Chapter 1

"Our agent was terminated."

"What shall we do with these two now?"

"They are unneeded now, either terminate them too, or send them back."

"But their fellow comrades are leaving Nexus Earth. They will be…alone."

"Their comrades will return in time and they also have other comrades in wait."


"Their essences were extracted, they were combined, they formed a new, and they were destroyed. We have no further use for them. Get rid of them at once."

"At once."

There was a flash of blue light and the bodies of Tigatron and Airazor vanished and descended upon Earth. As the light approached the ground, the bodies of Tigatron and Airazor materialized and fell the rest of the way down. They fell into the canyon that the Maximal base was situated. They were woken up by the sound of a large engine firing up. Tigatron got to his feet and looked up just in time to see the Autobot shuttle fly overhead.

"By the Matrix, what is that?!" he shouted over the sound of the engine.

Airazor looked up as well, mouth slightly agape. "I don't know," she said. As the shuttle started to fly further away, a thought hit her. She brought her arm close to her face and spoke into the communicator in her arm. "Optimus, Optimus this is Airazor, can you hear me?" Static. "Slag!"

Tigatron tried to make contact too. "Optimus, this is Tigatron, is anyone out there?!"

Airazor though her hands up in exasperation. "Where is everyone?" she asked no one in particular.

"More importantly, where are we?" said Tigatron, looking around the canyon.

Airazor looked around the canyon too. "I have no idea," she muttered. "We never saw this canyon on any of our recons, did we?"

Tigatron shook his head. "Let's check it out," he said, motioning down the canyon and started waking down the path.

Airazor nodded and ran to catch up. They walk for several cycles until they reached the entrance of the just abandoned base of the Maximals.

Tigatron tapped Airzaor's shoulder and pointed at the auto-guns situated at either side of the large door. "Looks like Rhionx'," commented Tigatron, "I don't get why we were so close to them and we still didn't make contact."

"Lets go in and say hi," said Airazor, excitedly, "they'll all be so happy to see us again." She giggled, "I can already see Cheetor's reaction."

Tigatron chuckled. "Yes, I'm sure they'll be very pleased to see us."
"Don't get your hopes up," came a raspy voice from behind them.

They spun around to see both Dinobot and Depthcharge, reduced to a near scrap state, supporting one another. Airazor pointed her wrist mounted missiles at the two, but Tigatron, gently pushed her arm down.

"Who are you? And what do you mean by "Don't get our hopes up?" asked Tigatron.

"You know me as Dinobot, though I really am just his clone, and this is Depthcharge. And I meant don't get your hopes up trying to find the rest of the Maximals for they have already left Earth and heading back to Cybertron," said Dinobot, limping towards the entrance of the ark's cavern. "Now, excuse us, we am in desperate need of the CR chamber."

Dinobot and Depthcharge walked past Airazor and Tigatron and entered the cavern.

"You mean that…" Airazor looked up into the sky, "We're alone here? That can't be."

"Airazor…" Tigatron found nothing to say to try and comfort her, for he was just as saddened by this news. Airazor was shaking and Tigatron placed a hand on her shoulder.

Airazor looked up at Tigatron, then at the floor. Suddenly, she wrenched her arm out of Tigerton's grasp and ran off, away from the Ark's cavern, transformed into her beast mode, and flew off.

"Airazor!" shouted Tigatron, and was about to chase after her when he heard a voice behind him.

"Let her go," Depthcharge said.

Tigatron turned to face him. "W-what happened here?" Tigatron asked in a shaking voice.

Depthcharge motioned to the Ark's cavern, and Tigatron followed, giving one last look in the direction Airazor flew off in.

It was a few megacycles until Depthcharge and Dinobot were fully repaired, both having sustained heave damage. Tigatron had spoken to both of their core-conscious while they healed. They explain everything from the "Metalhunter" to the Nemesis.

Tigatron listened to their story, trying to take everything in. It wasn't until the story was finished that Airazor returned.

"Sorry," she muttered, "I got lost on the way back," though this was an obvious lie.

She walked off into the corridors and found the sleeping chambers of the other Maximals. She entered the rooms and found the one that was occupied by Cheetor and entered. A lot of the stuff was left behind. Many different halo-maps of Cybertron, assortments of random Earth items, and several other items were scattered around the room. She took another step inside the room and stepped on something. She looked down to see a picture frame. She bent down, picked up the picture frame, and looked at it. It was a picture of her, Cheetor, Rhinox, and Tigatron, standing in front of the Axalon's entrance. She sat down staring at the photograph when Tigatron walked in. He knocked on the door to get her attention, and she looked up.

Tigatron walked over to the bed and sat down, one arm wrapped around Airazor's waist. "You okay?" asked Tigatron. Airazor glared at him. "Sorry, standard question."

"I just can't believe they're gone," Airazor said in a soft voice, still staring at the photograph in her hand. "I've always imagined that when they returned to Cybertron, we'd be in the ship with them."

"I know just how you feel," said Tigatron, trying his best to comfort her.

Just then, Depthcharge walked in. "Sorry to disturb this tender moment, but we got a problem," he said.

Tigatron stood up. "What is it?" he asked.

"Three stasis pods have been knocked out of Earths orbit and crashed on Earth," Depthcharge explained as Airazor got to her feet too. "Their have been damages to the pods and if we don't retrieve them and give them a form within the next half a megacycle, they're gone."

"We got to hurry then," Airazor said quickly and, before anyone else could say something, she left the room.

Tigatron and Depthcharge followed Airazor and met up with Dinobot on the upper level. They each split up, Tigatron and Dinobot going off into the plains to find one of the pods, Depthcharge into the ocean to try and find another, and Airazor headed off to the jungle to find the third.

It didn't take long until Airazor stumbled onto the stasis pod in a clearing in the jungle. Upon inspection, the pod didn't seem too badly damaged to her, apart from that the DNA scanner had to be switched on manually. After starting the DNA scan, Airazor watched as the pod started to scan the area for a suitable form for the protoform to have. After the scan was complete, the changes had begun. There was a flash of bright light, causing Airazor to shield her eyes, and the pod opened up. She looked up to see the new Maximal sit up inside the pod.

The Maximal brought a hand up to his head. "Ow, my aching head," he winced. He looked around. "Where am I?"

"You're on the planet Earth," said Airazor, causing the newly awakened Maximal to spin around.

"Who are you?" he asked, and he looked at himself, examining his arms, legs, and body. "More importantly, who am I? They only thing that comes to mind is Skyhunter."

"Then Skyhunter's your name," said Airazor, the corners of her mouth twitched.

"But what if it's someone else's name? What if it's your name?" asked Skyhunter.

"My name's not Skyhunter, don't worry," said Airazor, who started to laugh slightly. 'Obviously this was a very kind Maximal with a shot memory chip,' she thought. "My name's Airazor." She extended a hand to help Skyhunter out of the pod.

He was about Tigatron's height and looked like a larger version of Airazor, though with a white, gold, and brown color.

"Aw…beautiful name for a beautiful being," he said, bowing slightly.

"Sorry, flattery won't get you anywhere, big guy," Airazor joked, slapping Skyhunter's chest plate lightly with the back of her hand.

Skyhunter clicked his fingers. "Darn," he said with a laugh. "So, what do we do, now that you've rescued me from that cramped pod?"

"I suggest we head back to our 'home' before we start getting Energon build-up," replied Airazor, "It'll be quicker if we used our beast forms."

"And how do we do that?" Skyhunter asked, helplessly.

"You really don't know anything do you?" asked Airazor.

"Sorry," said Skyhunter, guiltily.

Airazor waved it off. "That's alright," she said. "The transformation is voice activated. Just say…'beast mode.'" As she said that, she changed into a large peregrine falcon. "Now, you try."

Skyhunter nodded. "Beast mode," he said, changing him into a white colored falcon with golden and brown stripes along his back and tail. Skyhunter looked himself over. "Cool," he remarked.

Airazor couldn't help gazing at the white falcon in front of her. A swift, kind, and powerful looking beast he was. She suddenly realized what she was doing and broke out of her reverie. "Shall we get going then?" she asked.

"By all means," replied Skyhunter, wait for her to lead, and they both took off.