Okay, so I've been inspired to type up my story once again(you can thank Crisis Core for that). Here's my chapter 10...a little short, but overall, it covered what I wanted it to cover...enjoy!

Hours had passed, and after the meal they were brought(a pitiful bowl of rice and funny tasting water which everyone refused to drink), they sat quietly, Mizuki tapping her foot against the floor being the only source of noise.

"Is he really going to be okay?" Vincent asked, his eyes on Koro's shivering form.

Everyone seemed to glance at Koro, before Fallen stared at Vincent. "Do you know how they break wild chocobos?"

Vincent cocked his head, trying to think, but had no idea. Personally, he thought it was too much of a hassle to take care of one, anyways, so he had nothing to do with the giant birds. Shaking his head, Fallen sighed.

"They tie them to a strong post, and leave them for a few days without food or water. They basically did that to Koro...he didn't like some of the things they did...the gang we were in wasn't exactly good people, and he refused to do some things. So, they locked him up...and he gets like this every single time he's locked up. They broke him..."

Vincent glanced at Koro, knowing all to well about how the man felt. One could say it was a sense of pity, but it wasn't that...no, more of an empathy.

Steps were heard coming closer to the cells, and everyone seemed to just look away, staring at a wall or window, like nothing was happening. However, when the person finally came into their line of vision, everyone's jaw dropped.

Yuffie, twirling a ring of keys on her finger, grinned at Vincent. "Looks like I came just in time for you guys, huh? Now, let's get you out of here."

Cid huffed at her. "Look, brat, we don't want your help, so go play with something sharp or something."

Yuffie, not even looking at the gruff man, simply said "Well, you could be executed in an hour, or you could let me help...besides, who said I was helping you, old man. I'm help to help Vincent." And she proceeded to let Vincent out of his cell, and get the others out as well, happily avoiding Cid's cell.

"Oh yeah? Well, what if we were the killers? We could just kill you, you know?"

Yuffie, after unlocking everyone's cells(except for Cid's, of course) watched as Fallen rushed into Koro's cell and picked up the blue-haired man bridal style, holding him close. "It wasn't you guys...besides, I doubt that you'd do something like that anyway. You're all too nice...way too nice...I mean, you gave some girl you didn't even know some gil even after she tried to steal from you. Sweet Leviathan, you'd have to be either really nice or really stupid-"

Vincent quickly placed his hand over her mouth, effectively getting the princess to shut up, and stopping Cid from getting madder. "How did you know it wasn't us?" the gunman asked.

Removing the man's hand from her mouth, Yuffie responded with "None of your weapons matched the killer's. His seemed to be serrated, like a saw, but longer, thinner, like a sword...very odd, if you ask me..."

Vincent seemed to pale at the description, muttering "Hellmasker...," though no one heard him, as they were staring at Yuffie.

"How'd the fuck you figure that out?" Cid asked, reaching through the bars and failing to reach the girl or the keys in her hands.

"I'm not an idiot, that's how."

Vincent, still pale(r than usual), grabbed the keys from Yuffie and let Cid out of his cell, and started for the exit, while everyone followed, even the princess.

Yuffie, eventually taking the lead, led the group to their hovercraft while avoiding the guards, and got on the Tiny Bronco, waving for them to come on aboard as well, and got confused by the weird looks. "What?"

"Get off my ship, brat."

Glaring at Cid, she puffed out her cheeks. "Like hell, old man. I'm coming, and so is my guard."

"Guard? Like fucking hell. Get the fuck off, now."

Mizuki waved the captain off, a smile on her face. "Aw, now captain, is that any way to treat a princess? Especially after she helped us get out and can easily put us back in?"

Cid thought about it, and headed off to the bridge, muttering about 'getting a smoke and starting this fucker up.'

Yuffie jumped in excitement, then hugged Mizuki tightly. "Thanks! I won't forget that!"

Fallen, still carrying Koro, went into the ship, and a guard walked onto the deck. "Hikaru?" Vincent asked, remembering the guard from before.

Grinning and scratching the back of his head, the guard laughed. "Yeah. The princess wanted to go, and since I found out about it, it was either I go or face her or her father's wrath...so, the lesser of two evils, I guess."


"Sorry, princess. Anyways, we took two rooms that were unoccupied. I hope this isn't too much trouble..."

Mizuki waved him off. "Nah, it's fine. Besides, if I'm thinking this right..." The ship started to vibrate, then lifted off the ground before moving forward, making a line drive for the exit. "Yep, the captain's ready."

The ship weaved through the hills between the palace and the gate, and, with the gate wide open, they blasted out of Yokoto, and off to the south, to Tola.

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