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Chapter Seven

Willow awoke the next morning with a great feeling of peace and having a good rest. It was a feeling that she had not experienced in a long time. She stretched lazily and rubbed her eyes open as she turned to face the one who gave her the restful night's sleep. Immediately, feelings of fear formed a knot in the pit of her stomach. She tried to move out of Harmony's arms as the panic began to overwhelm her but had no success.

Harmony's eyes shot open with a scowl plastered on her face. She hated being awakened before she was ready to wake up on her own. "Willow, what's wrong?" She asked in a sleepy tone of voice.

"This, you, what's the game now?" Willow asked in a frantic tone. "You know, I just found out that one of my best friends was a vampire then I had to stake him. I shouldn't have to deal with your games Harmony!"

Harmony pulled Willow's face to her and kissed her firmly on the mouth to stop the babbling. Her brain wasn't fully alert in the morning and there was no way she would be able to keep up with Willow's frantic emotional state. "There is no joke Willow. I made love with you last night and today we are going to tell your friends about Jesse and us. That is, if you want there to be an us." Harmony looked deep into Willow's eyes and placed a gentle kiss on her lips after she finished speaking.

Willow allowed herself to relax slightly as she looked into the blonde's eyes. "I'm scared to trust you Harmony." She said softly and returned the kiss. She wished with every ounce of energy within her, that she could fully trust the blonde but feared the never would be able to.

"I know that Willow," Harmony said and kissed the redhead several times. "Apparently this relationship thing takes something I'm not good at, work. I'm willing to try it out to see if I can fix the damage I've caused. I'm tired of having those pink unicorns being the symbol of my life and want something better as I come into adulthood. I want you to be that something better but can't force you into anything."

Willow tried to find something other than honesty in Harmony's eyes and tone of voice but couldn't. "I'll give it a try," Willow said with noticeable hesitation in her voice. "I don't want to tell everyone until I get the Jesse ordeal out of the way. I think Amy, Xander and I will need some private time for that."

"All right," Harmony said and got up from the bed. "I'm going to go home and shower. I have to stop in to see if my new shoes and jacket came in and then I will pick you up. We will go to Giles' house whenever they set up a time." She leaned down and kissed the redhead again. "I am truly sorry Willow and I thank you for giving me the chance to prove myself to you."

"You're welcome," Willow said softly and kissed harmony back. "I just hope that I'm doing the right thing."

"You are Willow," Harmony said in a low voice as she kissed her more vigorously.

"You're choosing a new jacket over dealing with this?" Willow asked with fake disgust in her voice. She knew that Harmony had done a great job of helping her through some rough times but fashion would always be high on her priority list.

"It was special ordered three weeks ago from Paris." Harmony smiled and continued to kiss Willow.

As the two teens became engrossed in their passionate kissing, Xander let himself in the hotel suite. "Will?" He questioned and opened the door to her room, as he often did without hesitation. "Oh my God!" The young man shrieked in shock but didn't take his eyes off the two women.

Harmony moved begrudgingly away from Willow and the bed. "I'll see you later Willow." She smiled at Xander, who was picking his jaw up off the floor, and left the room.

"Willow?" Xander questioned in a slow drawn out manner.

"She's my girlfriend Xander. It started out as a joke that Cordelia cooked up but we're getting past that now."

Xander looked at his best friend for several minutes before he decided to speak again. "You're kidding me right? Harmony Kendall is a bigger bitch then Cordy ever thought about being."

"I used to think so too," Willow said sadly. "Xander there is some other things that we need to talk about and I think you need to sit down." As Willow finished speaking, the funny teen looked into her eyes and knew that this conversation was going to be a long one.

- - - - - - - -

Willow and Xander walked somberly into Giles' apartment. She had phoned Harmony to change their meeting plans because both she and Xander had a rough time dealing with Jesse's loss. Their conversation was short but the hugging and tears lasted for the longest time. "Hi," Willow said to Giles, Spike, Faith, Buffy, Harmony, Amy and, surprisingly, Cordelia.

Spike looked at the larger group of people and frowned. He did not like where this was going but knew deep down that the only way to win this battle was awareness. "First off, we're not passing out fliers or anything of that damn nature!" He bellowed with a growing desire to take over the situation.

"First of all," Giles stood up. "I am the leader of this band and don't you forget it!"

"Who the hell Cares about who does what! I was almost killed last night and I want it stopped!" Cordelia bellowed as she stood up.

Willow noticed that Harmony looked uninterested in the developing situation before them. She was busy watching Faith and Buffy who seemed a little chummier then usual. "You were almost killed, Jesse is dead. The vampires turned him and I had to stake him. So don't come in here acting like you are the only thing that matters Cordelia Chase because right now, you are on the bottom of my important list!" Willow shrieked in anger.

Giles began to speak as he wiped his glasses. "Faith, Willow, her friends here, and myself have had great losses because of demons. We are all in agreement that, no we will not announce things from the rooftops, but will make people more aware of things. We're going to work on some things with the craft to enable us to do more on this end. We also want the public to know who they can try to get help from should the need arise. It is a simple word of mouth process and will work better than our prior ventures. The more knowledge people have, the safer they may be. The plan is to simply let people know that those crosses most everyone carries will work in some cases and who to call if they spot something strange."

"Whatever, just clean this town up before me or one of my friends gets turned into some fashion crippled creature!" Cordy shouted and looked at Harmony. "You have a choice to make Harm and make it right now!"

"My choice has been made Core," Harmony said and smiled at Willow. "It used to be fun to be one of your flunkies but not any more."

"Are you with us Willie or do we scratch you off the list?" Faith asked in a condescending tone. She received a glare from the vampire but paid it no mind. "You're acting like a fucking jerk so you will be treated like one testosterone boy!" She added with a lot of edge to her voice.

"I don't like it but I'm in." Spike said begrudgingly. "No more fighters trained!"

"I'll train whomever I wish to do whatever I wish!" Giles snapped back at the vampire with growing irritation in his voice.

"So Willow is doing the witchie thing with Amy, I'm doing the whatever you need me to do and we trust these three to fight for us all?" Xander asked in a concerned tone. "What will these two snobs be doing?"

"I will be waiting for Willow to finish with you boring people so that I can go have some alone time with her." Harmony stated and was glad that a few people in the room didn't look shocked. She calculated that, after their conversation yesterday, some of them surely had the brain power to figure some of what had gone down out.

"I will be here from time to time to see that the utmost important matter in this room, my life, is being protected properly." Cordy said and gave Harmony a look of disgust.

"Can we get out of here now Willow?" Harmony said impatiently with no notice that Amy was giving Willow a strange look that mirrored one of not accepting her relationship with a girl.

"Sure," Willow said flatly and took Harmony's hand. "I'll be here at 6 tomorrow Giles and we can get started on fine tuning that spell."

"That will be great," Giles said with a small smile. He was glad that things were coming into place but the constant fear of what evil would come next was in the back of his mind.

- - - - - - -

Harmony and Willow sat in the back of a movie theater after dinner. They held hands and sipped their Pepsi's, one diet and one regular to fit the needs of Harmony's obsession with being thin. "Do you worry about Core?" Willow asked the blonde who seemed to be more worried about rubbing circles on Willow's palm with her thumb then anything else. "I mean her attitude and the things that we know are out there."

"She wouldn't worry about me, so why should I worry about her?" Harmony asked with a tone in her voice that showed Willow she wasn't concerned about such things at the present time.

Willow knew that if she were going to make a go of it with Harmony, she would have to accept all aspects of the girl. There was the good kisser, the caring and comforting person, the occasionally deep conversationalist and the great orgasm giver. Then there was the frequent shallowness, non-caring of others attitude, occasional showing of arrogance person and, just flat out self-centered side. All of these things rolled into one was what made Harmony Kendall who she was and Willow knew that she loved her no matter what. She also knew that, deep down Harmony would be crushed if something happened to Cordy. Finally, she knew that a part of Harmony would always be a Cordette and hoped that she could live without the social status.

As Willow withdrew herself from her thoughts, she noticed that a muscle bound young man was talking with Harmony. "Core told me that you ditched me for some chick. I trust she's not so high on the geek list as this chick is. I bet she can't give you pleasures like I did." He chuckled knowingly as Willow pretended not to be paying attention.

"Charles," Harmony looked at the man in disgust. "You and all the other guys I had relations with were just an outlet. Some means of releasing stress and now that I'm out of the closet and the Cordettes, I have no stress." She turned her gaze to Willow and saw the huge smile on her face. She knew that she had just passed a major test, as Charles Gunn walked off in defeat.

"I think I believe you now," Willow said in a small voice. "About this not being a joke I mean."

"I'm glad that you do Willow because I am being more honest with you then I have ever been in my life." Harmony said and leaned in for a kiss.

"Thanks for showing me the real you Harmony." Willow said and returned the kiss happily. "We've got a long way to go before we can get out of this town but I think we'll both make it."

"At least we have a reason to make it now Willow." Harmony said and put both arms around the redhead. "Charles wasn't that good in bed anyway so don't let yourself think that you're inadequate compared to him or any of the other guys I've been with."

"How many other guys have you been with?" Willow asked curiously, as their kissing grew more needy.

"Not many, less then most girls at the school and more then a few of you." Harmony replied cryptically. "I enjoyed dating, making out and sure the sex but not with so many as most people think. I did have some sort of decorum when choosing my sleeping partners."

"Do you ever think of all this evil stuff Harmony?" Willow asked as she settled against Harmony's chest and allowed the blonde to rub her breasts from the outside of her shirt.

"Once in awhile but I figure that it's best to live life as it comes. They will get one big bad vampire and another will take his or her place." Harmony said and began to kiss the back of Willow's neck.

"You either need to stop that or we need to go somewhere else." Willow said with a slight blush.

"Let's go then," Harmony said and quickly got up from her seat.

As the two teens left the theater holding hands, Willow looked across the street. She saw Buffy staking Angelus. "The locator spell worked wonders!" Xander called over to his friend happily.

Part of Willow was elated to have the creature gone as he was one less evil creature to worry about. Another part of her was sad because Amy worked the first major spell with Giles rather than herself. "They don't really need me Harmony." Willow said, which allowed the shallow blonde to see her insecurities come to the forefront.

"I do Willow." Harmony said and kissed her longingly in front of Willow's friends. "We can need each other and that's all we'll ever need."

Willow smiled at her girlfriend and returned the kiss. "So what do I do when you go off to Paris to do whatever you plan on doing there?"

"That was my and Cordy's dream," Harmony said and opened the car door for Willow. "You will go to college and do your computer thing and I will go do my fashion design thing. I'm sure that we can find a school that has a top notch program in each field." Harmony finished speaking and started the car.

"I think I love you Harmony Kendall." Willow said and kissed the blonde on the cheek with tears in her eyes. For the first time in Willow's young life, she was crying tears of joy.

"I know that I love you Willow Rosenberg." Harmony said as she slowed the car and gave her lover a quick kiss on the lips. She felt happy for the first time in her life and hoped that she would remain as such for a long time to come.