Life In Sunnydale by Gina

Rating: R

Copyright: 2007

Pairing: Willow/Harmony

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Summary: AU starting with season 2 timeline of BtVS, no slayers but evil is out there! femslash

Chapter One

Willow, Amy, Xander and Jesse made their way into the school with bored looks on their faces. It was their first day back to school after the short hot summer vacation. The four were not keen on returning to the school that they aptly had named Sunnyhell. They were looked upon by most of the student body as lower class citizens and unworthy of being noticed. "Oh look, it's the Sears queen and her band of geeky friends." Cordelia Chase, the leader of Sunnydale high's socialite group said with a look of distain on her face.

"At least my nose isn't so far in the air that it hits the ceiling." Amy Madison retorted in disgust at the group of girls.

"At least my mother didn't have to be taken out of her home in a straight jacket for trying to perform some crazy witch spell." Harmony Kendall, Cordelia's number one cheerleader replied.

"Come on guys, do we have to bother them daily?" The newest Cordette, Buffy Summers whined as three guys, Riley Finn, Brad Logan and Tim Mathison stepped in beside Cordy, Buffy, and Susie.

"I think I'm gonna go girl hunt," Jesse announced having never been one to challenge the Cordettes and their men.

He walked off as Xander and Amy linked hands. The rest of Willow's clique didn't realize that this bothered her. Though she had a few friends, even they abandoned her for various reasons called life. "Lookie there Rosen-nerd, your friend doesn't even want you!" Cordy howled and received cheers from the Cordettes and their current crop of men.

"Shut up Cordy!" Xander hissed as his best friend, since kindergarten, headed off down the hall.

As she ran down the hall, she ran smack into the other popular clique of Sunnydale high. This was Faith Lehane, William Burns, Daniel Ozwald, Veruca Stevens and a few of their friends. They were Sunnydale's popular high school band, dressed in leather and often had wild parties with pot smoking and drinking. This was the circle of people and their friends that were stuck in the middle of the geeks and the socialite groups of people. Most of the time, this group wasn't rude to Willow nor did they acknowledge her existence. "Hey there Red," Faith said and looked down at the visibly upset girl. "Thanks for doing my math assignment Friday," the pretty teen handed Willow a couple bucks.

"It's wrong to take money Faith." Willow said which caused the others to laugh.

"Red, if you wouldn't be so virtuous, maybe Cordy and her girls wouldn't bug ya so much man." She shrugged and walked off with her friends.

Willow slumped defeatedly next to the drinking fountain and tried to fight back the tears, which flowed from her eyes almost daily. "Willow," a voice pulled her out of her self-pity mode briefly.

"Oh," she said upon looking at the pretty face of Harmony Kendall. "Haven't you guys done enough today?"

"Actually," Harmony allowed the first period bell to ring before she continued. She shared study period with Willow and wasn't to concerned over being late. "I wanted to talk to you about my science grades. They were pretty dismal last year and my parents are ordering me to buckle down. I was wondering if you would like to help me out for a few evenings and they will pay you for it."

Willow remembered that, when she was seven, Harmony's mother had invited everyone to Harmony's pool party, as they had just got a new huge pool. She remembered that Mrs. Kendall was always kind to her but Harmony never was. In fact, Harmony was worse than Cordelia Chase if that could be woven around one's brain as a factual statement. She knew that helping Harmony with science would most likely be a huge challenge because though the teen did well in most classes, science was definitely not the blonde's strong point. "Sure, just let me know when it fits into your Cordette schedule." Willow said dryly, as Faith walked up to them.

"Kendall," she turned angrily to the blonde. "I'm not gonna tell you again to stay the hell away from William! If you don't, you and your band of fashion-designer girls are gonna find out why I don't fit in with you even though I'm probably more popular."

Willow knew for a fact that William hit on most of the Cordettes when Faith was not around. She also was certain that if Faith didn't believe her, she would be in trouble also. She had seen William pulling up his shirt to expose his nice looking chest at Harmony and other flirtatious things. "She had also seen the blonde cringe in disgust. Buffy and Susie would probably date the hunky looking teen but not Cordelia or Harmony, unless Harmony was looking for a one-night stand. They stuck solely with the high-society boys when it came to long term dating. Though it wasn't a crime in the book of rules for Cordettes to go out with guys like William, they kept their standards a little higher than those of the rest of their gang in order to show why they were the leaders. "Faith, you got the wrong one. Harmony doesn't flirt with him in lunch or the two classes that I have with them both." Willow said weakly, as the gorgeous brunette turned her gaze to Willow.

"You calling William a liar?" Faith's intense glare was none to pleasant for Willow to be the object of.

"He's simply not my type." Harmony added to try and stop the street-wise brunette from further going after Willow. It wasn't that she cared what happened to Willow but the girl came to her defense and, as a Cordette rule, favors were repaid unless the inconvenience to the Cordette was too overwhelming.

"Harm only dates men who ware clean-cut clothing and don't look as if they've ran straight out of some freak show!" Cordelia Chase's words rang through the hall as she sauntered up to Faith. "His leather jacket probably cost a couple hundred bucks while Harm's a couple thousand and that is why he and your silly little band is to low on the totem pole for Miss Kendall!"

Faith and Cordelia's cliques rarely had conflict but it was on now. "You're a stupid bitch C!" Faith reached out to shove the hazel-eyed brunette but Harmony, as the rulebook for the Cordettes requires that one do, stepped out in front of Cordelia and took the shove. This allowed Cordelia to trip the outraged brunette with a arrogant grin on her face.

"That's queen bitch to you Faith, get it right!" Cordelia huffed and walked proudly down the hall with Faith heading off in her own direction.

"Thanks Willow," Harmony said with a smile, the first smile she'd ever received from a Cordette.

- - - - - - -

At around 06:15pm, Sheila Rosenberg called to Willow who raced down the stairs. She fully did not expect Harmony to show up and was about to call Xander to see what he was doing tonight. "Hey are you ready?" Harmony called from the door and motioned to a classic 1969 Corvette.

"Yeah," Willow said and wished that her father could see the car. He always loved cars and used to own one before the tragedy.

Harmony opened the passenger door for Willow then got into the car and sped off. "Dad has a few of these, he's a collector I guess." She said rather flatly.

"My dad used to love these cars." Willow said in a hallowed tone as Harmony wheeled the snazzy looking car up the streets of Sunnydale.

"He is passed?" Harmony asked in wonderment as to why she hadn't heard such news.

"No, he's, well he was injured and never fully recovered." Willow said in a nervous tone. She didn't much like to talk about the events surrounding what had happened to her father because it only gave her bad dreams.

"Oh," the shallow blonde replied with no effort to sound interested. "Here we are," she said and pulled into a large garage that sat in the back of the Kendall estate.

As the two walked in the large Victorian style home, Willow couldn't help but marvel at it's beauty. Her family had money but the Kendall's and Chase's beyond had money. "Hello there Willow dear!" Nancy Kendall, a short slender light blond haired woman, who didn't look any older than thirty, said cheerfully. "Will the two of you want something to eat with this?" Nancy said and held out a tray with a pitcher of ice tea and two glasses on it.

"No thanks mom," Harmony said and took the tray from her mother's hands, as she motioned Willow in the direction of her room.

As the two settled on Harmony's bed and sipped their tea, Willow took a quick glance around the room. The walls were decorated with family pictures, celebrity posters and a collage of nearly 25 photos with obituaries of the students, in the popular crowd, who had died since their freshman year. Along one wall sat a state of the art entertainment center with unicorns and other figurines on the top of it. Along the opposite wall sat a computer that had fashion and celebrity gossip magazines on its desk. A large oak-framed bed was more to the center of the room, which had intricately cut glass windows and was cooled with central air-conditioning. In one corner was a door that Willow figured was to Harmony's private bathroom and in the other corner, sat a small bookshelf that was full of what Willow presumed were romance novels or something of that nature.

"That's sad and a little scary isn't it?" Harmony stated more than asked, as she pointed to their fallen classmates.

"Yeah, it's weird how they were all attributed to drugged up gang member murders." Willow commented with a noticeable shiver.

"Do you believe in all those old tales? I mean, vampires, werewolves and other demons?" Harmony asked with a questioning smirk on her face.

Willow grew silent and had to fight off the bad memory of what happened to her father. She not only believed in those stories but also witnessed at least one of them first hand. "If I told you, you would just tell the rest of your gang and have more ammunition to get me with." Willow stated and took her science book out of her bag. As she removed it, a cross fell out which told Harmony all she needed to know.

"I heard that one of the guitarists for Faith's band is a werewolf and that William is a day walking vampire." Harmony said as she looked at the cross that Willow picked up. "I never told any of my friends that." She left out the part where her friends are the ones who had given her that bit of gossip but didn't see the importance of explaining herself where the matter was concerned.

"Why would you? It would just get you booted out of the Cordettes." Willow said a little more harshly than she had planned on doing. "Sorry, let's just get started."

"Sounds like a good idea," Harmony said in an I'm better than you tone. "I have to get showered and do my face cleansing before bed."

- - - - - - - -

The next few days of school droned on at a normal pace minus the fact that two members of the senior class had gone missing. Willow was certain where these two clowns would end up and felt bad for herself as well as the two once future lawyers. "Willow," Harmony's voice interrupted her thoughts. "My parents won't be home and instructed me to get something to eat for us before we study. So we'll stop in at the Bronze." The blonde didn't look thrilled at the notion of spending her Friday night studying her newly added computer applications class. Her father had suggested that they add that to their curriculum of after school studies and chose Wednesday and Friday nights for the next couple of weeks. He thought that Harmony might really buckle down and learn if he took one of her free nights away and then he would agree to a change of evening discussion.

"That's fine," Willow said being glad to have something to do on a Friday night. Xander and Amy would be at the club on a date and Jesse would be trying to make a move on any girl he thought might go on a date with him, or he may even have an actual date. Willow would just have been there and in the way.

"It sucks to be you Harm," Susie laughed and made a face at Willow. "I wonder what your new boyfriend will say?"

"Charles isn't my boyfriend," Harmony said in exasperation of having to explain the situation yet again. "He's a law school guy and simply for fun. My parents would kill me if they knew."

"That's why Susie will learn to keep her mouth shut," Cordelia warned in a menacing tone, as she walked up to the gang with Brad. "Charles is a muscle-bound smart guy, he'll understand that education is priority and this will help Harm's case so back off Susie."

"We'll have her a condolence party for having to hang with the geek once her studies are finished," Buffy Summers added in a tone that spoke volumes to Willow. Her words were forced and she never looked the redhead in the eyes, for some reason unbeknownst to her, it appeared that Buffy was forcing herself to be rude to Willow.

As the gangs bantered back and forth with insults, Willow noticed William and Faith huddled at a table in the library with the strange librarian. Cordelia took a glance and shrugged her shoulders. "I've seen their motorcycles at his home every night this week. What a drag, hanging out with the librarian!" She said the last few words loud enough for the rocker students to hear but Willow got a feeling that something more was going on.