Chapter 119 – Adam 1.0

Dimension: 1375 – Earth

Date: 3rd December 2001 AD

Country: Britain – England

Location: Salisbury Plain – Stonehenge

Time: Before Dawn

All the people involved in the rite were walking towards Stonehenge.

Dobby had been ridiculously easy to convince, as expected he literally jumped at the chance of aiding his master. The DA group had also been only too pleased to assist one of their favourite teachers.

It was just before dawn and it was quite the collection of people who approached Stonehenge through the dew covered grass of the morning:

An angelic messenger, a witch slayer, a werewolf, an animagus, a key, a half giant, a metamorphmagus, a house-elf, a quarter veela , a boy-who-lived, a well aged headmaster and two witches with additional powers. Not to mention the rest of the DA and the other few people who were making up the outer ring, all of whom were armed with wands and hand to hand weapons of every variety.

They all went completely unnoticed by the Muggles driving along the roads not far from the ancient monument thanks to the wards in place around the site.

And floating between all the above was a very incomplete guardian with all his weapons and possession gathered around him as per Charles's orders. At the head of the column were Hermione and Tara who were being told what they would have to do and what they might face in Adam's mind.

"Remember, you have to get in and get out as quickly as you can, the Headmaster does not want to leave the school unprotected for long, even with a large amount of the Order present and copious quantities of aurors defending it."

"How many aurors were there when we left?" asked Hermione

"Including the reinforcements, fifty thanks to Minister Bones. Plus the eleven other members of the Order and the remaining teachers."

As they approached the ruins a question appeared in Hermione's mind.

"Charles, if I'm called Gailcyll, 'the Light Bearer', then why is Tara, Galanor, 'the Sun Bearer'? We both have the same powers why do we have different names?"

Charles smiled.

"In my opinion it shows conclusive proof that the Gods have a sense of humour," he explained as they passed into the earth mound surrounding the henge and passed the Slaughter Stone. "You are called Light Bearer as you bear the 'light', the power of the Guardian within you that you received as a reward for saving Adam. You are called 'Bearer' because you bear Adam's power and 'Light Bearer' because that is part of his power that you bear, now when it came to naming Tara they couldn't call her 'Light Bearer' as well, so to avoid confusion, when they came to naming you," he said, turning to Tara, "They decided to name you after your home...The Valley of the Sun."


"Exactly, but then here comes the second bad bit of humour they decided to create a double entendre and also make it a reference to your hair colour, golden blond hair, and the colour of the sun."

"And that's supposed to be funny?" asked Tara sceptically, Hermione was also sending him a sceptical look.

"I didn't say it was funny, I just said it proves that the Gods had a sense of humour...Albeit a bad one."

They walked through the outer ring of sarsen stones into the centre among the large trilithons. When later recounting the tale to those that did not know the shape of the henge, those present would describe its appearance like this:

"Ignoring the few stones scattered around the perimeter the furthest out of the main structure was a ring of sarsen trilithons, which are very hard roughly rectangular shaped stones arranged with two standing vertically with a third balancing on top of them. Within them was a ring of small blue stones, not half the height of a man. Thirdly a horseshoe of five taller sarsen trilithons with an extremely tall trilithon in the middle resided inside those and finally another ring of small Blue Stones."

Unfortunately less than half the original number of stones of the outer rings remained with barely any of the outer ring remaining at all in the South and South West only the outer ring of smaller blue stones remained there, though many were still missing. The innermost ring of blue stones was also almost completely gone, the only ring that even had half its stones standing was the inner sarsen ring where eight of the original fifteen stones were left upright.

From the centre of the rings they could really see the state of ruin the stones were in, the sadness could be seen on Charles's face. Where the inner horse shoe of stones used to be only three of the five trilithons were left standing; the largest trilithon had lost one of the supports and the lintel both of which were lying fallen in front of the remaining upright stone.

"Lay him in the middle among the inner ring of blue stones with his weapons and possession around him then I want the Inner Ring group to sit in a circle around him, myself, Tara and Hermione will sit in front of the alter stone."

They laid Adam down and sat down as the DA group returned from checking the perimeter.

"Can those in the outer ring stand outside the horseshoe but inside the outer ring of blue stones...or what is left of them anyway."

As the outer ring of people moved into position, the inner ring sat and held hands, for Dobby it was a bit of a stretch but he also had to be very careful not to get sat on as he was next to Hagrid.

Unlike the last exorcism they performed this one was much more straight forward with a lot less artefacts and tools, just a ring of people, the one who was being exorcised and the one who was performing the exorcism.

"Everybody ready?" asked Charles. At their nods he began, chanting in a tongue that only Hermione and Tara could understand.

There were several seconds of nothing before light erupted from the stones, the light from each ring extended upwards and made a dome over the area inside, five domes were created, four incomplete from the stone circles and one virtually complete dome erupting from the earth mound that surrounded the entire structure. The only gap in the outermost ring was where the 'slaughter stone' was laying on the ground.

Looking around the members of the outer ring could see that all the domes, while not actually complete, did form a partial dome with flickering areas where the stones were missing. Sustained attacks would be able to penetrate these gaps, it was also evident that the large sarsen shield rings appeared a lot stronger than the blue stone rings with the mound shield appearing somewhere in between.

Everyone's attention was refocused by a hissing sound emanating from the centre of the ring. Adam's body had begun convulsing, his muscles stretching and straining, as if something were trying to pull itself out of his body.

The straining continued until a first blue wisp began to emanate from his chest and gathered itself in a swirling ball above him, gathered around it was a shadow, like black ink flowing over its surface covering it so that only the briefest glances of the blue were visible through the shifting shadow. This was shortly followed by another surrounded by the black ink; this sphere seemed to be a different texture under the ink, it was purple in colour and emanated from his head rather than his chest. Then came a third, again from his chest, this time gold in colour but with a weaker flickering shell of white covering it so that the gold could only be seen when the white shell got thin, what was also evident was that this piece was not like the others as it was vibrating heavily and as soon as it had gathered itself into a ball tried to force its way through the air towards the first blue sphere. As the apparent paths between these two parts seemed mostly blocked only small wisps of the gold managed to break out through the white shell and attempted to get passed the black coating surrounding the blue sphere.

As the gold wisps touched the shell the silver and blue spheres each flickered, changing shape briefly into incomplete forms like part of them were missing, though the sharp eyed would have spotted that the two incomplete forms would have come together to form one complete whole, like a ying and a yang.

"The purple sphere is Adam's mind and intelligence; the blue is Adam's soul and the gold the part of him that loves Sara." explained Charles. Those that knew of his bond with her understood that this was actually her half of the soul held at bay by Adam's magic. "Two more spheres will emerge shortly, one black and one mostly, they will be the curse and Adam's magic respectively."

A few moments later the two spheres in question began to rise out of Adam's chest. The black was slightly smaller than the former three and the white was larger. As they came to rest in the air another series of connections was established between the spheres.

Having the most wizened mind of those mortal present, Dumbledore was roughly able to deduce what each of the connections meant. The first connections was the white ink of Adam's magic (which was now being fed gently by the white sphere) around the gold sphere of Sara's soul half, this was obviously how Adam was keeping her soul half away from his own. Second was the attempted movement and connections of Sara's gold sphere towards Adam's blue soul half, this was probably the most obvious to the observer; her half of the soul trying to reunite with his. Thirdly was the faint connections which were feeding both ways between the covered purple and blue spheres, presumably this was Adam's mind and soul working and the fact that the black ink surrounding them was allowing this connection was suggested that the thoughts being transferred were not good once. Lastly there was the multiple connections of the black sphere, the curse. It was feeding the shadow of ink over both Adam's mind and soul but was also noticeably connected to the white sphere of his magic, a closer examination of the connection revealed that instead of feeding the magic the connection reached the sphere and appeared to be pulling the power away from the white sphere to feed its power over the others.

"The curse is using Adam's only magic to fuel its efforts," explained Charles, confirming Dumbledore's hypothesis. "It's grown larger than I thought we must do this quickly before it..."

He was cut off as the black ink shields around the parts of Adam, sharpened into sharp points piercing into his mind and soul.

"Its defending itself, we need to separate it off now, begin the chant."

As the group began the shielding around them intensified and a beam of wispy light like those between the spheres descended through the centres of the five domes and came to rest upon Charles, Adam and his constituent part spheres.

The black magic sphere and its tendrils convulsed and began to distort and twitch like a squid or an octopus's limb which has touched something that has shocked it. It withdrew its tendrils and the shielding around the other spheres collapsed though the drain on Adam's magic sphere intensified.

"It's drawing more power from him to keep itself here," explained Charles, his voice slightly strained as he magically wrestled with the dark magic. "Two can play at that game."

Charles changed the movements of his hands one of which directed a silver wispy light from within himself to reach out and connect with Adam's magical sphere. Nothing happened for a moment before the entire sphere seemed to roll in on itself before launching outwards at the black sphere, instantly causing the connection between them to fracture and dissolve.

"Got it," grinned Charles satisfied, before jerking his hands aware from the spheres. The black sphere lurched sideways away from Adam's body while the rest descended back from whence they came.

The sphere, now on its own began to expand and reshape itself forming a humanoid shape that looked like a man covered in wet tar and oil. It looked around before setting its eyes on Tara, it went to reach for her when Adam's sword passed through it entering at the shoulder and exiting just above where its hip would have been. It screamed in pain before dissolving like smoke on the wind.

There were a few moments pause where no one said anything before people thought it safe to breathe again and relaxed.

Sheaving Adam's sword Charles returned it to its position beside the now curse free Guardian.

"That's the first part over," acknowledged Charles, moving to sit down between Tara and Hermione who shifted around to allow him to sit directly behind Adam's head. "He is now curse free, now to pull Adam out of himself. Those in the outer ring please space yourselves evenly around the whole circle and sit down, as soon as Hermione and Tara are inside Adam's mind you will be able to move. Can all those who have wands please lay them in front of them facing the centre if you are in the outer ring or Adam's head if you are in the inner ring."

"Before we begin I will explain briefly what is going to happen, when I begin the ritual I want you all to focus on your particular magical form, for those of you have mixed blood if you just focus on your magic as usual as if you were about to cast a spell as that will be enough to allow the rite to access your magic, for those of you who can change your features or form please start changing as soon as the right begins, if like in your case Professor McGonagall the transformation would mean you would no longer be able to maintain the circle only transform part way."


"As soon as the rite has begun everyone in the inner ring will be unable to move, if any of the links are broken then it means that when Tara and Hermione try to leave Adam's mind they will die. They will have no way of knowing what is going on outside his mind, this means that the outer ring who will be able to move as soon as the rite begins will have to defend us, the henge itself would have been able to defend us completely but as less than half the stones are still here the protection it provides will be limited, understood?"

There were mummers of confirmation from around the two circles, upon hearing the confirmation he turned to Hermione and Tara.

"While you are inside his mind you will very likely see an Adam quite unlike the Adam you know, that man is exceptionally good at containing his emotions, you will probably also see images from his past, memories, I predict that he now has less than a day to live but time will move faster inside his mind, you cannot be harmed inside his mind as long as he wants you safe so I will tell you to be careful what you say, you may find some help inside his mind but I cannot quarantine even that. Ready?"



"Everyone close your eyes and concentrate."

Everyone focused their magic's on the centre of the ring.

"Thoth, ainu nad goll a pron dol, ammen thir minna an pron dol ned pron Tirno Calaquendi, bronia ammen band pendrath"

The domes which had got weaker after the completion of the exorcism powered up again, inside the inner ring magic erupted from the chests of the group, passing through their wands (and umbrellas if they had them) all aiming at Adam's head, looking around the ring a very strange sight greeted the eyes of anyone watching, out of the group one now had a fur covering her head and a tail, another had a rapidly enlarging nose and hair that was fluctuating between short bubblegum pink and long chestnut and probably most strange a pair of feathered wings extending out the back of the Fleur and antlers out of the head of Harry.

After about five seconds the heads of those in the inner ring fell forward and a beam of light past from Hermione and Tara into Charles and down his arms to Adam.

And thus the Bearers entered the mind of the Guardian.

Dimension: 1375 – Earth

Date: 3rd December 2001 AD

Country: Britain – England

Location: Salisbury Plain - Stonehenge - The Guardian's Mind

Time: Unknown

All Tara could see was dazzling light for at least twenty seconds after she had felt herself being pulled out of her body, it felt like she was in a swirling vortex of light, then with an incredible feeling that she compared to negative g-force she was flung to a stop.

She landed on what felt like stone, from the similar sounds next to her she guessed that Hermione was there with her.

As her eyes recovered from the blinding light, she saw that she was kneeling on grey stone paving. Looking up slightly she could see more of the stone heading away in all directions, looking left she could see the stone meeting a wall then continuing up, turning around she saw the wall reach the ceiling also made out of the same stone.

"Very monochromatic isn't it," remarked Hermione, who had just rolled herself onto her feet. "Not very origin- What on earth?"

As she stood up Tara looked at Hermione, following her line of site she realised the reason for her exclamation. Looking forward on the other side of the cavern that they appeared to be in, through an archway which was at ninety degrees to the correct angle was a tree growing out of the wall on their left and extending towards the wall on their right, like someone had dug up a tree and replanted it sideways, this idea was scotched half a second later when a blossom from the tree fell and floated from right to left through the air towards the roots of the tree.

Looking around further they could see that they were on a small platform which had a flight of stairs leading down from it before disappearing through an arch that this time was the right way up, but all around them there were more stairways, arches, doorways, platforms and a few object like a table and chair which were on what to them was a ceiling on the other side of the cavern which were either one or two planes out of sync with them.

"Have we fallen into an Escher canvas?" asked Hermione.

"It certainly does look like his drawing 'relativity'," Tara agreed. "Either that or the film Labyrinth."

"Should we be on the look out for David Bowe?" Hermione joked. "Would you like to guess which way we should go?"

"I think our main problems going to be not falling off," she replied, walking towards the nearest set of stairs and starting to descend.

She heard Hermione start to follow her.

"Wait here for a moment; let me see where this passage leads."

Continuing down the steps she turned and headed through the arch at the bottom of the flight.

"This is seriously strange," Hermione thought aloud. "Even for us."

"I can't disagree with that," replied Tara

Looking to the source of the voice revealed Tara, standing on the underside of a floor of another platform about ten meters along and fifteen meters up the opposing wall of the cavern.

"This is going to get very confusing," sighed Hermione as she descended the steps following Tara's route, exiting through the arch that Tara had passed through. As she walked out onto the platform she realised that Tara wasn't there.


"Down here," came the reply.

Leaning over the edge of the platform she saw Tara doing the same thing from the other side, they were standing on the same platform but on opposite sides of it.

"Not good," she sighed.

"No," agreed Tara. "Did you follow my route?"

"Down the stairs and through the arch, yes."

"That means the arches and staircases are moving."

"Let me try coming to you," suggested Hermione, walking up the set of stairs on her left, the opposing side of which Tara could have walked down.

Passing through another arch she found herself looking at Tara from one of the walls at the opposite end of the cavern, turning right and through another arch she found herself on the ceiling of the surface they had started on.

She tried walking through another half dozen archways before sighing as she realised she was back on the opposing side of the platform that Tara was on.

"This is ridiculous," she sighed. "It makes no logical sense."

"Did you think it would be easy?" asked Tara.

"No, but I expect it to be at least logical," she replied. "Ok, I have an idea. I'm going to climb down onto your side of the platform."

"Do you think that's a good idea?"

"No, but it's the only idea I've got left," she replied kneeling down. "In theory I should be able to drop part of the way before you pull me over to your side.

"Take my hand," instructed Tara, extending it around the edge of her side as she tried to grip the ground with her other. "That way I've already got hold of you."

Hermione moved to the edge.

"Ok, ready?"


Hermione heaved herself forward around the edge, for a brief second gravity helped her before it changed direction, but not in the way she hoped as it picked her off of the edge and tried to carry her across the cavern.

Tara not expecting Hermione to be pulled sideways was caught off guard and pulled off of her side of the platform sending both towards the wall on the other side of the cavern.

Both cried out before an arm extended out and caught Tara's free arm, stopping both women dead, hanging sideways across the cavern.

Looking up Tara saw a very welcoming sight.


"Hey Tara," he smiled back. He was standing on the side edge of the platform that they had just fallen off of so he was experiencing an opposing gravity field to them.

Pulling them towards him Tara felt gravity shift directions as she unsteadily dropped down onto the edge foot wide edge, before helping Hermione down between them.

"You can't cross three gravity planes at once," he explained. "Two is ok, but not three."

Before they could ask any questions he stepped off the side of the platform in such a way that he moved in an arch so that he ended up standing on the side of the platform Tara had original be on.

"How did you do that?" asked Hermione.

"Stand backwards with most of your foot off the edge and then fall backwards as if you were falling backwards onto a bed."

After a moments through both tried as he recommended.

"On three?" asked Hermione.

"Three," she agreed. "One...two..."

As the pair dropped backwards they again experienced the gravity shifting before ending up on the edge of the platform that was the right way up with their toes hanging off the front.

"That's very uncomfortable," shuddered Hermione as she stabilized herself.

"Next time I would not try to cheat gravity," replied Adam.

As if snapping back to themselves both of the women ran at him and hugged him tight.

"Thank Merlin you're ok," sighed Hermione as they separated from him.

"I am, but then again I was never in trouble."

It was that something occurred to Tara, he did not look the same as he usually did, there was not the usual air of authority and confidence around him, also he was wearing a simple pair of black jeans, a black t-shirt and a pair of black trainers, he had smiled a real smile, and not just that half smile that he usually used.

"You said 'hey'. You never say 'hey'?" she questioned.

"I do," he corrected. "But Adam does not."

"Who are you if you are not Adam?" asked Hermione defensively.

"Oh, I am Adam, just not the Adam you know," he replied.

"What do you mean?" Tara asked.

"I am the Adam that was mortal, the Adam that existed before the Guardian, before I got magic and power. In case you have not realised personnel pronouns are pretty useless in here."

"So what are you then?"

"I echo of what came before. Using computers as an analogy I would be a copy of the original operating system. The gods wanted to create a warrior, I was the template."

"So are you part of the Adam we know?" Tara continued.

"He is the computer after it has been running for a while, more programs have been installed, it's been personalised and upgraded etc. Think of my like a CD copy of what the Gods started with. I am the Adam that died when my world was destroyed and that was convinced by the Gods to become their champion. From the point where they gave me power, I and the Adam you know were separate, he became the Guardian and I remained as I was."

"That's not very fair?" Hermione commented.

"It was our decision; we wondered what it would be like after being the Guardian for millions of years and split ourselves in to two identical copies so that we would always have a point of reference to compare to ourselves to."

"This conversation is giving me a headache," groaned Hermione.

"I'm not surprised," he smiled. "The best way to think about me is as someone who while Adam is experiencing all the things he experiences is watching them all on TV, but they are not my memories."

He turned away from them and walked through an arch, before he had fully turned out of sight they sped after him so as not to get separated.

"Who was it that let you in by the way?" he asked as he led them through the labyrinth that was the cavern.

"Charles," Tara replied.

"Thought as much," he nodded, changing direction and walked up the wall. With some awkwardness they managed to work out how to follow him.

"Where are you leading us?" she continued.

"Through Adam's minds passive defences at the moment. If you want to talk to him you can hardly do it through these walls can you," he replied.

As they walked they became aware of a low rumbling noise, similar to stones grinding together. Passing through another archway which was twice as tall as all the other archways they found themselves in another cavern, this time of yellow stone, it contained more staircases spanning the gap between the walls, though they were again at various angles but the biggest difference in this cavern were the strange creatures moving up and down the staircases.

"We are definitely in an Escher painting," gasped Hermione.

The creatures were about two meters long, the best comparison to a modern animal would be somewhere between a snake and a centipede, they had large heads which looked like a wide short cylinder with the flats being the sides of its head, out of which two bulged, half sphere eyes extended on small stalks, the neck flowed up into the head, joining the head without an obvious connecting point. The body was fairly centipede like except it only had six legs and that the entire thing was made of what appeared to be the same stone covering the walls; the head was one large piece while the body was made up of plates of stone moving on top of each other with the clawed legs extending out of it.

They watched them walk by in long seemingly endless winding, rising and descending columns (which they realised may have just been one long column heading through every door before rejoining itself), as they watched the creatures descended the nearest staircase as each reached the bottom they rolled over their heads so that their body curled around it so that they took on the appearance of a wheel with two eyes sticking out the sides and without breaking stride the wheels rolled smoothly to the next staircase, unwound and began to descend.

"What are they?" asked Hermione.

No sooner had she said it than did half the creatures that they could see stopped, looked at them and moved to surround them, climbing up the walls, the ceiling and any other surface to encircle them.

As they reached them a large percentage of the creatures underwent a change, they're eyes and eye stalks seemed to retract into their heads before being replaced by various other types of extremity, some looked like cones, others like balls, more just like the eyes in varying colours.

The creatures waved them about them for a few moments before seeming to come to a conclusion, returning to their original shape and scuttled back to resume what they were doing before.

"What just happened?" asked Hermione.

"We were scanned," Adam replied, beginning to lead them through the hall, as he stepped in their way the creatures changed course and rejoined the line via other routes so that the lines were not broken. "They are the second level of defence for our mind, all those varying extremities were scanning different things; smell, hearing, magic and half a dozen other things that I will not even try to explain, luckily you were granted access so we can continue. We can bypass the next three or four levels of protection so we won't have to deal with them."

"How long before we can see Adam?" asked Tara.

"Not long," he replied turning and heading straight for a wall, but instead of walking up it he passed through it.

Both Hermione and Tara paused for a moment before following him gingerly after testing the walls lack of solidity.

Passing through they found themselves standing in the middle of a very large hall. It appeared to be triangular and extremely high. Along each of the three walls was a door but each was very different from the other.

The first door was over ten metres high, it was made of white stone with intricately carved figures and images carved into it representing angels and animals and many other things they did not recognise, but it did not look pristine. The stone was chipped and worn; it had faded and grown dirty like a statue left to suffer the elements for an extended period of time. It looked like something that was made to stand proud and be imposing but had been badly weathered over the extended period of time that it had been out in the open, despite the fact that there was no wind or rain here. This door was closed but at the base of the door, carved through the stone work was a normal size door which was slightly ajar.

The second door was equally grand except that it was black, the stone was not stained because it was so black that you would not have been able to see any form of dirt, it too was intricately carved but this time it was covered with demons and creatures of darkness. Everything the previous door created in grandness and awe this door created in fear, menace and evil. This door too was closed but from within could be heard a rumbling, it sounded like a pitched down tigers growl mixed in with the sound of a large dragons breathing. In front of this door were massive metal bolts holding the door shut, preventing it from moving more than a few inches. Again at this doors base was a smaller door, again blocked by bolts preventing its opening more than a few centimetres, one of the bolts was slightly bent allowing the smaller door to open a crack allowing small wisps of black magic to flow out. Looking up they could see a massive sphere of white light around which the wisp of magic was swirling, it was joined there by another flowing from the third door.

This door was tiny compared to the others, it was of normal human size and made of wood with no special adornment at all, unlike the others this doors was open wide though they could not see what was beyond it as it was concealed by a blue stream of magic which flowed heavily from it and swirled around the sphere above their heads.

From what they could see the blue magic around the sphere was in control but only just as the little wisp from the smaller black door was almost as much as all of the magic from the wooden door. The other strange thing about the room were the walls which were not a fixed colour, the colours were fluctuating like mist, around the black door the walls were black, around the wooden door the walls were blue but the white door also seemed to be

surrounded by blue magic.

"What is this?" asked Tara.

"This is the centre of our mind; each door represents a separate part of us. The white door is the Adam you know, the black door is the home of what we call 'the Beast' and the wooden door is mine. Before you ask what is happening I will tell you. The Beast is a part of Adam that took over a long time ago."

On queue the door rattled and a roar emanated from behind it, at the same time the wisp of black magic got stronger and the walls of black pulsed out would.

Adam turned to the door and gestured at it, on command a stream of blue magic emanated from his small wooden door and shot at the black door. As this happened the black wisp recoiled back from the contact before returning to its previous state.

"While Adam is trapped inside himself," panted the Adam beside them, the magic he had just performed obviously having taken a lot out of him. "The Beast is trying to take over, that white sphere is Adam's magic, when Adam collapsed into this state I was luckily aware enough to seize control before the Beast could, the black and blue magic's are ours battling it out, it's taking a lot out of me as I have never had the power he has and its only because he is restrained that I stand a chance, time is shorter than I thought."

He paused and moved over to the white door, still breathing heavily.

"You need to go in there and get Adam to retake control before I am overpowered, if that happens the Beast will destroy us and take control of the body and that must not happen."

Wrenching the smaller door open allowing light to escape he directed them inside.


"Wait," began Hermione, "How..."



Thoth, ainu nad goll a pron dol, ammen thir minna an pron dol ned pron Tirno Calaquendi, bronia ammen band pendrath

[Thoth, god of wisdom and the mind, we seek admittance to the mind of the Guardian of The Light, grant us safe passage]

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