The Slayer, The Avatar And The Guardian Of Light

AKA: The Slayer, The Guardian And The Boy Who Lived

TITLE: The Slayer, The Avatar And The Guardian Of Light.

AUTHOR: GuardianOfLight.

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EMAIL: BtVS, Harry Potter and Original.

DISCLAIMER: BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon; Harry Potter belongs to J K Rowling and I own this particular plot and anything Guardian related as I invented him (More information about The Guardian will be available on my website, if I ever get it uploaded).

PAIRINGS: Harry/Fleur, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ginny

RATING: NC-17 to be on the safe side, mild language, violence, vivid descriptions, a couple of adult scenes, gore and quite a bit of blood in certain chapters.

WARNING: Attempted rape in one chapter, child abuse, torture, sex.

This fic is not based around any of the previous warnings but contains them all in small amounts, safe for general long as you are of legal age to read it (grins).

CATEGORY: Romance and adventure.

TIME PERIOD: Buffy – Mid Season 5, Harry Potter – Pre book 6.

SUMMARY: A Slayer meets a cloaked stranger who has a destiny and birthright even greater than her own, while in another dimension a 15 year old boy lays dying in his room. What happens when their worlds get thrown together and they enter a war as old as time?

NOTES: I have been working on this for literally years so please please PLEASE review. I need reassurance that I did not waste every night for the last year for nothing.

NO OFFENCE: This is just for fun, it is not meant to insult or offend and I apologise if it does.

SEQUELS: This is part one of a longer story that I started thinking up when I was ten which was a long ten years ago, the next instalment if I choose to right it will involve a LOTR crossover. This story will be stand alone but can also be read along with the other instalments once I have written them.

The Slayer, The Avatar And The Guardian Of Light

AKA: The Slayer, The Guardian And The Boy Who Lived

BOOK1 – The Gathering

Chapter 1 – Guardian?

The battle rages, the cry's of the fallen fill the air.

The enemy is being forced back, victory is within our grasp.

Yet in this victory defeat looms closer.

Will ending this war decide the fate of another?

Will my death be like the grains of sand that tip the scales in the enemies favour?

The War of Wizards is almost over.

The War of Good and Evil is yet to be decided.

Is this how my end will be, a corpse on a battlefield?

A murderer condemned for all time, this will be my fate.

Most would fear death but I...I welcome it.

Dimension:563 – Earth

Date:20th July 2001 AD

Country:Britain – England – Surrey

Location:Pivet Drive – Little Whinging


On the second of July 2001, in a dimension not too dissimilar to are own, in the western spiral arm of a galaxy, a planet hung in orbit around a young yellow sun.

In the northern hemisphere, in the country known as England, in the town of Little Whinging, Surrey a car was driving along a street.

In the back sat a skinny boy, no more than fifteen years of age, he was staring out the window but wasn't really seeing anything as he thought about the loss he had just suffered.

Dimension:165 – Earth

Date:2nd July 2001 AD

Country:USA – California

Location:Sunnydale – Graveyard


In another dimension, in the country known as the United States, in the town of Sunnydale in the state of California, a young lady was walking through a graveyard.

It was late, about twelve o'clock at night on a clear night and the wind was cold and dark creatures were on the prowl.

It was a fairly ordinary night for Buffy; she was going through the usual cycle; dinner, patrol, stake a few vampires, home sleep, the usual.

There was only one thing missing.

She wasn't staking any vampires, in fact she hadn't seen a single vampire all night or for the past two nights, and that was always a bad thing.

Since she had found that Dagon Sphere several days earlier nothing had happened, absolutely nothing, and that was a guarantee that something was coming, something bad.

But that was not what was worrying Buffy at that moment.

The most pressing thing that was bothering her was boredom.

She was so bored that she has resorted to talking to herself.

"Come on, something attack me. I'm bored out of my skull here."

Come on, give me something demonic, the guys have found a whole lot of nothing about 'that which can not be named' and I need something to pummel my frustrations out on, and I am fed up with beating Spike.

"Oh come someone….Anyone….One measly vampire, that's all I want, just the one, I don't mind if you're a bit scrawny."

"Ask and you shall receive Slayer." a voice behind her growled.

Sighing in relief she whipped around drawing 'Mr Pointy' and bringing it up to strike, only to stop dead when she saw that she was now being confronted by five vampires and a fairly large demon.

"Okay….watch what you wish for Buffy." she said nervously to herself.

"You should Slayer; you never know what might turn up. Get her."

The vampires charged at her all at once.

She sent a couple of kicks at the vampires, sending a couple of them flying, before spinning and dusting two of their companions giving her a chance to run, she needed more open ground to manoeuvre around the demon.

"After her!" cried the demon.

She could hear them following her as she ran, after about twenty meters; she was cut of by five other vampires who had lying in wait.

Turning she saw the remaining three vampires and the demon come around the corner to surround her.

"Ok, this could be awkward.

Springing into the fray she attacked the nearest group of vampires that blocked her path, she caught three of them with kicks and managed to stake a forth. But before she got the chance to attack the next she was hit in the chest by a foot sending her to the ground against a nearby tombstone, rolling she plunged her stake into the vampire above her but rolling backwards and away but as she went to get up four more grabbed her and held her down, she struggled but they were too strong.

There was no way out and the demon was closing in.

"Time to die, Slayer."

The demon dropped to his knees beside her, taking Buffy's head in his clawed hands.

She struggled, attempting to break free from the vampire's grasps but now all the remaining blood suckers were restraining her, she couldn't shake them off.

She felt the demon start to twist only to have its hands ripped away from her.

Twisting her neck, she was in time to see the demon's body drop to the ground.

By the sounds the vampires were making, it didn't sound like they were expecting this either.

Before anyone could react something brushed past two of the vampire restraining her left leg, dusting them instantly, she didn't even see the injury that killed them.

Taking advantage of her free limb she kicked at the two holding her other leg down before giving her arms a yank, pulling the vampires off balance just long enough for her to pull herself free. Leaping to her feet she moved into a fighting stance only to be utterly confused by the sight that greeted her.

There was utter chaos; vampires were running in every direction, others had obviously appeared since she had been pinned down.

She watched as a very fast black shape moved around them, swinging what appeared to be a long blade of some sort. Every time a vampire tried to run the shape would move past it, there would be a flash of a blade and the vampire would be dusted.

The vampires were terrified shouting out, warnings and other things that made no sense.




"What the hell?" Buffy exclaimed as she continued to watch the unfolding, entirely one sided, battle, twice she tried to attack a vampire only to have it be dusted before she reached it.

As the last of the vampires turned to dust Buffy looked at the shape that had just stopped in the centre of the dust covered grass.

It appeared to be a cloaked figure of some sorts but before she could analyse it anymore, it moved away quickly.

"Hey, wait!" She called, running after the creature.

Turning around the corner of a tomb she looked out over the wide open area expanse of the graveyard.

There was nothing to see but tomb stones.

Sighing, she turned and walked off annoyed, that had been a really good battle that she had barely been apart of it, not to mention she had been saved by someone but she did not know who.

As soon as she had gone, an unnatural shadow moved out from behind a tombstone and then vanished as if it had never been.

Dimension:165 – Earth

Date:3rd July 2001 AD

Country:USA – California

Location:Sunnydale – Giles House


The next morning Buffy, Giles, Willow, Xander, Anya and Tara were all gathered at Giles house listening to Buffy tell them of her adventures the night before.

"And you say he seemed to disappear into thin air?" Giles questioned.

"Yeah, I checked. I felt that there was something there, but there was no one around."

"No one that you could see." corrected Anya.

"You mean who ever that person was can also turn themselves invisible," said Buffy doubtfully.

"Either that or they were even faster than you thought." Added Anya.

"How else do you explain it?" nodded Xander, turning to Giles "Can demons do that, turn themselves invisible I mean?"

"It's possible," Giles stated, cleaning his glasses. "But I've never heard of one that could move at that speed though. It's probably very powerful. I suggest we do some research and we all go out on patrol tonight."

"Do you really think it's that serious?" Buffy asked.

"Buffy, just because it attacked the vampires and not you doesn't mean it's on our side. It might just want to kill you itself, or maybe it wants to lure us into a false sense of security and befriend you before killing you, and I'll point out that according to you it took out a demon and an awful lot of vampires in a matter of seconds."

"Oh wait a minute there." Buffy paused standing up "Something one of the vampires said as it ran said, it said…GUARDIAN," Buffy almost shouted, looking smug that she remembered.


"Guardian of what?" questioned Willow.

"I don't know…it could be any number of things, which would explain why it's so powerful," Giles explained.

"Why would that explain it?" Tara questioned quietly.

"Well, if you're going to guard something, you want a powerful demon or being to do it," he replied.

"Could it be that Nameless thing, the thing the Dagon sphere was created for?" Buffy questioned.

"I doubt it," Giles answered.

"Why?" Xander asked. "It makes sense if this thing really is that powerful, you got to be able to get rid of it somehow."

"Yes, but it's not nameless, you already said," he added, turning to Buffy. "It's called the Guardian."

"Oh," Buffy said, a bit deflated.

"And if we are lucky, this may not be as bad as it seemed before," added Giles "As its guarding something it's more likely to have been defending something last night rather than attacking, but we can not take that for certain."

"Right, so research," Xander asked before pausing. "I can't believe I just suggested that."

Dimension:165 – Earth

Date:3rd July 2001 AD

Country:USA – California

Location:Sunnydale – Graveyard

Time:Early Evening

"Come on, Giles. Nothings coming. There is no point in just walking around." Sighed Buffy "Are you sure you didn't find anything in the books? We could go back and look because I am dying of boredom here."

"Sorry, Buffy," said Willow. "No mention of any Guardian that uses a blade and moves at that speed."

"Or turn themselves invisible," Xander chimed in.

Buffy was about to reply when she stopped dead, listening intently.

"What is it, Buffy?" questioned Willow.

"Shhh," she hissed.

She was listening carefully. Her spidey senses were almost off the scale. She heard a noise to their right. Turning, she saw at least two dozen vampires jumping out from various hiding places surrounding them on three sides while five very large demons rose to their left and began to advance.

Where on earth had that many vampires come from.

"You may have escaped last time Slayer, but not again", one of the demons growled.

The demon gestured at the Scoobies signalling all the vampires to attack.

They sprang at the Scoobies, striking at them in pairs, attempted to split them up. If the Scoobies had not been such good fighters by now they would have been divided in seconds, they managed to stay together in groups of two; Xander and Anya, Willow and Tara (using magic), and then Giles and Buffy (although Buffy did most of the work), forcing the vampires to try harder, but that didn't alter the fact that they were seriously outnumbered.

Buffy was on vampire number seven when she heard a cry of pain. She turned to see Tara lying against a crypt with a large blood stain on her shirt and Willow leaning over her. Giles had moved in front of them to cover them, while Xander and Anya moved Tara and Willow out of the way, but with their numbers reduced they started to get forced back until they were pinned up against a crypt and surrounded by their surviving enemies.

Thirteen vampires remained as well as the five demons who had yet to enter the fight. It was just as well, as even Buffy would have had trouble taking them down. She was as out of the corner of her eye Willow and Tara began levitating stakes out of their equipment bag and began magically throwing them in circles around the group, taking them straight through the vampires, dusting many.

Things were beginning to look up when Buffy heard Willow cry out as the stakes the witches had been levitating dropped out of the air.

"Tara, TARA," she said as the redhead tried to make her girlfriend regain consciousness, while the others continued to battle the remaining vampires around them.

Giles cried out as a vampire, manoeuvred his sword out of his hand and slashed at his arm, cutting deep, forcing him to use his one remaining arm to stake him, dusting the last vampire.

"Time's up, Slayer," announced the first demon as it and its companions walked towards the group, closing in for the kill.

As the demons entered striking distance there was a flash of movement and something moved past them, one of the demons crumbling under the assault.

Everyone spun around, trying to find out where the attacker had vanished to.

"Guardian." the first demon growled, with a large amount of loathing.

Upon hearing this, the remaining three demons tried to run, but something prevented them from doing so, they started falling to the ground and getting thrown around the gravestones, as the black shape zoomed by them.

In a matter of ten seconds, only the lead demon was left.

"Show yourself Guardian," the demon growled with contempt "Unless you are too afraid to fight me face to face."

The shape moved to stand opposite the demon before stopping, the shape of a cloaked figure being revelled.

He or she, or possibly it was about six-foot tall and wearing a black cloak, positioned immediately before the demon and between it and the Scoobies, who were more confused than ever.

Buffy could feel magic flowing from the figure, whatever this thing was, it was dangerous.

The demon leaped at the figure, but missed as the figure effortlessly stepped aside, making the movement look so smooth that it seemed more like a glide. He had moved so fast that you could almost see two of him.

"What is it, Guardian...Afraid to I will defeat you?"

The figure reached into his cloak and gracefully withdrew a stylized curved five foot sword which almost appeared to glow with purity (if something can glow with purity). You could almost feel the magic radiating from the blade. If they had been able to look closer the Scoobies would have seen runes on the surface of the blade. They were moving, swirling and changing shape. By looking at them, you could just tell that if somehow words had power, these would be deadly in the wrong hands.

The question was whether they were in the wrong hands now.

The figure assumed a relaxed posture despite the fact that there was a seven foot demon in front of it. This time, when the demon pounced, the figure again casually stepped aside, but brought the sword up at move human speeds in away that only a master could and severed the demon's arm.

The demon howled in pain and turned to attack again, but the figure replaced the sword in its cloak, presumably in a sheath, though it didn't show through the cloak.

The demon lunged again only to be grabbed by the figure swung around and thrown over the group's heads to fall unconscious against another crypt.

The figure then turned to face the Scoobies and though it was hard to tell due to the cloak but he seemed to bow his head to the group (either that or he was seeing if his shoelaces were untied).

"Who...what are you?" Giles questioned uncertainly.

The figure then reached into its cloak and withdrew a dagger about forty centimetres long, also covering in runes. He raised it by the blade and threw it at the them.

"Willow, duck!!"

Willow who had stood about five seconds previously, while Giles looked after Tara, shrieked and threw herself to the ground. The dagger missing her by inches.

"All of you run! Get out of here." Buffy yelled as she leapt at the figure, hoping to distract him while the others made an escape.

Buffy started punching and kicking with all her might, but not a single blow connected due to the sheer speed of the figure.

He performed movements that shouldn't have been physically possible for anybody, even a Slayer. Anyone watching carefully would notice that the figure never even attempted to hit Buffy and just continued to dodge.

Buffy eventually gave up, yelled in anger and in a desperate attempt, threw herself at the figure who calmly raised a hand towards Buffy.

In a voice that would have made most women melt, the figure said simply:


Buffy did just that, hanging in mid air.

"Hey, put me down. That's cheating," said Buffy, struggling to wriggle her way free, even though technically nothing was restraining her.

The figure gently lowered his hand so that Buffy moved backwards towards the gang and then very gently touched down.

"Buffy, are you all right?" Giles questioned.

"You're very aggressive, aren't you," said the figure sarcastically.

"Well I tend to be when people attack my friends."

"I didn't attack any of you. You attacked me." although the voice was peaceful, it felt ominous coming from under that hood.

"Oh yeah, so what about that dagger which you threw at..." Buffy was interrupted by a yelp from Willow as she turned to find herself face to face with the demon who had been thrown over their heads.

He was now pinned to the wall of the crypt they had been pushed up against by the dagger which had been thrown so hard it penetrated the stone.


"Well, you did throw it at me anyway," Willow said, still recovering from the shock.

"It wouldn't have hit you. I knew you would have moved out the way, and even if you hadn't, it would have passed straight through you…like this," the figure said, raising his hand, summoning the dagger it passed straight through Willows stomach into the figure's waiting hand.

"Oh," Willow said a bit uncertainly, feeling her stomach, which was completely intact.

"Could you pull your hood back? It's giving me the heebie jeebies," Anya stated.

"Anya," Xander whispered, moving in front of her so the figure couldn't see. "You don't tell cloaked figures who have just defeated several demons and a Slayer, can move extremely fast and can make objects pass through people that they give you the heebie jeebies."

Xander then directed one of his nervous smiles at the figure.

"It's all right," the figure nodded before raising his hands and lowering his hood.