Homecoming by Gina

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Pairing: Buffy/Tara

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Summary: Buffy finds Tara two years after Chosen.

A/N This is my second B/T fic and I hope it goes well

Chapter One

Buffy had settled in a small town in the state of Vermont for the last few days. The slayers, Watchers and other factions of their new council were scattered around the world and fighting off evil to the best of their abilities. After her disastrous time with the Immortal, she thought a nice little vacation would do her some good. She hadn't really had a vacation to speak of in the last decade or so and hoped this one would go well.

Willow had settled down her black magic usage in time to help with the fighting off of the first as well as rebuilding the Council. She was also deeply in love with Kennedy, a slayer that Buffy didn't like much but it was not her decision to make. After Tara had left Willow for the mind-altering spell a year before the big battle, Buffy was just happy that Willow found it within herself to move on. She was even happier that the two decided to take residence in England where Willow could oversee the daily operations of the Council more efficiently. Not because she wanted rid of Willow but didn't want to be around Kennedy much as the two never clicked.

Dawn and Andrew would be getting married within the next few weeks and Buffy was glad that her sister had found happiness. She never believed that it would be with someone as girlish as Andrew Wells but it was and so Buffy was happy. As for Faith, she and Xander had a fun time together and chose to stick with the west coast for their area of finding slayers and fighting demons.

Buffy was content with her role in the new Council but the time for leisure was simply not enough. She had thought, after Sunnydale caved in, that she would get more time to find some semblance of normalcy in her life. Thus far, that was far from the case because she had to train slayers and help find new slayers. Faith and Giles helped out with these areas also and some of the other slayers who had been around awhile were beginning to aid in that aspect of the new alliance against evil. For those reasons, Buffy was looking forward to less time at work in the near future.

Buffy pulled her rental car up to a small restaurant in the quiet town. She thought that pointing to a town on a map was a brilliant way of picking a vacation spot, as this town was great. It was small, quiet, and no evil thus far and had all of the necessities that she needed. There was a small strip of locally owned stores in which she could shop, a small inn in which she relaxed and slept, a couple nice restaurants and a movie theater. There was also a river and Buffy found that sitting near the running water was peaceful and relaxing. She truly enjoyed this little town and, for the first time since the fall of Sunnydale, felt that this could be the place that she settled in as she took a less active role in the Council.

As she walked into the small diner, her mouth dropped and she stood frozen in memories. Seated at a corner table was the most kind-hearted person that Buffy ever knew. She took a second glance and knew it had to be her. The smile, the eyes, and the warmth that exuded from Tara's features were all there. "Tara!" Buffy called and rushed over to the table.

Tara Maclay looked up from her salad and saw who was calling her. She could not believe that, after all this time, someone from her past would show up here. She had mixed emotions about this but was glad to see Buffy's smiling face. She stood from her seat and greeted Buffy with a warm smile and hug. "Oh my God!" Tara exclaimed, as the waiter brought her soup to the table.

"I'll have whatever she's having," Buffy said excitedly. She was devastated when Tara had decided to leave Sunnydale but understood her reasons. "Tara, this is just wonderful to run into you! I so can not believe this!" Buffy pulled the woman into another hug and quickly released it having realized that she was using too much slayer strength.

"What brings you here?" Tara asked, as the waiter brought Buffy's salad. "Is Dawnie or anyone else with you?"

"No, I'm flying solo these days." Buffy said and sat down at the table with Tara. "I'm on a much needed vacation from work. I don't know what all you've heard, if anything, but it's been a rough few years since you left."

"I saw in the papers that Sunnydale caved in on itself or something of that nature. I called around and got up with someone in Angel's organization who told me a bit of the details." Tara said in a far off voice that echoed sadness. She had wished, with every fiber of her being, that she did not have to leave her friends but staying around Willow was too much.

"So, what are you up to? Will we have time to catch up or are you just passing through?" Buffy questioned the blonde with excitement in her voice. "Tara, I am so happy to see you but I think I said that before."

"I live here," Tara said and flashed her classic half-grin at Buffy. "I finished college and then started studying healing with herbs and powers with this elderly lady. She added to my mother's teachings and it helps pay the bills. I'm a substitute teacher and herbal practitioner. A lot of people are into herbs now and it's a great career for me."

"Wow, I'm glad that you found your place in life Tara. I wish that you could have stayed with us but we all understood, even Willow after awhile." Buffy spoke in a low serious tone, as the waiter brought her soup.

The two finished their dinner much to soon and were readying to leave. "Are you staying at the inn?" Tara asked as the two women walked out to their cars.

"Yes," Buffy said, it's a nice little place. I pay daily so that I don't have to get a refund in case I have to leave fast." She smiled at Tara and hugged her again. This was the best vacation that she could remember having in a long time.

"Well then," Tara spoke with uncertainty in her voice. "You're welcome to stay at my house and we can have more time to catch up." She jotted her number down on a small piece of paper and handed it to Buffy.

"That sounds great," Buffy's face beamed with excitement as she took the paper from Tara. "I'll call you up tomorrow to see when a good time is for me to drop in. Say Tara, is there any evil around here?"

"Every now and then there is a strange death," Tara creased her brow in thought. "I suspect it but have not yet witnessed anything so I can't say for sure. I think there is some form of creature everywhere though Buffy." She finished speaking and got into her car with a smile.

As Buffy got into her car, she smiled again. The peace that she had felt when she saw Tara was foreign to her. It was a welcome feeling though because Buffy had rarely felt at peace with anything since she was brought back from the dead. Tara was there to help her then and now maybe Tara could help her with her latest secret that she feared would befall other slayers as they reached the age of twenty-five. Buffy shook her head out of the somber thought of what her secret meant and drove to her room for a good night's sleep.

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