muuma's firm grasp of contest battling, she'd won again! At this rate, she'd qualify for the Grand Festival in no time!

After the obligatory presentation of the ribbon, Abika was off to scout out the town, Muuma at her side. She'd always camped out or stayed in Pokémon Centers with her friends, but now that she was alone, she wouldn't feel guilty about staying in a hotel room. They'd never wanted to mooch off her, but hey, her and Muuma deserved it!

"This one looks nice enough…" Muuma, who'd floated to her shoulder, agreed with a 'Muu!' That taken care of, in they went—

—only to come out a few minutes later, Abika looking utterly ticked off and Muuma cooing sadly. She stalked down the street, her little ghost rushing after her.

"Those bastards," she muttered. "Who the hell do they think they are telling me they don't allow pokémon to roam free? Then they have the nerve to tell me they'll let me in if I put you back in your monster ball! I don't think so! If we were in Houen I'd have that hellhole shut down faster than—"

"Muuma!" She screeched to a stop at the voice and spun around only to see that Muuma had fallen behind a few feet while she'd ranted.

"I'm so sorry!" she cried as she rushed back over to her pokémon and brought it close to her chest in a hug. "I was just so mad… Look, we'll spend the night at the Pokémon Center, leave nice and early, and then head off to the next contest hall. It should only be about a week away… Then after we win that, I'll find us the biggest hotel in the city and we'll stay there no matter what they say…" Muuma didn't really care where they stayed so long as he didn't leave her behind… But if his mistress wanted to stay in one of those hotel things—whatever they were—then he supposed that he did too.

"See? This is much better… Joi doesn't care if you stay out of your monster ball and—" Muuma shot her a confused look as she suddenly stopped talking.

"Muu?" She shook her head, wondering if she'd really seen… No. Of course not. Why would she be here? She was still in Houen. Traveling for two months with just her pokémon must really be getting to her if she was seeing things…

"Oh, it's nothing. I just thought I saw my old girlfriend…" Muuma's eyes widened in surprise, causing her to chuckle at his expressive reaction. "Yeah… I really loved her… I've only loved three people like that in my life, but I knew the other two were doomed to fail. I shouldn't have been so surprised when Abira cheated on me or when Kosa wouldn't even try, I know." At his blank look, she sighed and pulled him close, leaning back against the wall. "Let me tell you a story…

"Once upon a time there was a girl who was cursed to have the most screwed up love life ever. She fell in love with her twin sister and said sister humored her until she got a girlfriend, then she dumped her. She ran away to Sekiei after that and found her brother. She was on the rebound and hurt and tried to start something with him… Well, that was a mistake, especially when she knew he had a boyfriend. On her way home, she found a young girl and immediately asked her out. It lasted three days.

"She went through girl after girl after girl, her jealousy and insecurity from past relationships chasing away each and every one. Her sister and friends tried to snap her out of it, but she wouldn't listen. But then finally, she met this amazing girl named Luna. Luna was different, you see… Well, it's complicated. She escaped from a genetics lab and was traveling with some coordinators who were trying to save the world with their pokémon. Just…their pokémon were humans. Some of them at least. One guy was dating two of his pokémon-turned-humans, and Luna… Luna was originally a Nyasu.

"…I loved her so much, and I really thought she was the one. I wanted to spend my life with her, even if she was technically a pokémon. I won't bore you with the details, but we decided to help them out and we met some more hybrids. Turns out that one of them had been Luna's lover when she'd been a pokémon—an Enekororo who'd been siding with the bad guys until Luna snapped her out of it… I could have kept Luna, I know I could, but… I really couldn't. Not when Luna loved her so much. And even though it broke my heart, I just wanted to see her happy…"

Muuma didn't know what to do. Here was his mistress, near tears, and there was nothing he could do to help her. He wondered how the pokémon she'd been talking about became human… It'd certainly be more convenient. He didn't even have any arms to hug her back…

"Oh Muuma… I haven't been with anyone since her, and it's been almost a year. I don't know… I just haven't found anyone I love, and after her, I don't want anyone I don't love. I don't even care if it's a boy or a girl, so long as they love me and I love them… But sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find that person. I've tried changing my life around, you know? I thought becoming a coordinator would help, since Rani and those guys all had lovers. It hasn't made any difference so far though. If only Luna had never met that girl again…"

Muuma didn't know who that other girl was, but he decided that he didn't like her. Or Luna either. Abika was a wonderful mistress! Why would anyone leave her? He'd never leave her!

"Muu…" Abika snapped out of her reverie at the soft cry and placed a kiss atop her pokémon's head, not noticing the slight red tint his dark face took.

"Thanks for listening Muuma… I know you'll never leave me." Even if he couldn't talk, he was glad she understood.

"Murasaki, that's her!" The purple-haired girl gave the brunette a confused look. Or, at least as confused as she'd allow herself to look.

"That's who, Luna? I can't see if you won't let me go out there." Luna shook her head vigorously, the Nyasu ears perched on the top of her head twitching nervously and her tail curling around her leg.

"You can't go out there… I saw Abika." Murasaki's eyes narrowed at the name. Luna's old girlfriend… What was she doing in Shinou?

"What about her little friends?" Luna shrugged, the worry evident on her face.

"I don't know… She had a Muuma with her though, and I know she didn't have one of those back then…" Though Murasaki had looked curious when she heard that Abika's two little lackeys weren't with her—honestly, she didn't think they ever separated—at the news of what pokémon she had…

"A Muuma you say? Perhaps she can be useful to us after all…" Brown eyes narrowed and the resulting scowl showed sharp teeth—much too sharp to be human.

"No, we can't use her pokémon for our untested experiments! That's exactly what happened to us, and you almost died when things went wrong! We can't risk it." The older girl wondered if her girlfriend realized that they'd have to test their new project on a pokémon sometime. After all, it was quite impossible to test it on themselves. But it was useless to try to convince her when she was being so emotional.

"Fine, you win. We won't give it to her…" Luna was quite surprised—Murasaki never gave up this easily. What was she up to…? "Are you going to talk to her?"

"Oh! Um…" Her suspicions were gone once the question was asked. Should she? She really wanted to, but could Abika handle it? What if she still wasn't over her? What if it just hurt her more? "…No. It'd be best if she just forgot about me… Come on, let's go up to our room before she sees us." Murasaki followed her girlfriend to the upper level of the Pokémon Center without another word. She thought it was best this way too—if only so Abika didn't have the chance to rekindle old flames with her ex-girlfriend. But as they walked, she silently plotted how to put her previous plan into action…

Midnight. Everyone was asleep… And now was her chance. Murasaki used all of her pokémon prowess to sneak downstairs, experiment in hand. Abika had gotten there late, and because there had just been a contest, all of the rooms were full. So she was on one of the couches, curled up with her Muuma in her embrace. Now was her chance. She just had to lean over and—

"Wark!" The sudden noise startled her, causing her to drop the object in her hand. She lacked the night vision Luna was blessed with, so she didn't know if the pokémon who'd made that noise was awake or just prone to calling out in its sleep. Plus, she had no idea where it had fallen to… "Wark!"

'Dammit,' she thought as she sprinted back upstairs, not making a sound. 'I missed my chance… Oh well. I can get it in the morning.'

"She's gone!" And wasn't Murasaki glad.

"Looks like it. She's not here after all. Must have left as soon as she got up." Luna sighed as they walked into the reception room, over to where Abika had been the night before. And to think she'd changed her mind about talking to her too…

"Oh well. I guess it really is best if she doesn't see me… 'Saki, what are you doing?" The older girl was on her hands and knees by the couch Abika had occupied, seemingly searching for something.

"Oh, nothing…" She swore softly as she got to her feet. It was gone… Had Abika taken it? "Oh Joi!" She rushed over to the nurse and whispered in her ear, frowning when the woman shook her head. "Dammit…"

"What's going on?!" Luna demanded as her girlfriend walked back over to her. Of course, Murasaki couldn't admit that's she deliberately tried to do what she'd been told not to, screwed it up, and now had lost it… But Joi said no one had reported finding it. Maybe Abika had found it after all!

"Nothing baby, nothing at all. I thought I'd lost something, but now I remember exactly where it is." Luna sighed and nodded, accepting the lie even though she knew that was exactly what it was. It wasn't worth fighting over…

"Okay… Let's just get going. We need to get back to Houen now that we have all the data we needed." Murasaki nodded and slipped her hand into her girlfriend's as they left the Pokémon Center. She just hoped that Luna never realized that they were short one of their experiments…

Abika held the purple stone up to the light as they walked, their destination being the next contest for their fourth ribbon. She'd found it when she'd woken up that morning, lying on the floor next to her. Sure, she probably should have reported it, but hey, she'd dated her sister. Like she was the epitome of morality…

"Finders keepers…" Muuma looked at the stone his mistress held, not knowing exactly what it was, but knowing he was drawn to it... "It's beautiful, isn't it? Purple has always been my favorite color… I just look better in black." The wink she sent her pokémon's way was met with a soft 'Muu,' as if to agree.

'Well, whatever this is, I suppose I can find out when we get to the next town… It kinda looks like an evolution stone, but it doesn't look like any of the ones I've ever seen…'

If it was an evolution stone, she wondered what pokémon it would evolve… Not that it did her any good. After all, none of her pokémon could evolve further with a stone.

"It's a Dark Stone, an evolution stone." Abika was glad they'd made good time to the next town by nightfall. There was another Pokémon Center they could stay in, and this one wasn't full, so they could get a room upstairs. And Joi had been able to answer all her questions before they headed up for bed. "They're only found in Shinou, so it's no wonder you've never seen one before. You must be excited to hear the news though!"

"Um… Why?" Joi giggled at the girl's confused look.

"Why, because of your Muuma of course! Or didn't you know?" Abika shook her head, wondering if maybe she should have used her pokédex on Muuma after all… "I thought not. You see, Dark Stones evolve Yamikarasu to Donkarasu, and Muuma to Muumaaji. So whenever you're ready, your Muuma can evolve!" Abika stood speechless at the news for a few moments, her eyes wide. Then…

"Thank you Joi, see you in the morning, good night! Come on Muuma!" She sprinted up the stairs to her room, her little ghost floating behind her. Joi giggled again at her enthusiasm, wondering which pokémon would be following her down in the morning…

"Muumaaji, the Magical Pokémon. A Pokémon that recites spells. While some spells are for torturing the foe, there are also ones for happiness. After hearing its cries which sound like spells, the foe will suffer from headaches and hallucinations." Abika shut the pokédex after hearing the information and seeing what her precious pokémon could evolve into with only a touch of the purple stone in her pocket. She'd had him for a little over two months, but they'd been training hard. Muuma already knew all of the attacks she wanted him to know. Evolution might teach him new moves… And give him more power… And Dark Stones were rare, so perhaps having a Muumaaji would impress the judges more…

Besides, she thought Muumaaji looked really cool.

"It's all up to you Muuma," she said quietly, running her fingers over the smooth stone in her pocket. "I'm okay with you evolving or waiting. It's up to you though. I mean, I know some pokémon change when they evolve, but I've been lucky so far, and none of my other pokémon changed for the worse. So I'm letting you decide. Muuma or Muumaaji? You'll be my star for the Grand Festival either way, I promise."

"Muu, Muuma. Mama, muu! Muuma…" She had no idea what he'd said, but judging by the way he was nuzzling her pocket… She had a pretty good idea.

"Okay then, there's no going back… Ready?" He bounced excitedly, the enthusiasm evident in his bright red eyes. She smiled as she took the Dark Stone out of her pocket, stopping inches before she touched it to him. "Here goes nothing…"

She touched the stone to his head, and instantaneously, a white light filled the room, causing her to shield her eyes. It was odd, she thought, that it was so bright. After Pikachu evolved into Raichu, there'd been a faint yellow light, but nothing like this… She had no more time to ponder the situation though, as the light died away. She removed her hand from her eyes and looked down at her lap…

The pokémon there was about half a foot taller than Muuma and much slimmer. The bluish gray and pink color was now purple and pink, and the five red gems had been cut down to three. Also, this creature appeared to be wearing a hat…

"Muumaaji, jima." She giggled at the now deeper voice before throwing her arms around her new pokémon.

"Muumaaji… You and me, we're gonna go all the way, you know? Just you and me." Despite his new look and the new power pulsing through his body, Muumaaji knew one thing hadn't changed…

He still cared for his kind mistress more than anything.

As Abika slept, she held Muumaaji close, just as she had every night when he'd been Muuma. He was finding it hard to sleep though… Tonight, her embrace felt warmer than usual. Now that he'd evolved, he finally understood why he never left her side, why he'd gone with her so easily in the first place when he'd resisted capture dozens of times before… He thought back to what she'd told him about Luna the day before. She'd been a pokémon turned human, and his mistress had loved her. He wondered if she could fall in love with a pokémon who wasn't a human...

But that was just silly. Of course she couldn't... And he'd never be a human. He supposed he'd just have to be content to admire his mistress as he did now, so close and yet so far. That didn't mean he couldn't dream though…

As he finally fell asleep, thoughts of deep green eyes and bright blonde hair filled his mind. Abika's own dreams were filled with her and Muumaaji winning the Ribbon Cup. And as they slumbered neither noticed that the bed they lay in suddenly getting cramped…