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Life will flash before my eyes
so scattered and lost
I want to touch the other side
and no one thinks they are to blame
Why can't we see
That when we bleed we bleed the same

The fire, the pain, the intense feeling of my body splitting in to two parts was imaginable. I thought I could hear voices calling, I thought I could hear people saying my name but there was nothing, nothing but emptiness, nothing but this pain that just refused to go away. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. I felt as if fire had been poured down my throat. I tried to raise my hand to my throat to soothe out the words but once again I was met with intense pain. The sound of my bones cracking met my ears. I closed my eyes trying to fight back the tears that were profusely streaming down my face. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to get out, and I had to stop the pain. I started trashing my arms around, and the cracking sound of my bones breaking filled the air once more. I felt a deep rumble in the base of my throat that continuously built up till it reached the tip of my tongue, it wanted to be let loose, and I had to let it loose. I opened my to hear a sound emit from my body that I didn't think was even possible, it rocked my body to the core. What was going on? What was happening to me? My heart sped up significantly I could hear the muscle thumping against my chest, and then it slowed. The beats became spread out, my breathe became more ragged as I struggled to get air into my lungs. The air only added to the flames in my throat, with every inhale another stab of pain entered my body. My hand instinctively reached up to my chest as I felt the beats get slower and slower. The pain was so intense now, I wasn't sure my body could take much more. I could hear the blood pacing through my veins. This was it, this was the end, a sudden surge of pain hit directly in my heart. The force was so intense I sat up abruptly, before falling back down. I could feel my body convulsing, blood escaping my lips, and then there was nothing. There was no pain; the sound of my heart was non existent. My eyes slowly flickered open, and staring back at me were seven pairs of topaz eyes.

Fear and panic in the air
I want to be free
from desolation and despair
And I feel like everything I saw
is being swept away
when I refuse to let you go

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