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I fell in love with this show within the first five minutes and couldn't stop myself from writing a fic about it ;-) This story takes place sometime during the first half of Season 1. I hope you enjoy it. :-)


By Silwyna

"Hey Sam, did you read this?" Dean looked excited at his younger brother. They had just come back from a successful hunt and had made a short stop at a gas station. As soon as their car was refueled, they only needed to grab their bags from the motel in the nearby town and then they could leave … going right on to the next hunt.

"What?" Sam looked up at his brother.

"There is an unusual high amount of deaths in the Reddick Forrest. That's just a few hours from here. Several people went missing and some were found dead … apparently their bodies were ripped up by claws. Sounds like a job for us." Dean said grinning.

Sam shot an angry look at his brother. "And what about Dad?"

"What about him?"

"We're supposed to be looking for him, remember? He's missing too." Sam replied sharply.

"We are looking for him, Sam."

"No, we don't. We hunt one demon after the next, but we're having no trace of Dad. None!" He nearly shouted the last part. He took a deep breath and tried to regain control over his feelings. He hated to lose his temper like this, especially in front of his brother. But he was tired of this. He only wanted to find their father, find the demon and get his revenge ... then this would all be over and they could go on with their lives. However such a life might look like then.

"That's exactly it, Sam. We have no idea where to look for Dad. So, as long as we are waiting for any sign of him, we should do something good. Killing demons saves lives … sounds good enough for me, don't you think?" Dean glared angrily at his brother. His attitude annoyed him. Why wouldn't he understand how important their job was?

"Well, it's not good enough for me." Sam said stubbornly. Deep down he knew that Dean was right. But the guilt he felt inside of him grew with every day and the only way to stop that feeling was finding their father and kill the demon. Make things right again in his world. Then he might fall asleep again without being afraid of the dreams.

"That's too bad, Sammy." Dean said, the anger now clearly audible in his voice. "You know what? Maybe we should split. You go looking for Dad and I kill that forest demon."

"Forest demon?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Whatever! It's a demon, it's killing people and I will hunt it down. You're with me or not?"

"Dad isn't in the Reddick Forest, Dean, we should …"

"Fine. I'll do it alone. Call me if you find him, all right?" Dean left his brother standing where he was and quickly walked to his car. He started the engine as soon as he was in and without looking back he drove off.

Dumbstruck Sam watched his brother driving away. He couldn't believe Dean had just left him here. Their motel was miles from here, it would take him several hours to get there by foot … and it was winter. The streets were covered with snow, the sky looked like it would snow even more and it was freezing cold. He didn't exactly look forward to walk all the way in this weather.


Surprised to hear his name, Sam turned around ... and froze.

"Jade?" He stared at the woman in front of him. Jade Moore, the sister of the woman he had loved, was the last person he had expected to see here. Actually he hadn't though he'd ever see her again. "Wh-what are you doing here?"

"Like you'd actually care." Jade replied coldly.

Sam was about to give her a smug response, but stopped himself before the words had left his voice. He was used to argue with this woman all the time, but he didn't feel like he had the right to do so anymore. Her sister was dead and he was responsible for that. Of course she didn't know that and there was no real proof to connect him to Jessica's death, but he couldn't shake the feeling that she would still be alive if she had never met him. Images of the last time he had seen her flashed through his mind … he could feel her blood trickling on his face, the heat of the fire burning on his skin. He heard her screams ... Heard them every night in his dreams.

He closed his eyes to force the memory down. He wished he could forget ...

"You're all right?" Jade didn't know what had made her ask. In fact, she had no idea what had made her call out for him in the first place. She didn't care about Sam Winchester anymore. She hadn't liked him very much when Jess had still been alive, they had usually been fighting every time they were together. And she downright hated him now after he hadn't even bothered to come to her funeral. But there was something in his eyes ... something about him that made her forget her anger at him for a moment.

"I'm fine." Sam responded to her question. "It was nice seeing you again."

With these words Sam turned around and started walking away. He wasn't in the mood for another fight right now. And fighting was really all he and Jade had been good at in the past. No real fights actually, more like quarrels. It seemed they could never agree on anything. It had actually been fun most of the times. Of course it had driven Jessica nuts.

"Hey wait." Jade called after him. Again she had no idea what made her say the next words. "Need a ride?"

"What?" Surprised Sam turned back to her.

"I saw your friend driving away. It didn't look like he was planning to come back anytime soon."

Sam looked shortly at the direction Dean had disappeared to. She was right. Dean was too stubborn to come back soon and he was too stubborn to wait here for his brother to calm down. He thought about her offer for a moment. There were worse things that could happen than driving in a car with Jade Moore. A four hour walk in the snow definitely was worse. And it might be nice catching up with her. Finding out how she and her family were doing.

"I'm staying in Carlton City. There's a small motel. If you could let me out there ..."

"Sure." She tried to keep her voice cold, but something inside her was glad that Sam wouldn't just disappear out of her life again after only a few minutes. She tried to ignore that feeling. "Get in."


The first few minutes they drove in silence. Jade was determined not to talk with Sam. He was the man who had walked out on her sister after all. She still remembered the last time she talked to Jessica. She had been worried that Sam had just left in the middle of the night after this brother had shown up. Something about his behavior had been awkward, she had said. Jade had asked her then and there if she thought that Sam had left her, all ready to get in her car and drive to her sister to give her comfort. But Jess had insisted that Sam hadn't left. Never would. Because he loved her and she loved him and they had this wonderful relationship. Well, as it turned out, Sam had left her. Only Jessica never lived long enough to find that out.

That thought send a familiar pain through her and increased her determination not to speak a single word with Sam Winchester if it wasn't necessary. She already regretted her offer to drive him to his motel. What had gotten into her? That jerk had left her sister.

But Jade Moore wasn't the kind of girl to stay quiet for very long.

"What are you doing here anyway?" She asked after a while, trying her best to let her voice sound anything but nice. "I thought you were going to law school."

"Why do you ask?"

"This is the middle of nowhere, Sam. It's kinda strange to meet you here of all places. So ... Why are you here?" She cast him a curious look.

"I could ask you the same." Sam replied evasively.

"You already did. I just chose not to give you an answer. And why should I ... it's obvious that you don't care about my family."

"What? What are you talking about?" The moment the words had left his mouth, Sam knew exactly what she had meant. He hadn't been to Jessica's funeral. He hadn't said his condolences to her family. They had taken him in and always treated him warmly after he and Jess had become a couple. For a while he had felt like a part of a real family. And then he had simply turned his back on them. He hadn't even called or written a card. He took a deep breath to force down the wave of guilt spreading through him. Jade had every right to accuse him of not caring.

"Never mind." He looked out of the window. He wished he hadn't taken her offer to drive him. Suddenly walking outside in the cold didn't seem like such a bad thing after all.

"Yeah, just ignore what's going on around you. That's what you're best at, isn't it." Jade glared at him angrily. "You told Jess you loved her and she believed you. But then you just leave in the middle of the night without an explanation ..."

"It was a family thing." Sam cut in angrily. "That ..."

"And of course that was more important than the woman you're supposedly loved, wasn't it? You couldn't even ..."

"Supposedly loved?" Sam called out agitated. "You have no idea what you are talking about. I loved Jess and ..."

"If you had really loved her than ..."

She never got to finish her sentence. At that moment something big hit the car and pushed them off the street. Jade tried to regain control over the car, but it was useless. A second later they crashed down a steep slope.


Angrily Dean leaned on his car which was parked near the road. He knew he should get back. Sam couldn't walk all the way to the motel, it was way too cold for that. Even if he just waited here for him it would be too far. He would most likely end up with a cold or worse and then neither of them would get what they wanted.

He cursed his brother for his stubbornness but at the same time had to admit that he wasn't much better. They were too much alike for their own good. And if he was honest with himself, Sam had a point. Hunting down all those demons did stop them from looking for their father. But he couldn't just ignore all that was happening. As long as he knew that there was a demon killing people and he could stop it … he couldn't just look the other way. And he also knew that Sam felt the same way. It was drilled into them since they were children. But he also knew that finding their father was Sam's top priority right now. Mostly because he hoped that by finding him he would also find a way to kill the demon who had killed their mother … and the woman he loved.

When Dean looked at his watch, he noticed that he had been standing here for over half an hour by now. Sam was probably already on his way, he would have never waited that long for Dean to return.

He was just about to get back in the car and drive back to pick up his brother, when he saw two ambulances driving down the road he had just come from.

A bad feeling spread through him. He couldn't really explain it ... it was highly unlikely that this had anything to do with Sam. They had only been apart for about half an hour .. what could have possibly happened to him in that short time? But he couldn't shake the feeling of dread and quickly got back into his car. He told himself that he wasn't following the ambulances. He was only driving the same way to pick up Sam from the gas station where he would still be waiting, safe and healthy.

He couldn't say why, but when he saw the ambulances stopping on the roadside, he slowed down his car as well.


Slowly Sam came back to consciousness. His head was fuzzy and he wasn't sure what had happened, but he was hurting everywhere. When he tried to move, a sharp pain spread through his left side and he cried out in pain. He took a deep breath which caused him to start coughing. It felt as if he was only inhaling smoke. He looked around himself and a wave of panic immediately spread through him. He was in a car wreck and the car was on fire. Frantically he tried to get out, but his leg was stuck. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get free. Gasping for breath he gave up and fall back against the seat, exhaustion and tiredness taking their hold of him.

"Dean?" He tried to call for his brother, but his voice was barely above a whisper. He couldn't see Dean anywhere. Where was he? He tried to clear his mind. Had he been in the car? He couldn't remember. Was this even his car? It didn't look like the Impala. God, Dean would kill him if anything happened to his car.

"Sam? Sam, you have to get out now!"

He turned his head to the voice … she sounded familiar. "Jess?"

"You have to get out of the car, Sam! Come on!"

He blinked a few times and finally recognized the woman who was shouting at him. It wasn't Jessica. The all too familiar pain he had been able to forget for a few moments returned and threatened to overwhelm him. Jessica was dead. He closed his eyes. It would be so easy to just give up now. He could be with her again. He would just fall asleep and it would all be over. No more pain …

"Sam, damn it! Wake up! You have to stay awake! I won't let you die in there. Don't you dare give up now!" Jade's voice pulled him back and his eyes fluttered open.

His thoughts went to Dean. He tried to concentrate on him. He couldn't give up. He wouldn't let his brother down. "You have to … help me, Jade. I can't …" He gasped for breath. " … can't get out."

It was getting harder and harder to breathe. His vision was starting to blur and every breath he took burned in his chest.

"I … I can't help you." Jade said, the despair clearly audible in her voice.

Sam looked at her confused. She was standing right next to the car, she would only have to open the door and try to pull him out. This couldn't be so hard. She hadn't even tried yet. "Jade …" He was hit by another coughing fit after inhaling too much smoke. He knew he couldn't stay awake much longer.

"Just hang on. Someone's coming." She told him, hope returning to her voice. "He's stopping. Oh thank god, he's gonna get you out."

Sam didn't hear her anymore. His last thought before slipping away was that Dean would be alone now.


Dean watched the ambulances stop on the roadside. He didn't have to guess for long why … he could see the smoke coming from down the slope. It must have been a car accident. He let out a relieved breath. Sam hadn't been in a car. So this really had nothing to do with him.

He wanted to drive by and go back to the gas station and pick up Sam, but something made him stop. While he was driving by the ambulance, the bad feeling in his stomach increased immensely. So he stopped the car and got out. Maybe he could help. Sam would understand.

He looked down the slope and saw two bodies lying on the ground. One was a woman. He couldn't see much of the other person as a man was bent over him. It looked like he was trying to resuscitate him, doing mouth to mouth and heart massage. It didn't look good. When the man moved aside to let the medics get to the injured person, Dean saw the injured's face … and he felt as if the bottom of his world had just dropped out.

"Sam …" He shouted and started running down the slope, seeing Sam's pale and bloody face before his eyes the whole time. He had looked so lifeless. But he couldn't be, not Sam. He had been all right just a short while ago. He couldn't lie down there now and …

Dean had almost reached Sam when he felt hands pulling him back. Angrily he turned around to whoever was holding him. "Let go of me!"

"Let the medics do their job. There's nothing you can do. You're only in the way." The man who Dean had seen trying to help Sam before the medics had arrived spoke calmly to him.

"That's my brother." Dean said helplessly. He looked over at Sam and saw the medics working on him. There really was nothing he could do.

The man let go of Dean's arm. "I'm sorry. I'm sure it's not as bad as it looks."

"How does it look?" Dean asked, afraid of the answer. He suddenly noticed the blood on the guy's arms and clothes.

The man followed his gaze. "That's not all his. The girl is injured pretty bad as well."

Dean nodded slowly. Right now he could do nothing else but stare at the lifeless form of his brother lying on the ground. There was so much blood. He watched how the medics continued the CPR. After what felt like an eternity Sam's heart seemed to be beating by itself again. They stopped the heart massage and placed an oxygen mask over Sam's face. They injected him with something and then put an IV in his arm.

Dean watched all this in a haze. How could this have happened? Sam had been all right when he had left. Why had he even been in this car? Who was that woman? And why in god's name had he left his brother alone at that gas station? How could he have just driven away?

At that moment the medics put Sam on a stretcher and started carrying him up the slope. Dean immediately went over to them and helped. At least he could do something. When his eyes fell on his brother, it took all his willpower not to stop in his tracks. Instead he grabbed the stretcher even tighter. Sam's face was pale and there was a lot of blood running down it's side. He had a toby collar around his neck and he could see another huge looking wound on his brother's leg. There was so much blood …

He threw a glance back at the car … it looked so badly damaged it was a wonder that anyone had come out of it alive.

He helped the medics lift Sam into the ambulance and wanted to climb in behind them.

"I'm sorry, Sir. You can't come with us." One of the medics told him.

"That's my brother. I won't leave him." Dean said determinedly.

"I'm really sorry, but there's not enough room. That's your car over there, right? You can follow us. But we have to go now." The medic motioned for Dean to step back and then closed the door. Dean watched the ambulance drive away. For a moment he just stood there in shock … then he pulled himself together and quickly ran to this car. He wouldn't let Sam out of his sight again.