Naruto let out a long breath and rolled off -and out of- Sasuke in one fluid movement.

Speaking of fluid…

"Sasuke, you're all sticky…"

Getting no angry response from his little fuck-buddy, he turned to look at him. What the-? Why were Sasuke's eyes all wide? Why'd he look freaked?

Following Sasuke's gaze, he turned and stared at the window where-


Grinning, Kakashi-sensei held up a sign that proudly read, 'CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ORGASM!'

With a cry of anger, Sasuke jumped off the bed, taking the blanket with him (meaning Naruto had to quickly grab a pillow to cover himself with a yelp), and half-ran, half-limped to the window (to Naruto and Kakashi's amusement) and promptly shoved the curtains closed.

"Fuck. Off!"

"But you were so loud…"

"Go away!!"

Sasuke heard their sensei mumble to himself, but leave. Growling, Sasuke bundled the blankets around himself more, until Naruto commented.

"You were loud…"

"Shut up!"